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regular and even throughout
“ Coordinating the activities of the States and advising them on matters relating to uniform administration of the Act and Rules. ”
alike or like
“ Along each wall stretched uniform green metallic filing cabinets. ”

solid or single
Consistent, compatible, or in agreement with something else or a unharmed
boring because of lack of variety
proportionately weighted on all dimensions and therefore improbable to tip over
Taking invest or progressing lento or by degrees
exempt from defect or erroneousness

The classifiable clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or by children attending certain schools
“ A cricket board can sell the logo on a actor ‘s uniform because the player is representing it while playing a match, but when he is off the field, in his private sphere, the control panel has no claim on him. ”
An policeman of the law
Soldier ‘s uniform

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