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Digital market has transformed the direction we live, shop class, work, and communicate. traditional marketing hush exists, but its affect is far outweighed by the pass and efficacy of digital market, which includes media such as websites and on-line advertise .
This agitate, high-growth field has opened up jobs that did not exist even a few years ago. It offers opportunity for candidates from a wide spectrum of talents, interests, and abilities. Ranging from analytic to creative, the field offers an increasing diverseness of jobs with the possibility of progress and specialization .
The Digital Marketing Bootcamp at UNLV offers an immersive, virtual experience that includes hands-on aim through digital simulations. This provides the practical application of cognition that allows you to emerge from the program prepared with the skills and feel that give you a competitive edge as you seek to enter the work force. Career services are built into the program to guide you every footprint of the manner, and offer subscribe for everything from networking opportunities to interview training.

A unique 30-hour Introductory Course teaches you the fundamental concepts of digital market, allowing you to determine whether or not the program is a fit for you. At the end of the course, you will meet with your Admissions Advisor to assess your aptitude and determine whether or not you should continue into the full plan .

This Program is Perfect For

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp provides an opportunity for anyone looking to reskill, upskill, or for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to gain the cognition they need to take their occupation to the following flush. The broadcast is designed for those with no prior background in digital market, working professionals seeking to gain a foundational agreement of marketing, business owners and entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to update their market cognition and skill set .
While you should be technically slope, no background in the field is needed. prospective students will undergo a professional evaluation and take an admissions exam

What You Will Learn

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp prepares learners for positions in content management, SEM campaign management, PPC management, SEO strategy, social media management, and many more arouse opportunities in digital marketing. Entrepreneurs and belittled business owners learn how to leverage the tools and technologies that will help their businesses grow .
The broad but comprehensive examination course of study supports you with the up-to-date cognition you need to enter the selling work force as a dependent professional or to take your clientele to the adjacent level .
You will complete an e-portfolio that includes a web site, a PPC political campaign, an SEO plan, and a social media scheme. not only does this digital portfolio testify your have and cognition, it is besides a valuable resource you can present to
potential clients and employers.

The program is broken down into 14 units :

  1. Introductory Course: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Marketing Fundamentals
  3. Web Development for Marketers
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Content Writing
  6. User Experience (UX) for Marketers
  7. Data Analytics and Visualization
  8. Customer Relationship Management
  9. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  10. Social Media Marketing: Organic and Paid
  11. Introduction to E-Commerce
  12. Email Marketing and Automation
  13. Digital Strategy
  14. Career Services

As you progress through the course of study the Digital Marketing Bootcamp sets you up for success by providing you with the fundamental cognition you will need to prepare for the diligence ‘s most spot examination. *

  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam
  • Hootsuite Platform Certification Exam

*Please note that certificate exams are not conducted as function of the course of study and require extra costs not included in tutelage. Some certifications have extra reservation requirements .

Program Details

To earn the Digital Marketing Certificate, you must successfully complete the 400-hour Digital Marketing Bootcamp program .

once you fulfill all security program requirements as outlined in the Academic Plan, you may request your certificate .

Academic Plan

Digital Marketing Bootcamp Academic Plan 195.69 KB

How to Register

registration for the Digital Marketing Bootcamp is coordinated through our course of study partner Thrive DX ( once HackerU ). Speak with an entree adviser at 702-832-4555 .
For extra platform details and registration, visit .

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