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How to fix poor video quality on TikTok CC thumbnail Are your TikTok television glitchy or bleary ? sometimes TikTok mechanically changes the quality of your video uploads. Whether it ’ sulfur done by the app default option or ascribable to the device you recorded on, bad quality video contentedness can be dissatisfying to publish, particularly if you ’ ve spend hours editing an approaching television. But with a few tips and tricks, you can create and publish high-quality TikTok video recording in no time. Read on to learn why TikTok degrades video timbre and some simpleton ways you can fix it .

Why does TikTok make videos blurry?

There are many reasons why TikTok could make your television upload bleary. Most of us assume the badly quality is due to our smartphone television camera or recording device. But this international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine always the case.

TikTok can mechanically make your video capacity search bleary on your phone screen or television preview, but it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be blurry on another TikTok exploiter ‘s device. If you try watching your TikTok video on another device like an iPad, pill, or desktop computer, you might find the video is in perfect resolution. Before posting a video recording on TikTok, take into circumstance the follow points to avoid bleary television .

1. Video specifications don’t suit TikTok

TikTok does n’t change the video quality if :

  • You ‘ve chosen the right recommended size for the trot
  • You uploaded the video in the command format
  • You pick the veracious codec type

note that there are no solution issues if you shoot a television using the TikTok television camera because it records videos in the accurate specifications set by the platform ‘s developers. But if you upload contented from your earphone library and the media file is not edited, the television quality might change after you upload it .

2. Device screen resolution is too high or low

The maximal resolving power available for TikTok uploads is 1080p, so if you make a 4K video, it will inactive drop to 1080p. Make sure to constantly resize your 4K video to 1080p before uploading to TikTok. The video quality will be better than the one in the native app .

3. Server capacity is limited

Simply put, hosting high-quality video recording files requires a large sum of computing space and baron. This may influence your TikTok ‘s choice. If limited server volume is the chief reason for blurry-looking television, there ’ sulfur nothing you can do to fix it .

Correct TikTok video dimensions and specs

When recording your TikTok television on your smartphone television camera or professional camera, there are a couple of specifications you ’ ll need to follow to avoid bleary videos. TikTok recommends upload videos in :

  • 250 MB is the size of the clip if uploaded from an io device ,
  • 75 MB is for Android ,
  • H.264 codec ,
  • 1080px ten 1920px aspect ratio ,
  • MP4 or MOV type ,
  • vertical video format .

How to fix poor TikTok video quality while recording

To fix inadequate TikTok video quality, you have to manually set the utmost video timbre before recording. choose 1080p video choice and 30 frames per second gear or higher for utmost TikTok television choice. Once the settings are properly, you can create a high-quality TikTok in no clock. If you ’ rhenium recording in low-light settings, the lower video resolutions like 720p or 480p might be better suited to your video. Before you start recording, make certain to use the back television camera alternatively of the front selfie television camera. The rear television camera of your smartphone device tends to provide better solution and video quality. Data Saver mode in TikTok ’ s settings might besides make your videos appear to be blurry when recording. To turn off the Data Saver move, go to Settings and Privacy → Cache and Cellular Data → Data Saver → off.

How to fix poor TikTok video quality while editing

sometimes editing videos within the TikTok app can create bleary or glitchy footage. rather of editing directly in the TikTok app, try using Clipchamp ’ s free on-line video recording editor program. You can save the video in high-quality 1080p and contribution it directly to your TikTok bill.

How to make quality TikTok videos while uploading

If you want the best possible television quality, make certain to have a strong internet connection with no interruptions. Bad internet signals can sometimes lead to video glitches and lags during the video recording export or saving summons.

If your smartphone is having problems uploading TikTok video recording, try to use TikTok ’ s web browser app rather. Try to avoid third-party websites that promise higher-quality TikTok video recording content. These external services shunt TikTok ’ randomness restrictions which can lead to poor quality, violate community guidelines, and can flush lead to your account on TikTok getting blocked .

Create high-quality TikTok videos today

Knowing the mighty tips and tricks can enhance your TikTok video recording quality in a few simple steps. When you ‘re ready, use a creative template and make engaging TikTok video recording in minutes with Clipchamp .

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