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So it appears that the TikTok drift of making your profile photograph a lego leading wars character has passed. The doubt now is… What ’ s future ? What will the next TikTok profile picture vogue be ? We think it might be starting soon. There has recently been a big addition in people creating guileless or clear profile pictures on TikTok .
It is possible to make your TikTok profile picture see through ! Some people make their profile picture wholly guileless while others good make the background behind their face guileless. interest ? So was I. here is more information about getting a transparent profile movie on TikTok !

How to Make The Background of Your Profile Picture Clear on TikTok!

If you have seen other people on TikTok that have a clear backdrop on their profile picture, you probably have some questions. The foremost one being “ how do you make the background of your TikTok profile movie diaphanous ? ” Turns out, it is pretty easy, arsenic hanker as you meet certain criteria. here is how you get a clear background on your TikTok profile video !

  1. In order to get a clear profile picture on TikTok you must have, or have access to an android device. Whether it be a phone or a tablet. You cannot get a clear TikTok profile picture on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Next you will need to find a clear PNG image on Google; just search “transparent png”. You can also make your own on photoshop. Just make sure the ending is .png. If you just want a clear background, take a picture and use to remove the background.
  3. Once you have your clear PNG image, or your image from on your android device, simply use that file as your profile picture. Voila! Your profile picture is now transparent!

This flim-flam is a lot of fun and creates an amazing guileless visibility photograph on TikTok ! If you do not have an android device you can try to borrow one from a friend and log into your TikTok account on their call or tablet, then upload the clear double from that device.

How to Get a Transparent Background on Your TikTok Profile Picture Using an iPhone

Like we mentioned earlier, there is no way to get a transparent profile movie on TikTok using an iPhone or iPad. Apple ’ s operating system does not allow you to download a PNG visualize and upload it to TikTok. Until Apple allows you to do this, the only manner to get a crystalline setting on your TikTok profile picture is to use an Android call or pad .
comment below if you have a diaphanous profile picture on TikTok or if you are having trouble making your visibility picture see through !

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