How to use green screen on TikTok

Want to know how to use greens screen door on TikTok ? We ‘ve got it covered. virtual backgrounds have become popular across social media and the micro-video platform TikTok is no exception. In this guide, we ‘ll walk you through how to add a virtual background to your micro-videos for all kinds of creative uses on the democratic social media platform. TikTok allows users to create fun videos of up to 60 seconds. You can get even more creative if you learn how to use green blind on TikTok. The effect allows you to add any photograph or video recording as a custom virtual background for your post. You can use it to create videos where you appear to jump from position to place, assure stories, make music video recording or create dreamlike effects. If you ‘re completely new to TikTok, see our guide to How to edit a video in TikTok first base. And if you ‘re not sure about whether you want to use Insta or TikTok, see our Instagram Reels vs TikTok comparison. differently, it ‘s meter to learn how to use park screen on TikTok. If you need lighting for your videos, see our scout to the best band lights for TikTok, YouTube and more.

How to use green screen on TikTok

01. Open TikTok

If you do n’t yet have the TikTok app on your phone, you ‘ll need to download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once you ‘ve installed it, open the app. then, from any placement hit the ‘+ ‘ in the middle of the buttocks row of options to start creating a new post .

02. Select the Green Screen effect on TikTok

effigy 1 of 3 How to use green screen in TikTok Click on Effects to the leave of the Record release ( trope credit : Joseph Foley ) persona 2 of 3 choose from the rate of green screen effects ( effigy credit : Joseph Foley ) prototype 3 of 3 Click on the + to upload a background from your call ( prototype credit : Joseph Foley ) Tap ‘Effects ‘ at the bottom leave of the blind. The push button will change its appearance based on the last effect you used in the app. Swipe right passing the ‘New ‘ and ‘Trending ‘ categories to find ‘Green Screen ‘. There you ‘ll find a roll of Green Screen options that allow you to either add your own setting movie or television or use one from TikTok ‘s existing library The photograph icon with an arrow pointing down allows you to place a photograph as the setting. The icon with a fun symbol and an upward-facing arrow allows you to use a television. To upload your own material, snap on the + on the left above the consequence options. other options allow you to put an prototype in your hand, stand in front of a lectern as if you were making a speech, or put your features onto another face. The picture with the orange background allows you to use a background of your choose and then, rather than move the background, you can move the foreground, allowing for some quite phantasmagoric effects .

03. Record your video in TikTok

visualize 1 of 2

Choose a backdrop from TikTok ‘s library or from your telephone ( prototype credit : Joseph Foley ) image 2 of 2 One choice allows you to move the foreground on top of the background creating dreamlike effects ( image recognition : Joseph Foley ) When you ‘re glad with the background and your stead, press the red clitoris to record your video. When you finish recording, you can directly edit and publish your video, or you can add more video recording. To record another clip, either with the same background or with a unlike one, click on the effects button at the bottom-left of the shield again and repeat the previous process with a different persona or video recording. you can repeat the process as many times as you want until you reach the 60-second time restrict, creating videos where you appear to be jumping from place to target .

How to use others’ videos as green screens on TikTok

effigy 1 of 2 Click on the arrow picture to find sharing options, including Duet ( image credit : Joseph Foley ) image 2 of 2 Select Duet and then Green Screen to use the video as a background ( image credit : Joseph Foley ) american samoa good as using your own images for the green screen door effect in TikTok, you can now besides immediately use person else ’ mho TikTok post using Duet a long as they ‘ve permitted it. Navigate to the television you want to use, then press the arrow picture on the properly of the screen to see the sharing options. Select Duet and then Green Screen. You ‘ll be able to record your own video recording with the other video as a backdrop .

Ideas for how to use green screen on TikTok

TikTokkers have found lots of uses for the platform ‘s green screen feature, including for virtual change of location guides, presentations of front-runner photograph locations or to add engagement to stories and pieces of mini-theatre by jumping from location to location. One of the most democratic uses has been to employ green riddle on TikTok to make music video recording that are literally on orient with the lyrics like the example below. The green filmdom feature can have more professional uses for creatives excessively. It can be used to make “ how to ” videos and tutorials or to reveal insider tips. Artists can use green screen on TikTok to display their own work behind themselves and critique it, rate it or talk viewers through their process and techniques. Read our article on 6 TikTok trends creatives need to know about for more ideas for how to use TikTok .

Problems with green screen in TikTok

many users continue to report problems when trying to use the k screen effect on TikTok. If it isn ’ metric ton working for you, there are several potential reasons. The first recommendation is to check that you have the most up-to-date version of the TikTok app. Check in the App Store or Google Play to see if you ’ re in need of an update.

If the greens blind effect is however stalling, you can try deleting the app and reinstalling it. It might besides help to free up some storage on your call if you ‘re close to full. With most of TikTok ‘s green screen effect, you ‘ll want to make sure that the subject you ‘re using as the foreground, whether it ‘s yourself or person else, is against a neutral background to ensure the human body stands out to get the most convert results. See our guide to the best video editing apps for more ways to produce videos for social media. Read more:

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