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What types of classes are there?

We offer face-to-face, on-campus classes, and variations of on-line classes .
refer to your course page for specific data on classify types :

  • Business
  • Hospitality
  • Health
  • Education
  • Design & Creative Technology

What if I can’t drop or change a subject?

If the ‘Drop ‘ option does not appear :
You may be trying to withdraw from the only subject you are enrolled in and will be blocked from doing so .

  • You will need to contact student services or submit either of the following Torrens University forms or Think Education forms.
    • Application for Withdrawal 
    • Application for Timetable Change

scholar Services registered you for a course manually .

  • You will need to submit either of the following Torrens University forms or Think Education forms.
    • Application for Withdrawal 
    • Application for Timetable Change

You may need to refresh/clear your browser cache or open the Student Portal in an incognito browser window .

View class registration and timetable 

now you can check which classes you are registered in, and print your schedule .

  1. Navigate to the Student Landing Page.
  2. Click Subject Selection.
  3. Click View Registration Information.
  4. Review your schedule.

You can besides print your timetable by clicking on the Printer button ( in the top right corner ) .
View Class Registration ​​​​​​

International students

Please check the International Students page for the most late information about visa requirements .
If you have any questions on what subjects to select, chat with your Success Coach.

Students are reminded to seek advice from the Department of Home Affairs ( Immigration ) before making any variations on their registration as this may impact their Visa .

Course credit and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have already completed a reservation, or have a fortune of relevant professional experience, you may be able to credit this against parts of your studies with us .
You should apply for course credit/RPL vitamin a soon as you have your documents available. If you are selecting your subjects for the approaching spare and design on applying for course credit/ RPL, ensure you don’t enrol in this/these subjugate ( south ) .
When you apply for recognition please provide us with deoxyadenosine monophosphate much supporting documentation as possible, including :

  • Learning outcomes
  • Copy of Academic Transcript/s
  • Copy of Statement of Attainment/s
  • Course or Subject Outlines
  • Program of study (including content)
  • Learning and assessment approaches

lotion forms :

  • Torrens University – Credit Transfer Request (Undergraduate Courses)
  • Torrens University – Credit Transfer Request (Postgraduate Courses)
  • Think Education – Application for Course Credit

Deadline for submitting your application

Applications for course credit must be received by Week 2 .

Can I change to another course?

To change courses, accomplished and submit a course transfer shape :

  • Torrens University – Course Transfer Form
  • Think Education – Course Transfer Form

Email your completed form to Student Services or hand it to your scholar Services team.

Do this well in advance to make certain you can start your new naturally in the next available learn period .
Contact Student Services for extra help .

Can I take a Leave of Absence?

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