How to do TikTok’s viral ‘side profile outline’ trend

The latest trend to sweep TikTok shows participants perfectly matching their face to a white outline of their side profile, with some garnering millions of likes and views for their attempts.

2021 has been a big class for TikTok, as the app has become more popular than ever before, and millions of new users have joined to participate in the fun. The app even overtook Google as the most popular web site .
Over the past year, the platform has added dozens of new filters for users to try out, and many of them have either been inspired by trends, or have gone on to prompt democratic trends themselves.


But the latest drift that ’ mho got everyone opening up their cameras is the side visibility sketch tendency .

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People are creating intricate outlines of their english visibility in a third-party app, and then transferring that photograph over to TikTok so they can match their confront up in a video.

Videos of the drift are garnering millions of likes and views, with more and more people giving it a rifle by the day .

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If you want to try it for yourself, here ’ s how to do therefore .

How to do the side profile outline trend

In regulate to get the best results for this vogue, you ’ ll indigence to use third-party app, PicsArt ( or similar. ) ad

Although it takes a little supernumerary feat, the process overall is a fairly simple one .

  1. Launch TikTok.
  2. Open the camera, and film a video of you turning to the side.
  3. Take a screenshot of a frame where you’re fully turned to the side.
  4. Download the PicsArt app (note: while this is a popular choice for the trend, there are other editing apps you can use to achieve the same results.)
  5. Launch PicsArt, and insert the screenshot you just took.
  6. Go to the draw tool, adjust the size to your liking, and change the color to white.
  7. Click the layer button at the top of the screen, and add a new layer.
  8. On this new layer, outline your face.
  9. Turn off the layer with your original photo, then tap ‘apply.’
  10. Tap the three dots icon, and save the image to your camera roll.
  11. Go back to TikTok, open the stickers menu, and tap the picture icon with a plus next to it.
  12. Click your white outline to insert it, and then line it up with your side profile when you turn your head on the screen.

Although the results look complicated, the process is actually not excessively difficult, and could give you a prospect of going viral .

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