Tik Tok 783-C277 Stencil


Our Tik Tok 783-C277 Stencil is made out of a food safe plastic called Mylar that is 10 mils blockheaded, which is 0.010 inches thickly. It is reduce, flexible, and reclaimable. These products are big for airbrushing, lightly tracing a blueprint onto your sweetly treats, or dusting the design with powder sugar/edible glitter shininess onto a different surface but may have many early possible applications. Please contact us if you are uncertain if this product will work for your purposes.

All stencils will be cut using a laser printer at the clock time of buy. Our laser printer allows us to cut fine details to provide our customers with a alone and intricate purpose. All stencils will come in white. *NOTE: Some intricate designs require the laser to remain in areas longer than others, because of this certain stencils may come with the design edges tinted yellow/dark brown from the heat of the laser.

The sizes listed refer to the size of the stallion DESIGN ’ S altitude ( clear to bottom ) or duration ( left to right ). The stencil MATERIAL will be approximately 1 – 1 ½ inches longer than the invention size. The stencil displayed is our 4 column inch size ( meaning the blueprint measures 4 inches at the longest side of the design with the stencil itself being 5 ½ inches x 5 inches ). All other sizes of this design are directly proportional to this size. Our products are individually sized ; in other words, although this design may be related in some way to another plan, it is NOT sized to go with any of our other designs. Due to the intricacies of certain designs, some sizes may have lines that have been placed to allow for more support or simplified to allow for rest of use .

These items are NOT dishwasher safe. SOAK IN WARM WATER WITH DISH SOAP THEN GENTLY RINSE WITH COLD WATER. LET DRY THOROUGHLY BEFORE USING AGAIN. prolong exposure to direct heat/sunlight should be avoided. storehouse on a flatcar airfoil to prevent bending/warping. Larger sizes will be shipped in rolls and may arrive slightly curled. To flatten your stencil, we recommend placing it on a flat open with a heavier, flat object on top ( such as books or an area rug ) and leaving it overnight.

Our products are MADE TO ORDER and typically take between 24-72 hours to process. Please note this meter is submit to our sum of presently processing orders, handiness of materials, holidays, if a preview approval is required for any of the products you ordered and any changes made after buy .

Since NONE of our shipping services guarantee their ship times, neither can we. Purchasing does NOT guarantee it will get to you in time and it does NOT come with a money-back guarantee. PLEASE SEE OUR ship POLICY FOR MORE INFORMATION .

Can ’ triiodothyronine find what you are looking for ? Please contact us here to submit your request .

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