The Ultimate List of the Best Virtual Phone Systems for Small Businesses in 2021

The Ultimate List of the Best Virtual Phone Systems for little Businesses in 2021 Trying to find the right virtual call system for your small occupation or startup ? You ’ ve issue forth to the right place .
We ’ ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top cloud-based commercial enterprise call system providers on the marketplace. so, if you ’ re looking for virtual PBX and car attendant with great price, robust features, visit timbre, and outstanding customer support, we ’ ra confident you ’ ll find a occupation call service supplier below that will meet your needs.

Without promote bustle, here ’ s the ultimate 2021 list of the best virtual earphone systems for modest business :

UniTel Voice vanity toll free 800 numbers

Company Description: UniTel Voice is a cloud-based virtual phone system priced and designed for startups and small business owners. When it comes to affordability, features, bid quality, ease-of-use, or customer support, UniTel Voice has you covered .
With UniTel Voice, there ’ s no hardware to maintain or software to download. You can manage all your cloud-based business telephone system features on-line and run your clientele from your existing phones ( home, agency, cell, land line, VoIP, or smartphone app ) .
UniTel Voice takes all the features and functionality of other leave car attendant telephone systems and simplifies it. so, whether you ’ re a first-time entrepreneur, busy belittled business owner, or bootstrapped startup – UniTel Voice is a master virtual PBX you can easily set up and afford. No education manuals or technical cognition needed .
You can tied use the UniTel Voice mobile app to add your business telephone count as a second line to your existing mobile telephone, turning your personal smartphone into your office phone when you ’ re on-the-go .
And unlike many other phone servicing providers, UniTel Voice ’ s customer support is not outsourced to an overseas call center. It ’ randomness 100 % USA-based. It ’ south always free. And there ’ mho constantly a real person ready to help .
Pricing: UniTel Voice starts at good $ 9.99/month which includes 500 monthly minutes, outright greetings, extensions, voice mail and more .
Every plan is month-to-month. You ’ re never locked into a long-run narrow and you get a money-back guarantee, so you can try UniTel Voice risk-free for 30 days .
It ’ s angstrom straightforward as it sounds. If after 30 days you ’ re not 100 % satisfied, your money is refunded no questions asked .

grasshopper toll free numbers

Company Description: Are you a belittled company that wants to look like a national company ? Grasshopper is a virtual phone system at a reasonable price with a range of clientele call system features .
Grasshopper makes it easy for companies to receive calls on the mobile devices they already own. Features included in Grasshopper ’ s plans include extensions, call forwarding, voicemail-to-text — each without the want for investments in expensive hardware .
Pricing: Grasshopper offers three plans. Their alone plan is $ 29 per month and offers one phone number with three extensions. The Partner plan is $ 49 per calendar month and offers three numbers and six extensions. The Small Business plan is $ 89 and offers five numbers and inexhaustible extensions .

FreedomVoice vanity toll free 800 numbers

Company Description: FreedomVoice ’ s cloud-phone system avail gives businesses includes a virtual car attendant and a mobile app that you can use to track the usage of your business lines .
It ’ s a professional phone arrangement that is managed directly through your smartphone — mean that you don ’ t have to invest in expensive equipment. The caller has served business both large and modest throughout their history and have low-cost plans .
Pricing: FreedomVoice ’ sulfur plans are priced based on the count of minutes you ’ ll need per calendar month. Their plans start at 400 minutes monthly for $ 9.95 per month .

myoperator virtual pbx phone system

Company Description: Do you need a clientele phone system that can do more ? MyOperator is a VoIP company that offers occupation phone plans with a wide. Their Cloud PBX system allows businesses to distribute calls among their team members, ensuring scalability. Their plans besides include toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, customs IVR, call recording and in-depth call analytics so that companies can better analyze their call operations .
MyOperator includes Call Desk features, which allow for businesses to attend to all business calls without missing them. MyOperator ’ south system doesn ’ thyroxine require the installation of expensive hardware. Their software places its focus on giving companies a complete business earphone solution for individual departments within their ship’s company. Their plans scale with the act of monthly minutes that the customer requires, but all plans offer outright extensions .
Pricing: MyOperator ’ sulfur plans are aboveboard. They start at $ 10 per calendar month for 200 minutes per month and go up to $ 200 per month for 100,000 minutes per calendar month. Each plan besides includes unlimited extensions, pro licenses, and a number of internal departments that the system can be used within .

talkroute cloud-based virtual phone system

Company Description: Do you wish that you could find a commercial enterprise telephone solution that allows you to keep your stream earphone without having to invest in expensive equipment and hardware ? TalkRoute gives you access to local and toll-free numbers, extensions for everyone on your team, call forwarding and rout, spokesperson message and in-depth trailing — all from your own mobile device and with no extra equipment buy required .
TalkRoute offers a hot show of their avail on their web site, which you can use to see how the service would fit in with your current processes. TalkRoute helps companies enjoy all of the benefits of business earphone services from the public toilet of their own mobile device .
Pricing: TalkRoute ’ s plans start at $ 19 per month and go all the way up to $ 99 per calendar month. Each setup up in plan offers more advanced features that are suited for different business uses .

Vonage Business Phone System

Company Description: Vonage is a power station in the clientele telephone industry. The company offers a range of VoIP occupation call plans that allow companies to secure their own toll-free number and use the advance mobile features that the company offers. Their features include a reliable mobile app, background app, league calling, on-line meetings, video recording conferencing, file sharing, multi-level auto-attendant, CRM integrations, visit read, group calls, and ocular voice mail .
With Vonage, you can download the app and start using their avail on your fluid device immediately after signing up .
Pricing: Vonage offers three different business phone plans, costing $ 19.99, $ 29.99, and $ 39.99 per calendar month respectively. Each footfall improving offers extra features .

RingCentral Cloud-Based Business Phone System

Company Description: Do you want to try a business call service out, but aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cook to make a commitment at this time ? RingCentral provides businesses with an blink of an eye 800 count and a exempt 15-day trial so that they can give the service a judge before they commit to a monthly design .
RingCentral allows customers to take calls from any device, retort calls with one click, welcome callers with a customs greet, track incoming and outgoing calls in their log system, and port existing toll-free numbers into their serve. RingCentral is a reasonably priced, feature-rich option for growing businesses .
Pricing: RingCentral allows companies to secure their own 800 count for precisely $ 15.99 per calendar month. They besides offer a count of larger business phone service plans ranging from $ 19.99 to $ 49.99 per month, based on needs .

callhippo virtual phone system

Company Description: Do you wish you had a virtual phone system that could learn about your business the more that you worked with it ? That ’ s precisely what CallHippo provides. Their healthy virtual earphone system comes dispatch with work flow automation, allowing you to build out how your customer confirm teams handle calls from your customers .
CallHippo can help teams to improve their customer support, analyze and optimize the productivity of their employees, and train new employees how to work within the processes that are built out from within their system. Their in-depth activeness feeds allow you to have a complete top-down view of your operations. They presently offer numbers from more than 50+ countries around the worldly concern and boast a system setup procedure that takes less than three minutes in entire .
CallHippo is an excellent solution for teams that want to define their sales and patronize processes immediately through their business earphone supplier .
Pricing: CallHippo ’ s absolve plan allows for up to two users per month. It comes with a free softphone, call forwarding, voice mail greetings, and voice mail transcriptions. then they offer $ 8, $ 15, and $ 35 per month plans that each offers different features .

evoice virtual phone systems

Company Description: Wouldn ’ t it be nice to get a free toll-free issue with your business call service ? That is precisely what eVoice brings to the board. Their plans include a absolve local anesthetic or toll-free call number. Every plan besides comes with call forwarding, allowing you to set boost call spread-eagle rules to send inbound phone calls anywhere that you need. It ’ s an excellent feature for sales teams that are constantly dialing to hit quota .
eVoice plans besides feature an auto-attendant that can personalize your telephone answer services and forward callers to the right extension within your party .
Pricing: eVoice ’ second smallest software starts at $ 12.99 per month, with 300 minutes, 2 extensions, and 6 numbers. Their biggest plan is $ 79.99 per calendar month and includes 4000 minutes, 15 extensions, and 45 unique numbers . virtual pbx

Company Description: offers a feature-rich solution for minor and mid-sized businesses. Their plans include more than 40 unlike standard features including custom-made phone numbers, video conferencing, exploiter extensions, auto-receptionist, greetings, and call rout features. Each of their 40+ standard features are included in all of their plans, with their larger plans offering a few features that are typically geared toward larger enterprise businesses .
If you are looking for a commercial enterprise phone solution that is easy to use, feature-rich, and low-cost — is an excellent choice .
Pricing: plans start at equitable $ 12.99 per calendar month. Their smallest plan comes with 300 monthly minutes, unlimited exploiter extensions, 1 toll-free number, 5,000 SMS messages, and all of their 40+ standard features. Their largest design is $ 39.99 per month and offers 1,000 monthly minutes and 20,000 text messages .

Callture Virtual Phone Systems

Company Description: Have you ever wished that you could have a little extra context about previous conversations before you pick up a call from a customer or colleague ? Wouldn ’ t it be nice to have a little backdrop information before saying “ Hello ? ” That ’ s precisely what Callture offers with their virtual phone serve that features their patent “ memo-on-call ” feature. The memo-on-call feature allows you to record a memo after the visit. then, when the person calls back, the memo will be played to you while the caller hears the surround on the other side .
Callture offers a virtual call system with singular features that help it to stand out from the competition. If you constantly find yourself needing extra context when you hop on a call, Callture can help .
Pricing: Callture ’ s smallest plan is their master design, which is available for $ 9.95 per month. The plan comes with 300 minutes, unlimited extensions, internet fax, and one toll-free number. Their largest design, the platinum 3000 plan, offers 3000 minutes for $ 78.95 .

cloudphone virtual pbx

Company Description: CloudPhone takes all the features of an promote hardware-based arrangement and makes it available to businesses in the cloud. Every plan includes a toll-free occupation total and works with any mobile or land line phone that you already own. Their plans include a virtual receptionist that can answer, route, and act messages mechanically so that you don ’ t have to stop business every time that a call comes in .
If your party is concerned with efficiency, CloudPhone is a service that prides themselves on their features that facilitate efficiency and make it easily for businesses to improve their call communication without having to slow down their business in other areas .
Pricing: CloudPhone ’ s basic design is $ 24.99 per month and includes 1 phone number, two extensions, and one virtual receptionist. Their largest plan is $ 64.99 per calendar month and offers 10 numbers, inexhaustible extensions, outright virtual receptionists, league calling, business hours, greetings, and call recording .

MightyCall Virtual Phone Systems

Company Description: MightyCall ’ s virtual telephone system is designed for small businesses. Their organization makes it simple to set up and start using their virtual telephone system. First, you pick your occupation earphone number — either toll-free or local. then you add your employees, set your visit route rules, and begin accepting calls from customers !
MighyCall helps to ensure that you ’ ll be able to stay in touch with customers. Because their system features an in-depth analytics and tracking organization, you ’ ll be able to monitor your team ’ sulfur activities through your phone system and speck areas for improvement. MightyCall apps are available on both mobile and desktop .
Pricing: MightyCall plans start at $ 19.99 per calendar month, offering 1000 minutes and 2 toll-free numbers. Their largest design is $ 99.99 per month and features 15,000 monthly minutes, 10 toll-free or local numbers, call record, voice to text, API access, and softphone usage .

nextiva voip virtual pbx

Company Description: Nextiva is a big virtual phone service provider and a long-familiar brand within the industry. They allow companies to register toll-free 1-800 numbers or local anesthetic numbers anywhere in the U.S. Their apparatus for their service is instantaneous — once you pay, you ’ ll be able to begin using Nextiva right away. Their features include the ability to use their service on a mobile device and manage your calls online from anywhere in the world .
Nextiva besides includes an auto-attendant that will play callers a customize greet and provide them with a menu that connects them with specific people or departments within your company .
Pricing: Nextiva offers three plans, costing $ 8.95, $ 19.95, and $ 69.96 respectively. The smallest design offers 100 minutes, the middle plan offers 500 minutes, and the largest plan offers inexhaustible minutes. All plans come complete with all of their product ’ mho features .

Dialpad business phone systems

Company Description: Do you wish that you had a business telephone solution that was slowly to use and had an intuitive interface that helped you to track all the interactions that you have with your node ? That ’ s precisely what Dialpad brings to the board. Their chopine helps teams exponent their business voice service, video, messages, and meetings across all existing devices .
The nicest thing about Dialpad is it works on all of your existing devices, making it easy for companies to integrate the solution .
Pricing: Dialpad offers three plans, costing $ 20, $ 30, and custom quote — all billed per user. The smallest plan is available for one position and three departments. The largest plan offers outright offices and outright departments with a 100-user minimum .

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