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The Department of Biology studies life at all levels from molecules to the biosphere to understand the development, structure, maintenance and dynamics of biological systems. Our teach and research provide the consolidative and conceptual foundations of the life sciences. Website To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college, and major requirements. The biota degrees develop cardinal cognition of animals, plants and microorganisms. The degrees and specializations are tailored to meet the needs of preprofessional students, those students preparing for alumnus studies in biota or specialized areas, and those seeking careers in education, the allied health professions and interdisciplinary fields such as environmental or biotechnology law, skill journalism, and life science management .

Bachelor of Science

The CLAS Bachelor of Science in biology offers two specializations.

Bachelor of Science | Integrative Biology

Designed for students preparing for graduate studies in biology or specialized areas such as ecology, evolution, genetics, molecular biology, physiology, and systematics .

Bachelor of Science | Preprofessional Biology

Designed for students preparing for admission to checkup, dental, optometry, veterinarian, or other professional schools.

Bachelor of Arts

The CLAS Bachelor of Arts in biota is a flexible academic degree that is good suited for students concerned in a career in education, the allied health professions, and interdisciplinary fields such as environmental or biotechnology law, science journalism, and life science management .

Coursework for the Majors

The B.S. biology specializations require significant basic coursework and credits in general biology, calculus and/or statistics, general chemistry, constituent chemistry, and physics. The B.A. requires less cooking in mathematics, chemistry and physics. Students who are uncertain about the program that best suits their goals should consult a biology adviser for data and course of study planning. Students can besides individualize their course of study with extra life skill courses from other departments, colleges and units at UF.

Relevant Minors and/or Certificates

UFTeach Program

There is a severe deficit of dependent secondary coil school biology teachers in Florida and nationally. Students interested in becoming separate of this high-demand profession should see a biology adviser or the UFTeach adviser. UFTeach students complete the UFTeach child in skill teaching with their B.A. or B.S. in biota and have the coursework and readiness for professional teacher authentication in Florida when they graduate.
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All biology majors are encouraged to participate in research. Research experience is valuable on many levels : it diversifies the college experience, teaches how scientists apply the cognition gained in the classroom to very populace questions, provides the opportunity to work with and get to know researchers who are the best in their field, enables participation in cutting boundary scientific questions and techniques, enhances the scholar ‘s resume/CV when applying to graduate or professional school and, finally, it is essential to help the student determine if science is an allow career choice.
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CLAS biology majors may participate in research for naturally credit rating, as a scholar ( for example, University Scholar ), as a volunteer, or, in rare cases, as a paid inquiry adjunct .



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