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authoritative Users : To login to JKO you must have an active user account. DoD military and Govt. civilians with a valid Computer Access Card ( CAC ) are able to self-register for a JKO account. Individuals that do not have a CAC, but have a politics or military e-mail ( i.e., ending in .mil, .gov, nps.edu, or dodea.edu ) can obtain a login and password account by request via the connection on the JKO login foliate. JKO is a web-based system providing Internet access to online courses, course of study, communities and teach resources on military unclassified ( NIPRNET ) and classified ( SIPRNET ) networks. JKO can be accessed 24/7 from any calculator. Joint Knowledge Online ( JKO ), is the DoD advanced distributed learn capability for military and civilian person and staff on-line train. It is the joint Staff system of phonograph record for joint Staff annual train requirements. Joint, Interagency, Inter-government and Multinational Stakeholders use JKO for a monetary value effective, distributed learning solution to meet their on-line training needs. The JKO team of learning technology, instructional systems blueprint, and train professionals develop media-rich, synergistic web-based courses, modest team pretense exercises, and aim others to amply leverage JKO to manage their alone, on-line train requirements .

the joint knowledge online learning management system

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Joint Knowledge Online Learning Management System ( JKO LMS ) is a virtual environment that provides a learn management system ( LMS ) integrating web–enabled content to support on-line certification and career management. It is a SCORM–conformant government–off–the–shelf ( GOTS ) web–based LMS. An LMS is a software tool designed to manage exploiter learning interactions. A web–based LMS provides “ anytime, anywhere ” access to e–learning content and government .
JKO provides 24/7 global entree to online train courses and Web-based educate resources. The capability delivers Web-based entree on military classified and unclassified networks to required, theater-entry, and self-paced training to prepare for joint operations and train exercises. It is used by combatant commands, Combat Support Agencies, Services and early DoD organizations for individual on-line coach requirements, distributed small team staff training and to augment collective events and exercises. JKO is based upon a modern, scalable computer architecture that can promptly adapt to meet issue needs. The distribute learning architecture integrates government off-the-rack products and commercial interface standards, reducing total overall costs and enhancing sharing of digital train content through a standards-based, non-proprietary distributed learning capability. Learning resources include media- rich courses, tailored, immersive scenario model applications for little group exercises, area-specific lyric and acculturation trail, Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education courses, and a television library. JKO is accessed on military classified and unclassified networks. information on JKO is found at or is available by going to http : //jko.jten.smil.mil
To login to JKO you must have an active user account. DoD military and government civilians who have been issued a CAC are able to selfregister for a JKO score. Individuals that do not have a CAC, but have a government or military e-mail score ( i.e., ending in .mil, .gov, neptunium. edu, or dodea.edu ) may obtain a login and password account. Individuals and multi-nationals that do not have a CAC or government or military e-mail explanation may request a sponsor report. A link with instructions for requesting a sponsor report is on the JKO login page.

the jko help desk – 24 hours a day/7 days a week

jko help desk
The Help Desk can be contacted by e-mail : jkohelpdesk @ jten.mil or by telephone : CIV : 757-203-5654 or DSN : 668-5654

Defense Health Agency ( DHA ) LMS users : For any issues you encounter with your profile or courseware on the DHA LMS locate, please contact the Defense Health Agency ( DHA ) Global Service Center at DHAGSC @ MAIL.MIL or call 1-800-600-9332 or DSN : 838-3000. Utilizing the DHAGSC will ensure you receive seasonably and consecrated defend. Please bookmark the DHA LMS web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //jko.jten.mil/MHS and add it as one of your Favorites .
All other users, contact the JKO Help Desk at jkohelpdesk @ jten.mil for back .
Questions ? Contact the JKO Help Desk by e-mail : jkohelpdesk @ jten.mil or by telephone : CIV : 757-203-5654 or DSN : 668-5654

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