Policy 50 – University of Ottawa Bookstore (Under Revision) | University of Ottawa

Approved Executive Committee of the Senate

1. The aim of this policy is to outline the operation policies for the University of Ottawa Bookstore .
2. This policy is to be read in concurrence with Procedure No. Bookstore 5-1.

3. management Committees of the University of Ottawa Bookstore. This committee is responsible for studying problems related to the management of the Bookstore and for making recommendations to the administrative Committee through the Vice-Rector, Administration. The Assistant Vice-Rector, Supply and Services, is the Chairman of the Bookstore Management Committee .
4. Director, University of Ottawa Bookstore. The Director is responsible for the operation and administration of the Bookstore. He reports to the Assistant Vice-Rector, Supply and Services .
5. The follow resolution was approved by the Board of Governors on January 11th, 1973 : “ lone the University Bookstore is authorized to sell raw class textbook on campus, i, the Bookstore may sell whatever items it wishes to buy but it has single rights on new textbooks alone ” .
6. Requests for books by the whole of the University, with the exception of the Libraries, must be submitted to the Director of the Bookstore in accordance with procedures set out in Procedure 5-1 .
7. The Bookstore ensures an hand brake provide service to all departments and services at all times. See procedure 5-1 .
8. General. Faculties, Schools and Departments choose the compulsory textbooks to be used during the academic year .
9. buy of Books. Deans and Department and School Chairmen must provide the Bookstore Director with an official list of textbooks to be used during the school year. The Director of the Bookstore must be promptly advised of any changes made to the list. The steps to follow in buying books are outlined in Procedure 5-1 .
10. Deadlines for Textbook Orders. So that the books are available at the start of classes, orders must be submitted to the Director of the Bookstore on or before the dates specified below and stated in Procedure 5-1 .
a ) February 15th for compulsory textbooks to be used during the May intersession.
bacillus ) March 31st for compulsory textbooks to be used for summer courses.
c ) April 30th for compulsory textbooks to be used during the fall school term
five hundred ) September 30th for compulsory textbooks to be used for the winter session beginning in January.
east ) All late orders will be processed a promptly as possible. however, the timely handiness of the books concerned can not be guaranteed .
11. Deans of Faculties and Schools must notify the Director of the Bookstore of all changes made to the textbook order lists .
12. In conformity with the requirements of editing houses and canadian distributors, request for specimen or teachers ’ manuals must be made directly by the professor.

13. The Bookstore is, on the other pass, fix to give help and information to professors wanting to regulate books .
14. In certain cases, the Bookstore may provide, as an emergency service, a copy of the coveted ledger to the professor, according to the conditions in Procedure 5-1 .
15. Visits. Salesmen or representatives of editing houses may discuss orders for books with the professors. however, the professor must check with the Director of the Bookstore to see if the desired books are in breed at the Bookstore. All orders are to be carried out according to the provisions of this policy .
16. Displays. Editors, bookshop representatives and wholesale dealers who want to display books and function and educate supplies on campus, must receive authorization from the Director of the University of Ottawa Bookstore .
17. If a text that is not published by a recognized publisher becomes a casebook and/or a trade book, its wholesale price to the University of Ottawa Bookstore should not exceed the production monetary value of the script concerned. A recognized publisher is a corporate entity in which the generator, when employed b the University of Ottawa, possesses less than a one third gear pastime and the publications of which are written or authored by a hearty majority of authors who do not have an interest in the publication enterprise either directly or indirectly ( through a spouse or a child ) .
18. The University bookshop does not grant credit to clients, but it does accept the VISA or MASTER CHARGE credit cards .
19. Exchanges and refunds for textbook. entirely textbooks shall be exchanged or refunded. Exchanges and refunds may be made before the follow deadlines :
– 21 days after the 1st day of registration for courses starting in September.
– 14 days after the 1st day of registration for courses starting in January or July.
– 7 days after the 1st day of registration for the May intersession courses .
Exchanges and refunds are subject to the conditions of Procedure 5-1 .
20. sale prices of trade are determined by the Bookstore
21. No exception may be made to this policy without the written consent of the Assistant Vice-Rector, Supply and Services .
Revised Marcy 15, 1979 ( supplant edition dated February 22, 1973 ) <

Bookstore Operations
University of Ottawa Bookstore
Textbooks – Ordering, Purchase, Exchange and Refund
( supply and Services )

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