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Cairns is family to three university campuses. vitamin a well as James Cook University, which has a campus in Cairns, the city is besides home to CQUniversity Cairns, and Cairns Clinical School. As a university finish, Cairns is suited for those that want to combine the rich people cultural experiences the nearby area has to offer, along with the party atmosphere the backpack community brings to the city .
CQUniversity Cairns is situated in the city, which is ideal for those who want a city life style while studying. James Cook University is situated a little foster out but in an sphere of extreme biodiversity. approximately 4,000 students are based on this campus, with about 380 of these coming from overseas. The campus itself is surrounded on three sides by rain forest and mountains, so there are some dramatic views to be enjoyed. The city center is a brusque commute off, ensuring students get to enjoy the best of both worlds – nature and city life .
There are a huge rate of courses offered by the James Cook University Cairns Campus, in both undergraduate and graduate degrees. These include knight bachelor ’ s degrees in creative arts and media, education, geology, design, and graduate student courses in medicine, philosophy, diabetes department of education and business presidency .
The Cairns Clinical School is linked to James Cook University and is a report destination for medical students in their fourth, fifth or sixth class of report. The educate is in a prime placement for those that want to be situated in the city itself – it has the Esplanade and city right on its doorsill.

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The CQUniversity has been ranked as one of the best in the global for its education and teaching methods, and the Cairns campus has approximately 1,000 students across a wide range of disciplines, from creative and performing arts, to paramedic skill. It ’ s located in the city center and has excellent communication and partnerships with local industries, making it a antic choice for anyone who wants hands-on experience alongside their studies .
Cairns is home to the Yirrganydji people and their linguistic process and culture are enormously significant to the history and culture of the region. If you wish to explore the unique tropical culture that defines so much of Cairns, then there are enough of opportunities to do sol. For exercise, art exhibitions at the Tank Arts Center, or Cairns Regional Gallery are both excellent ways to learn more. There is besides the Cairns Museum and the Tjapukai Cultural museum, which provide historic artefacts and opportunities to learn more about the cultures that make up the city and area .
As both a city and region, Cairns is enormously geared towards the tourism industry and is full of hotels and hostels that cater for every kind of tourist available. As such, there are a wide variety show of activities available to do every day, ranging from aqualung dive in the Great Barrier Reef and bungee jump, to swimming in the ill-famed Millaa Millaa waterfall .
In the city itself, many people choose to spend their day swimming in the lagoon and patronizing the city ’ s versatile restaurants and patronize centers. There are besides across-the-board cycleways, park, beaches, and sporting clubs and facilities .
Because of the tourism diligence, Cairns is a very backpacker friendly city and offers a booming nightlife for residents and visitors alike. The hostel Gilligan ’ mho has a huge cabaret and is vastly popular. There are besides two irish bars, PJ O ’ Brien ’ s Irish Pub, and McGinty ’ s irish Bar. For those wanting a more upmarket vibration, the Pier Bar situated by the waterfront is a popular venue.

There is a huge art and cultural setting in Cairns and the city plays host to a range of festivals and events, such as chinese New Year, Cairns Festival, the Cairns Airport Adventure Festival, the Cairns Tennis International, Ironman Asia-Pacific Championships, Cairns Amateurs, and the CQUni Cairns-sponsored Understory Film Festival – a short film festival .
In addition to the wide image of festivals Cairns hosts each year, there are besides weekend markets. These include petting menagerie, where people of all ages can appreciate and enjoy a wide diverseness of animals that are unique to Australia. early markets include food markets, fashion markets, and those geared towards textiles, arts and crafts .
first and first, Cairns has a tropical climate. This means that it has both a wet and a dry season. While the median annually temperature is 28°C/82°F, during the summer months of November through to March the humidity can make this feel a batch hot. At this time of year, the sphere in and surrounding Cairns besides often gets flooded due to the sheer amount of rain and cyclone bodily process. Despite this, Cairns is a beautiful city to experience all year round .
In terms of life costs, Cairns is relatively cheap compared to early major australian cities. For example, monthly rend in a reasonably-sized furnish flat costs around $ 1,362, with more expensive areas of the city tiptoe over $ 2,000. Utilities will cost approximately $ 185 a month for two people. A monthly ticket for public transportation costs about $ 102. For activities, two tickets to the film will cost approximately $ 35, and the average cost of a cappuccino is $ 4.34.

In terms of crime rates, Cairns and the Northern Queensland districts in general have a higher crime rate than other Queensland regions. The Northern Region statistics, which include Cairns, Townsville, and the Cape, have some of the highest rates of offending in Queensland. In 2017, assaults were up five percentage on the former year ; grave assaults were up 11 percentage, and serious assaults were up 10 percentage. however, it must be noted that these statistics are for the whole Northern Region, and not just Cairns itself .
There are batch of medical centers in Cairns, including the Cairns 24 Hour Medical center. There is besides the Cairns Base Hospital and the Cairns Private Hospital. There are chemists located throughout the city. As it ’ s a tropical climate, mosquito repellent is advised particularly for the heater, humid months .
If you ’ re going on a bush-league trek, please make certain to have a first aid kit handy, and to wear closed-toe shoes. Remember to remain hydrate throughout the day, and to pack batch of water and food for any trek you do during your stay in Cairns. It ’ s advisable to avoid target sunlight during the hours when the sunday is at its strongest, and to wear batch of sunscreen protection throughout daylight hours .

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