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due to a high grade of competition, we strive to make our admission summons arsenic fair as possible .
If you repeat a want course you may have five percentage marks ( 5 % ) deducted from your total overall admission average, and repeated courses may besides impact your eligibility for scholarships. If your first attack of a needed course resulted in a grade of 70 % or greater we will use the first attack without a repeat penalty. If you take a necessitate course outside of your day school your grade in the course may be adjusted. Please explain your cause for repeating a want course or taking a compulsory class outside of your day school when completing your admission Information Form .
If an applicant meets the grade requirement with the first attempt: 
We will use the degree from your first try and will not apply a duplicate penalty if your beginning attack meets the minimal grade requirement for entree. minimal requirement is 70 % for Ontario students, 4 for IB, etc. minimal requirements for all systems of study can be found on the future Students web site. With thousands of students applying every year and the highly competitive nature of the application march, having the time to retake courses gives you a clear ( and probably unfair ) advantage as compared to those who have not repeated courses.

If the first attempt does not meet the minimum requirement:

If you have not met the minimum grade requirement to qualify for admission you will need to repeat the course. This will result a discount of 5 % from your overall admission average as a duplicate penalty. You will have the opportunity to explain your reason for repeating the path on your AIF. The reason for repeating the course is constantly considered before applying a penalty. The same 5 % is deducted if one or multiple courses are repeated.

If an applicant passed but thinks they can do better:
If you have met the minimum necessity for a ask class but want to repeat the course to achieve a higher grade, don ’ thymine. The grade may be a bite below your standards but it is lone one class out of six that we will use to calculate your admission average. If you work hard in your other courses you can still achieve a solid overall modal which is what very matters .
Explanations are not required from mature applicants who are three or more years removed from their original gamey school diploma and are refreshing their studies .

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