Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Social Media, Websites, Prints [ Full Guide]

If you want to showcase the power of your commercial enterprise on-line, sharing your logo is a very good estimate. But each platform comes with its own pros and cons. You truly have to figure out what works for you, how you can adapt everything and what features you need to take into retainer .
With that in mind, the logo sizes and dimensions will differ based on what chopine you are working with. While you have control over the logo size on your web site, things change when you want to have a social media presence. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect to add just about any size and call it a day. You in truth have to figure out how everything works and equitable align and adapt in a proper manner for the best results. With that in mind, here are the things that you need to keep in judgment in a situation like this .

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1. Logo Sizes for Social Media
1.1. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Facebook
1.2. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Instagram
1.3. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for TikTok
1.4. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Pinterest
1.5. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Twitter
1.6. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for YouTube
1.7. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for LinkedIn
2. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Websites
3. Logo Sizes for Print

1. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Social Media

logo sizes and dimensions for facebook

1.1. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Facebook

There are lots of different ways to share your logo and images on Facebook. The matter to thing is that each one of them comes with its pros and cons. But more frequently than not, you will notice that the dimensions will differ according to the location. It decidedly works and you will appreciate the great value and experience provided this way .
If you have link posts : 1200 x 628 post exchange is the direction to go when it comes to persona resolutions. For image posts, it will be associate posts : 1200 x 630 post exchange, so about the lapp. For the cover trope, you are limited to 820 х 312 post exchange. And for the profile visualize, you have an even 180×180 px. It ’ sulfur authoritative to know and understand these limitations as you have to abide by the rules. If you try to upload a larger trope, it equitable won ’ thymine work .

logo sizes and dimensions for Instagram

1.2. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Instagram

On Instagram, you can have the logo and images either as a profile image or as an image post. For the profile images, you have the lapp 180×180 px requirement that you have on Facebook. But for the double posts, they do allow 1080×1080 post exchange, which is actually a identical beneficial thing to take into circumstance. Instagram offers a actually full way to express yourself, and you will like the results a batch .

logo sizes and dimensions for tiktok

1.3. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Tik Tok

In 2020 Tik Tok became a huge hit, and now it has over 800 million monthly active users. The platform allows users to create light videos ( up to 60 seconds ), which have dimensions of 1080 ten 1920, so if you would like to place your logo in a video recording, you should make the width less than 1080px. Tik Tok ’ south profile picture is in 1:1 aspect ratio – 100x100px. We would advise you to make your logo double that – 200x200px for higher quality. besides, keep in mind, that Tik Tok shows the logo in a circle, so leave some space for your logo so it won ’ thyroxine be cropped .

logo sizes and dimensions for pinterest

1.3. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Pinterest

Since Pinterest is all about images and great quality, the photograph size hera is identical large when compared to other platforms. 735 ten 1102 post exchange is the request size for image posts, and for the visibility trope, you can go with 240×240 px without a trouble. You do need as much detail as possible, and it will decidedly be worth it, just commit to it and you will enjoy the experience quite a fortune .

logo sizes and dimensions for twitter

1.4. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Twitter

On Twitter, you can have all kinds of image posts. The logo for your profile trope can be up to 400×400 px, which is the most detail visibility prototype. It ’ second shown as a identical small mental picture, truthful, but then again it ’ second something that you have to keep in mind in a situation like this .
Cover images on Twitter tend to be 1500×500 post exchange, a quite strange format but you will get used to it as you go along. trope posts, however, tend to be up to 1024×512. That ’ south very crucial to keep in beware, therefore try to take that into retainer and you will be merely fine for the most depart with this approach .

logo sizes and dimensions for youtube

1.5. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for YouTube

YouTube besides offers you a way to promote your occupation naturally and with big success. It has the option to offer you a thumbnail, cover and profile trope .
A profile visualize on YouTube can be 800×800 px. The cover image can be american samoa high as 2560×1440 post exchange, and the thumbnail will require 1280×720 post exchange. Knowing these requirements will surely make it easier to handle everything, so try to take that into report and more frequently than not it will be more than ticket. You equitable have to make it work adequately and the experience will shine because of that .

logo sizes and dimensions for linkedin

1.6. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for LinkedIn

LinkedIn ’ s approach to images is pretty criterion. The radio link posts can be 1200×628 post exchange, the image posts will be 1200×1200 post exchange and then you have the 400×400 px profile image and the cover image about 1584×396. This surely helps a bunch and it will offer you a very good experience and some nice results no count the situation .

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2. Logo Sizes and Dimensions for Websites

Some of the most popular logo sizes and dimensions for your web site differ based on what type of layout you choose .
For the vertical layout, it will be 160×160 px and then for the horizontal one, you have 400×100, 350×75, 250×150 and so on. All these things are crucial and they will make quite the remainder in a position like this. In case you need to use favicons, you will go with 16×16, 32×32, and 48×48 post exchange, depending on the position .

3. Logo Sizes for Print

here you can adjust and adapt based on the plan. More frequently than not, however, the logo sizes for print are around 500 px for the smaller prints and 1024px for the larger prints, keep in mind that for print your logo file must be at least 300dpi. Changing the size of your logo might be needed, as not everyone has it in these detail sizes. But then again, this is not a huge challenge and you can easily modify and change the logo the way you want without that much of a problem, to begin with.


Identifying the right logo sizes and dimensions for social media and print deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as your web site does matter a fortune. It helps your business originate and evolve, and it ’ s decidedly going to offer you a identical good experience. The reason why you want to use these sizes is that they are very commodious and they will suit all your requirements. It surely helps to know the properly sizes and that ’ s what you want to focus on the most. The more you think about that and use the right border on, the better it will be in the conclusion because of it !
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