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Creating the best on-line shopping experience for business clients means making their buy experience dim-witted, fast and well-suited to the specific needs of B2B sales. Whether it ‘s your first time shopping for a B2B e-commerce platform, or you ‘d like to switch providers, you have a wealth of options to choose from — each with its own alone set of pros and cons. This steer explores some of the top B2B platforms to help you decide which might be a good fit for your occupation .

What to look for

Odds are you ’ re already familiar with the basic tenets of e-commerce, whether you ’ ve established a robust B2C digital sales net or merely made a leverage on-line yourself. The essence of a well-functioning e-commerce environment is speed, dependability and ease of use for the node. Letting prospective customers find what they ’ re looking for, add items to their shop handcart and make their payment quickly and easily is the appoint of the game. This is true for B2B e-commerce a well. commercial enterprise customers have come to expect the same buying have as retail clients. They want the buying process to be aboveboard, seamless and dependable. Cumbersome, friction-laden portals no long cut it. To make the most of your company ’ mho B2B e-commerce electric potential, you ’ ll want to make sure you go with a provider that can offer a platform that blends shape with function. Some of the best B2B e-commerce platforms have the same expression and feel as a client-facing choice would. They ’ re streamlined, easily to navigate and provide plenty of ways to pay for goods. That ’ s not the only standard you need to make the right choice, however. You ’ ll besides want to go with a B2B e-commerce platform that gives you batch of board for customization, including being able to hide pricing from retail clients, make custom experiences for specific clients and offer unlike embark options depending on their localization or floor of clientele. Of course, you ’ ll besides want to consider price, particularly as most products are priced in correlation to the floor of service and features available. If your business does a high volume of B2B sales, you ’ ll need a more robust ( and probable more expensive ) choice than a company that only does a fraction of its sales to other businesses. There are a host of B2B e-commerce platforms available that can help modest businesses excel. Some are decent and cheap in change for basic-level servicing and others shine in terms of their versatility and features, even if they ’ ra more expensive. here are our top picks based on price, customizability and where each of these e-commerce platforms shines.

1. OpenCart B2B Marketplace

OpenCart gets systematically high marks among the best B2B e-commerce platforms. The software is wholly open-source and free to download. Better hush, OpenCart is free of monthly subscriptions and fees, which can save belittled businesses a considerable amount of cash if the software ’ s offerings match their needs. Keep in thinker, though, open-source software requires some degree of developer cognition to use and maintain. The OpenCart B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace accessory ( which costs $ 299 ) supplements the core platform ’ s e-commerce solutions with a bespoke interface made to work for B2B sales specifically. Buyers and sellers can send requests and request price quotes for a occupation ’ mho existing products or for custom orders on raw or unlisted intersection packages angstrom well. Sellers can use a kind of spreadsheet file formats to upload multiple products at the same time, besides. The chopine accepts CSV, XML and XLS files with multiple entries, making it easy to manage armory and data entrance without the fuss of uploading one product at a time or converting to a charge format that may not play courteous with the lie of your company ’ s engineering. In short, OpenCart is a big e-commerce option for most businesses, be it for retail or B2B sell. The spare software is filled with helpful features and add-ons, making it a formidable rival.

2. Magento Commerce

Adobe ’ s Magento Commerce platform is designed to offer a comprehensive e-commerce solution for businesses that do retail and B2B sales on-line. Users can customize their Magento on-line store to reflect their sword ’ sulfur look and feel, vitamin a well as display their e-commerce pages with individualized imitate and promotion opportunities. The creature includes a page builder that makes it easy for business owners to create customize e-commerce pages, all with a drag-and-drop interface that takes the hassle out of designing network pages. Magento Commerce international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just for retail sales, evening if this component of the software takes common law in its stigmatization and advertise. The chopine besides provides patronize for B2B e-commerce that includes support for multi-brand e-commerce sites, channel partners and key accounts. B2B clients can manage their own company accounts within your Magento setup, even including unlike tiers for buyers and customs permissions to accompany each of them. Magento Commerce includes everything you need to manage B2B e-commerce sites for multiple brands, channel partners or key accounts. Your business-to-business customers can self-manage their caller accounts and set up multiple tiers of buyers with specific roles and permissions. They can besides track quotes, view detailed regulate histories and manage their citation on-line, reducing the indigence to call you for support. Magento besides supports custom catalogue creation, rate management, inventory and a rapid checkout process for B2B buyers. In terms of price, Magento Commerce is quote-based, so you will need to reach out to its sales team directly to find out what it will cost your commercial enterprise.

3. NetSuite

NetSuite is dedicated to providing top-tier e-commerce solutions for retail and B2B applications. Although the party tends to focus on midsize companies, many larger small businesses may find NetSuite ’ s set of tools to be an excellent fit for their needs. The platform makes it easy for businesses to provide customers with custom price, credit limits and purchase terms, which is ideal for B2B applications where negotiated price is the average. New and prospective customers can besides ask for price quotes immediately from a NetSuite-enabled e-commerce page and turn the quote directly into an on-line order without having to hop on the telephone.

NetSuite users can besides connect their existing product catalogs to their customers ’ procurement systems, though this relies largely on third-party add-ons that may be available between you and your clients ’ software tools. placard and invoice is comfortable with NetSuite. Users can view their outstanding balances ampere good as extra funds, existing credit memos and negotiate terms with existing accounts. The system besides lets users view all of their invoices in-depth and input partial derivative or entire payments against those that hush have a balance ascribable. The software besides allows for bill charge, accredit limits and ACH process. Like Magento, NetSuite ’ randomness price is quote-based.

4. Shopify B2B e-commerce

A perennial e-commerce darling among minor businesses and on-line shops, Shopify is easy to install and set up and accepting payments from customers is a breeze. even the most modest e-commerce ventures can benefit from Shopify ’ randomness tools, all without having to spend a short ton of time ( or a little fortune ) in the process. The Shopify system international relations and security network ’ thyroxine just for retail transactions, either. Shopify B2B e-commerce takes the best of Shopify and rolls it into a platform designed specifically to meet the needs of B2B sales. With Shopify Plus, businesses can automate park sales processes across retail, direct-to-consumer, B2B and wholesale customers alike. This removes the motivation to run analogue e-commerce platforms for B2B and retail sales channels, making it easier to keep tabs on your sales in one convenient localization. Shopify Plus, which starts at $ 2,000 per month, enables users to create custom interfaces for B2B and wholesale customers that can be password-protected and complete with price that ’ randomness specific to each business node. And, like with other B2B e-commerce platforms we ’ ve mentioned, you can easily manage inventory and keep track of existing B2B client purchases at a glance .

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5. OroCommerce

OroCommerce is designed with B2B e-commerce in mind, particularly for mid-market businesses. The platform besides offers support for B2C and DTC sales, making it a one-stop shop for each of your business ’ randomness sales channels. With OroCommerce, you can build and manage your own e-commerce web site, create customized customer portals and plate alone sales environments for wholesalers deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Better inactive, you can opt to run OroCommerce from the swarm or locally on your own servers, depending on what works best for your existing technical school infrastructure. With OroCommerce, businesses can build out full of life B2B e-commerce features like corporate account management, alone pricing catalogs per commercial enterprise customer, custom workflows and more. There ’ south besides a versatile API that makes integrations slowly to set up — whether that means looping OroCommerce into your current technology or making it keep up with new additions to your business software. OroCommerce Community Edition is a exempt open-source version of the software dear suited for smaller businesses. If your business is larger or requires more functionality than Community Edition can provide, there is besides OroCommerce Enterprise Edition, price for which is quote-based.

6. Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop has everything you need to serve B2B customers and offer them the shopping feel they ’ re looking for. Whether you ’ re a jobber, reseller, manufacturer or any early B2B supplier, you can build the perfect web site to appeal to B2B buyers — and if your business model requires, even sell B2C at the same time from the lapp web site. In fact, Shift4Shop even claims to offer a B2C-like experience for B2B sales angstrom well. The chopine prides itself on delivering the like appliance for wholesalers and business clients as one would expect from a direct-to-consumer or retail operation. That means reducing the hurdles most B2B sales come with — and even making the hale procedure have the look and feel of a retail have american samoa well. Shift4Shop however offers all the essential capabilities one would expect from a B2B platform, though. This includes specific node price, wholesale price and custom portals.

Like most B2B e-commerce platforms on this tilt, you ’ ll want to reach out to Shift4Shop directly for pricing information. A translation of this article was first published on Fundera, a auxiliary of NerdWallet .

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