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Adding social media icons to your e-mail touch can be a great direction to provide the recipient role valuable extra ways to get to know you or your caller. Your web site is frequently the professional and “ buttoned up ” version of your post, but your social media channels often can show more than your mission argument. When active and well maintained a social media presence can show your viewers who you are on a deeper level. What do you talk about most often ? How do you engage with people online ? What kinds of articles and message interest you the most ?
email signature social media icons
Your customers want to know you better, they want to engage with you on a personal and human level. social media besides offers a prospect for people to communicate with you without going through your contact form. Again, customers appreciate that kind of transparency and human-ness from the companies that they choose to work with .

Download free social media icons for email signatures

You can download individual social media icons and add them to your e-mail signature by veracious snap and choosing Save image in your browser, or downloading a travel rapidly folder with all of them at a time. They are free for anyone or any company who needs to use them. Their trade name logos belong to the companies not to us.

Download All Icons

Facebook icons
Facebook Icon Small Circle Facebook Icon Small Square Facebook Icon Small Rounded Facebook Icon Medium Circle Facebook Icon Medium Square Facebook Icon Medium Rounded Facebook Icon Large Circle Facebook Icon Large Square Facebook Icon Large Rounded
Twitter icons
Twitter Icon Small Circle Twitter Icon Small Square Twitter Icon Small Rounded Twitter Icon Medium Circle Twitter Icon Medium Square Twitter Icon Medium Rounded Twitter Icon Large Circle Twitter Icon Large Square Twitter Icon Large Rounded
LinkedIn icons
LinkedIn Icon Small Circle LinkedIn Icon Small Square LinkedIn Icon Small Rounded LinkedIn Icon Medium Circle LinkedIn Icon Medium Square LinkedIn Icon Medium Rounded LinkedIn Icon Large Circle LinkedIn Icon Large Square LinkedIn Icon Large Rounded
Instagram icons
Instagram Icon Small Circle Instagram Icon Small Square Instagram Icon Small Rounded Instagram Icon Medium Circle Instagram Icon Medium Square Instagram Icon Medium Rounded Instagram Icon Large Circle Instagram Icon Large Square Instagram Icon Large Rounded
YouTube icons
YouTube Icon Small Circle YouTube Icon Small Square YouTube Icon Small Rounded YouTube Icon Medium Circle YouTube Icon Medium Square YouTube Icon Medium Rounded YouTube Icon Large Circle YouTube Icon Large Square YouTube Icon Large Rounded
Vimeo icons
Vimeo Icon Small Circle Vimeo Icon Small Square Vimeo Icon Small Rounded Vimeo Icon Medium Circle Vimeo Icon Medium Square Vimeo Icon Medium Rounded Vimeo Icon Large Circle Vimeo Icon Large Square Vimeo Icon Large Rounded
Pinterest icons
Pinterest Icon Small Circle Pinterest Icon Small Square Pinterest Icon Small Rounded Pinterest Icon Medium Circle Pinterest Icon Medium Square Pinterest Icon Medium Rounded Pinterest Icon Large Circle Pinterest Icon Large Square Pinterest Icon Large Rounded
Medium icons
Medium Icon Small Circle Medium Icon Small Square Medium Icon Small Rounded Medium Icon Medium Circle Medium Icon Medium Square Medium Icon Medium Rounded Medium Icon Large Circle Medium Icon Large Square Medium Icon Large Rounded
Yelp icons
Yelp Icon Small Circle Yelp Icon Small Square Yelp Icon Small Rounded Yelp Icon Medium Circle Yelp Icon Medium Square Yelp Icon Medium Rounded Yelp Icon Large Circle Yelp Icon Large Square Yelp Icon Large Rounded
Houzz icons
Houzz Icon Small Circle Houzz Icon Small Square Houzz Icon Small Rounded Houzz Icon Medium Circle Houzz Icon Medium Square Houzz Icon Medium Rounded Houzz Icon Large Circle Houzz Icon Large Square Houzz Icon Large Rounded
GitHub icons
GitHub Icon Small Circle GitHub Icon Small Square GitHub Icon Small Rounded GitHub Icon Medium Circle GitHub Icon Medium Square GitHub Icon Medium Rounded GitHub Icon Large Circle GitHub Icon Large Square GitHub Icon Large Rounded
Tumblr icons
Tumblr Icon Small Circle Tumblr Icon Small Square Tumblr Icon Small Rounded Tumblr Icon Medium Circle Tumblr Icon Medium Square Tumblr Icon Medium Rounded Tumblr Icon Large Circle Tumblr Icon Large Square Tumblr Icon Large Rounded
Airbnb icons
Airbnb Icon Small Circle Airbnb Icon Small Square Airbnb Icon Small Rounded Airbnb Icon Medium Circle Airbnb Icon Medium Square Airbnb Icon Medium Rounded Airbnb Icon Large Circle Airbnb Icon Large Square Airbnb Icon Large Rounded
Amazon icons
Amazon Icon Small Circle Amazon Icon Small Square Amazon Icon Small Rounded Amazon Icon Medium Circle Amazon Icon Medium Square Amazon Icon Medium Rounded Amazon Icon Large Circle Amazon Icon Large Square Amazon Icon Large Rounded
Apple icons
Apple Icon Small Circle Apple Icon Small Square Apple Icon Small Rounded Apple Icon Medium Circle Apple Icon Medium Square Apple Icon Medium Rounded Apple Icon Large Circle Apple Icon Large Square Apple Icon Large Rounded
Behance icons
Behance Icon Small Circle Behance Icon Small Square Behance Icon Small Rounded Behance Icon Medium Circle Behance Icon Medium Square Behance Icon Medium Rounded Behance Icon Large Circle Behance Icon Large Square Behance Icon Large Rounded
Bitbucket icons
Bitbucket Icon Small Circle Bitbucket Icon Small Square Bitbucket Icon Small Rounded Bitbucket Icon Medium Circle Bitbucket Icon Medium Square Bitbucket Icon Medium Rounded Bitbucket Icon Large Circle Bitbucket Icon Large Square Bitbucket Icon Large Rounded
Blogger icons
Blogger Icon Small Circle Blogger Icon Small Square Blogger Icon Small Rounded Blogger Icon Medium Circle Blogger Icon Medium Square Blogger Icon Medium Rounded Blogger Icon Large Circle Blogger Icon Large Square Blogger Icon Large Rounded
Calendar (Generic) icons
Calendar (Generic) Icon Small Circle Calendar (Generic) Icon Small Square Calendar (Generic) Icon Small Rounded Calendar (Generic) Icon Medium Circle Calendar (Generic) Icon Medium Square Calendar (Generic) Icon Medium Rounded Calendar (Generic) Icon Large Circle Calendar (Generic) Icon Large Square Calendar (Generic) Icon Large Rounded
Calendly icons
Calendly Icon Small Circle Calendly Icon Small Square Calendly Icon Small Rounded Calendly Icon Medium Circle Calendly Icon Medium Square Calendly Icon Medium Rounded Calendly Icon Large Circle Calendly Icon Large Square Calendly Icon Large Rounded
Chat (Generic) icons
Chat (Generic) Icon Small Circle Chat (Generic) Icon Small Square Chat (Generic) Icon Small Rounded Chat (Generic) Icon Medium Circle Chat (Generic) Icon Medium Square Chat (Generic) Icon Medium Rounded Chat (Generic) Icon Large Circle Chat (Generic) Icon Large Square Chat (Generic) Icon Large Rounded
Discord icons
Discord Icon Small Circle Discord Icon Small Square Discord Icon Small Rounded Discord Icon Medium Circle Discord Icon Medium Square Discord Icon Medium Rounded Discord Icon Large Circle Discord Icon Large Square Discord Icon Large Rounded
Dribbble icons
Dribbble Icon Small Circle Dribbble Icon Small Square Dribbble Icon Small Rounded Dribbble Icon Medium Circle Dribbble Icon Medium Square Dribbble Icon Medium Rounded Dribbble Icon Large Circle Dribbble Icon Large Square Dribbble Icon Large Rounded
Email (Generic) icons
Email (Generic) Icon Small Circle Email (Generic) Icon Small Square Email (Generic) Icon Small Rounded Email (Generic) Icon Medium Circle Email (Generic) Icon Medium Square Email (Generic) Icon Medium Rounded Email (Generic) Icon Large Circle Email (Generic) Icon Large Square Email (Generic) Icon Large Rounded
Etsy icons
Etsy Icon Small Circle Etsy Icon Small Square Etsy Icon Small Rounded Etsy Icon Medium Circle Etsy Icon Medium Square Etsy Icon Medium Rounded Etsy Icon Large Circle Etsy Icon Large Square Etsy Icon Large Rounded
Flickr icons
Flickr Icon Small Circle Flickr Icon Small Square Flickr Icon Small Rounded Flickr Icon Medium Circle Flickr Icon Medium Square Flickr Icon Medium Rounded Flickr Icon Large Circle Flickr Icon Large Square Flickr Icon Large Rounded
Glassdoor icons
Glassdoor Icon Small Circle Glassdoor Icon Small Square Glassdoor Icon Small Rounded Glassdoor Icon Medium Circle Glassdoor Icon Medium Square Glassdoor Icon Medium Rounded Glassdoor Icon Large Circle Glassdoor Icon Large Square Glassdoor Icon Large Rounded
Google icons
Google Icon Small Circle Google Icon Small Square Google Icon Small Rounded Google Icon Medium Circle Google Icon Medium Square Google Icon Medium Rounded Google Icon Large Circle Google Icon Large Square Google Icon Large Rounded
Google Play icons
Google Play Icon Small Circle Google Play Icon Small Square Google Play Icon Small Rounded Google Play Icon Medium Circle Google Play Icon Medium Square Google Play Icon Medium Rounded Google Play Icon Large Circle Google Play Icon Large Square Google Play Icon Large Rounded
Home (Generic) icons
Home (Generic) Icon Small Circle Home (Generic) Icon Small Square Home (Generic) Icon Small Rounded Home (Generic) Icon Medium Circle Home (Generic) Icon Medium Square Home (Generic) Icon Medium Rounded Home (Generic) Icon Large Circle Home (Generic) Icon Large Square Home (Generic) Icon Large Rounded
Kickstarter icons
Kickstarter Icon Small Circle Kickstarter Icon Small Square Kickstarter Icon Small Rounded Kickstarter Icon Medium Circle Kickstarter Icon Medium Square Kickstarter Icon Medium Rounded Kickstarter Icon Large Circle Kickstarter Icon Large Square Kickstarter Icon Large Rounded
Link (Generic) icons
Link (Generic) Icon Small Circle Link (Generic) Icon Small Square Link (Generic) Icon Small Rounded Link (Generic) Icon Medium Circle Link (Generic) Icon Medium Square Link (Generic) Icon Medium Rounded Link (Generic) Icon Large Circle Link (Generic) Icon Large Square Link (Generic) Icon Large Rounded
Map (Generic) icons
Map (Generic) Icon Small Circle Map (Generic) Icon Small Square Map (Generic) Icon Small Rounded Map (Generic) Icon Medium Circle Map (Generic) Icon Medium Square Map (Generic) Icon Medium Rounded Map (Generic) Icon Large Circle Map (Generic) Icon Large Square Map (Generic) Icon Large Rounded
Meetup icons
Meetup Icon Small Circle Meetup Icon Small Square Meetup Icon Small Rounded Meetup Icon Medium Circle Meetup Icon Medium Square Meetup Icon Medium Rounded Meetup Icon Large Circle Meetup Icon Large Square Meetup Icon Large Rounded
Nextdoor icons
Nextdoor Icon Small Circle Nextdoor Icon Small Square Nextdoor Icon Small Rounded Nextdoor Icon Medium Circle Nextdoor Icon Medium Square Nextdoor Icon Medium Rounded Nextdoor Icon Large Circle Nextdoor Icon Large Square Nextdoor Icon Large Rounded
Patreon icons
Patreon Icon Small Circle Patreon Icon Small Square Patreon Icon Small Rounded Patreon Icon Medium Circle Patreon Icon Medium Square Patreon Icon Medium Rounded Patreon Icon Large Circle Patreon Icon Large Square Patreon Icon Large Rounded
Podcast icons
Podcast Icon Small Circle Podcast Icon Small Square Podcast Icon Small Rounded Podcast Icon Medium Circle Podcast Icon Medium Square Podcast Icon Medium Rounded Podcast Icon Large Circle Podcast Icon Large Square Podcast Icon Large Rounded
Quora icons
Quora Icon Small Circle Quora Icon Small Square Quora Icon Small Rounded Quora Icon Medium Circle Quora Icon Medium Square Quora Icon Medium Rounded Quora Icon Large Circle Quora Icon Large Square Quora Icon Large Rounded icons Icon Small Circle Icon Small Square Icon Small Rounded Icon Medium Circle Icon Medium Square Icon Medium Rounded Icon Large Circle Icon Large Square Icon Large Rounded
Reddit icons
Reddit Icon Small Circle Reddit Icon Small Square Reddit Icon Small Rounded Reddit Icon Medium Circle Reddit Icon Medium Square Reddit Icon Medium Rounded Reddit Icon Large Circle Reddit Icon Large Square Reddit Icon Large Rounded
RSS icons
RSS Icon Small Circle RSS Icon Small Square RSS Icon Small Rounded RSS Icon Medium Circle RSS Icon Medium Square RSS Icon Medium Rounded RSS Icon Large Circle RSS Icon Large Square RSS Icon Large Rounded
Skype icons
Skype Icon Small Circle Skype Icon Small Square Skype Icon Small Rounded Skype Icon Medium Circle Skype Icon Medium Square Skype Icon Medium Rounded Skype Icon Large Circle Skype Icon Large Square Skype Icon Large Rounded
Snapchat icons
Snapchat Icon Small Circle Snapchat Icon Small Square Snapchat Icon Small Rounded Snapchat Icon Medium Circle Snapchat Icon Medium Square Snapchat Icon Medium Rounded Snapchat Icon Large Circle Snapchat Icon Large Square Snapchat Icon Large Rounded
Soundcloud icons
Soundcloud Icon Small Circle Soundcloud Icon Small Square Soundcloud Icon Small Rounded Soundcloud Icon Medium Circle Soundcloud Icon Medium Square Soundcloud Icon Medium Rounded Soundcloud Icon Large Circle Soundcloud Icon Large Square Soundcloud Icon Large Rounded
Stack Overflow icons
Stack Overflow Icon Small Circle Stack Overflow Icon Small Square Stack Overflow Icon Small Rounded Stack Overflow Icon Medium Circle Stack Overflow Icon Medium Square Stack Overflow Icon Medium Rounded Stack Overflow Icon Large Circle Stack Overflow Icon Large Square Stack Overflow Icon Large Rounded
TikTok icons
TikTok Icon Small Circle TikTok Icon Small Square TikTok Icon Small Rounded TikTok Icon Medium Circle TikTok Icon Medium Square TikTok Icon Medium Rounded TikTok Icon Large Circle TikTok Icon Large Square TikTok Icon Large Rounded
TripAdvisor icons
TripAdvisor Icon Small Circle TripAdvisor Icon Small Square TripAdvisor Icon Small Rounded TripAdvisor Icon Medium Circle TripAdvisor Icon Medium Square TripAdvisor Icon Medium Rounded TripAdvisor Icon Large Circle TripAdvisor Icon Large Square TripAdvisor Icon Large Rounded
Twitch icons
Twitch Icon Small Circle Twitch Icon Small Square Twitch Icon Small Rounded Twitch Icon Medium Circle Twitch Icon Medium Square Twitch Icon Medium Rounded Twitch Icon Large Circle Twitch Icon Large Square Twitch Icon Large Rounded
WeChat icons
WeChat Icon Small Circle WeChat Icon Small Square WeChat Icon Small Rounded WeChat Icon Medium Circle WeChat Icon Medium Square WeChat Icon Medium Rounded WeChat Icon Large Circle WeChat Icon Large Square WeChat Icon Large Rounded
WhatsApp icons
WhatsApp Icon Small Circle WhatsApp Icon Small Square WhatsApp Icon Small Rounded WhatsApp Icon Medium Circle WhatsApp Icon Medium Square WhatsApp Icon Medium Rounded WhatsApp Icon Large Circle WhatsApp Icon Large Square WhatsApp Icon Large Rounded
WordPress icons
WordPress Icon Small Circle WordPress Icon Small Square WordPress Icon Small Rounded WordPress Icon Medium Circle WordPress Icon Medium Square WordPress Icon Medium Rounded WordPress Icon Large Circle WordPress Icon Large Square WordPress Icon Large Rounded
Zillow icons
Zillow Icon Small Circle Zillow Icon Small Square Zillow Icon Small Rounded Zillow Icon Medium Circle Zillow Icon Medium Square Zillow Icon Medium Rounded Zillow Icon Large Circle Zillow Icon Large Square Zillow Icon Large Rounded

Download All Icons
Editing social icons in an email signature generator

How can I add social media icons to my email signature?

  1. Use an email signature generator: When you use a tool (like you are able to go to a website where you enter the personal details for your signature, along with your company logo or other elements you might want to add. Then you can often add links to your social media profiles which show up as social media email icons. Once you are finished you will be able to copy and paste the signature into your email client.
  2. Use the basic editor in your email client: Email programs like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and others will often allow you to do simple rich text editing in the signature area of the application. Many of them will allow you to select an image which is downloaded to your computer and add it to the signature. This can work well, but may embed the image in the email causing your email recipients to have attachments in every email you send.
  3. Use HTML code: If you are a smarty pants and want to use html code that is always a possibility. Remember to include the width and the height attribute on every image because email clients are particular about images and will often stretch and ruin them. Read more in our html email guide.

Where can I download social media icons for my email signature?

If you want to get them directly from the source, normally searching on the internet for “ Facebook Brand Guidelines ” or whichever social platform you are looking for will land you on a page where you can download high quality logos for their web site. That said, you may need graphics software to use these files as they may be senior high school quality or in vector format .
otherwise the list in this article is a bang-up depart point where you can download the zip up folder of all of the sociable media icons for an electronic mail signature, or download barely a few that you need. These icons are perfectly sized for use in your e-mail key signature .

Adding Social Media Icons to your Email Signatures:

If you are planning to use your default option e-mail signature editor program that comes with your e-mail client then I ‘ve included some basic instructions below. You may want to reference our lead for adding images into e-mail signatures. Be warned that the editors that come with your electronic mail node can be pretty basic and are n’t very intended for more complex electronic mail signatures. If you are looking for something with more design you may want to consider an e-mail signature generator .

How do I add social media icons to an Outlook email signature?

  1. Open the Outlook application on your desktop, choose New Email.
  2. With the blank email message open, choose Insert.
  3. Within the Insert menu you can now click on Signature and then Signatures.
  4. Choose the Signature you want to edit and add a line or click inside the signature to choose where you want the icon to be added
  5. In the formatting menu above the signature click on the button with a photo of mountains with a small computer in front of it, this is the Insert Picture button.
  6. Find the social media icon among your computer files and click Insert.
  7. Once the image is added you can click on the image to edit it and drag the corners of it to resize it.
  8. To add a link to your social media profile, you will want to click the icon, and then hit the chain button to add a hyperlink to the site.

View extra Outlook prototype instructions with screenshots

How do I add social media icons to a Gmail signature?

  1. Open the Gmail website. In the top right, click the Gear icon.
  2. This will launch the Quick Settings menu, click the See all settings button.
  3. In the General tab scroll down until you see the Signature section.
  4. Add a line or click inside the signature to choose where you want the image to be added.
  5. In the formatting menu below, click on the icon that looks like a box with mountains. This is the Insert Image button.
  6. Choose the social media icon from your computer, choose Upload.
  7. To add a link to your social media profile, drag to select the icon, and then hit the chain icon to add a hyperlink to the site.

View extra Gmail image instructions with screenshots

How do I add social media icons to a Mac Mail signature?

  1. Open the Mail app on your Mac, from the top left system menu choose Mail > Preferences.
  2. When the preferences window is open, look for the tabs along the top and click Signatures.
  3. Choose an existing signature you want to add to, or click the Plus button below the middle column to create a new one.
  4. Add a line in your signature to create a opening where you want the socia media icon to be added.
  5. Drag the icon from the finder into the signature editor window where you made room for it.
  6. That’s it! You added your image, you can close the signature editor and test it out.

View extra Apple mail prototype instructions with screenshots

What should social media icons in email signatures link to?

typically social media icons are added to an electronic mail signature as an effigy that links to their own or their companies profile page on that social media channel. For model when person clicks on the “ f ” picture for Facebook in your key signature, they should land on your Facebook profile that contains your details, posts, pictures, and shared articles. These presenses on the web are one of your market channels that you can use to your advantage, and your employee ‘s electronic mail signatures are a great way to get your clients looking at them .
If this is all pretty newfangled, then it might be helpful to read our guide on how to create an e-mail signature. In that article we talk about what to include, what not to include, and an in dept look on how to create an e-mail signature.

Which social media accounts should I use?

The largest question to answer when determining which social media channels to promote in your e-mail signature is to ask which ones you or your party are most active on. If you never plan to post to a finical social transmit again then there is no reason to include it in your electronic mail touch. Consider timbre over measure here. You don ’ thyroxine get an award for how many social media channels or pages you are on, only if they are utilitarian to your consultation .

Many companies like to have a basic social presence on the most popular social channels:

  1. Facebook – Even though this is primarily considered a highly “personal” social channel, it is becoming more popular for businesses to have a presence and post on it. There are many people on Facebook that engage with brand related content every day.
  2. Twitter – Short and sweet, this social network is great for getting to know the personality of your brand.
  3. LinkedIn – Known for being the professional business network, this is an important one to represent your company. It can often be the place where people look first for basic information about your company and browse through some of your employees if they are interested.
  4. Instagram – Instagram is great if you have visual things to show. Brands who do well are giving their customers what they are looking for. Have your customers send in their photos of them using your product and ask their permission to post it here!
  5. YouTube – Many companies don’t use YouTube as much as a social media channel, but rather a repository of videos about their company, their products, and their content. It may include “how to’s” and other helpful content for your customers to use in a self-serve manner.
  6. Pinterest – If your audience includes more women than men, Pinterest can be a great place to start. This platform excels if you have something “collectible” for people. Recipes, fashions, inspiration, step by step tutorials, anything of that nature.

There are many more of them and often they change based on the industries and interests of your customers. Feel release to include others that you are active on ! That said, we try to recommend linking to 2-5 of your social media profiles. Any more is overpowering and any less can look amusing with a individual picture being used. ( Consider one of our buttons rather for a single social icon ) .

What size should my social icons be?

It ‘s crucial to balance your touch by adding the right size of social media icons. You do n’t want to overwhelm your logo or other important elements like your name or touch details. For most signatures I recommend adding angstrom minor as social media electronic mail icons as possible. Its courteous that they are there, but they are not the most important capacity in the signature. Keep them small and unobtrusive if possible. Situations where you might want larger icons might include if your signature and logo are already large enough in proportion to support larger social icons, or if your job/company is primarily about social media then it may make sense ! The three sizes used in our generator include :

  • Small: 22px by 22px
  • Medium: 32px by 32px
  • Large: 42px by 42px

Facebook social buttons

Should the social media icons link to the business accounts, or employees accounts?

The most common that we have seen is that the social media icons in an electronic mail key signature link to the occupation history. This is because these accounts are branded for the company and are normally managed by a trust person who understands that what they post is representing the company. This allows your clients & customers to follow the account and get updates on what is happening at the caller .
Linking to employee ‘s accounts may be more crafty because they are unfiltered and anything can be posted to these accounts. The employee may not always be thinking about representing their company with what they say online. That said, linking to master accounts like a LinkedIn profile, a portfolio, or a professional blog can be valuable uses of employee ‘s sociable media when used well .

How Can I Create Custom Colored Social Media Icons?

Designers will much take the sociable icons and change their colors to match the color of the brand they are designing for. So alternatively of just using blue for Facebook, bolshevik for YouTube, and bluish green for Twitter, they will make them all match to the “ stigmatize orange ” that matches your companies ’ colors. This is a nice effect and can be used to keep social icons from distracting from your logo or other brand elements because of their colors .
Custom color social icons in signature
Designers will often do this in a program like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Sketch. If you don ’ t have one of those programs there are some loose alternatives available like Gimp and Inkscape. Otherwise the editor has the ability for pay accounts to choose both a background color american samoa well as an picture color and match them to your brand colors with a few clicks. Its one of the things that sets our service apart from all of the others !

What Shapes Should My Social Media Icons Be?

The most common form you will see out there is credibly the traditional circle for social media icons. That said, squares and rounded corner squares are common as well. There actually international relations and security network ’ t any cause to any shape other than your preference and matching your brand styles. You will find that most people just go with their gut and choose the style they like the most. ’ sulfur paid account besides allows for some improper styles like Hexagons and circles with outlines .
Custom shape social icons email signature

social media icons are a popular element to add to your e-mail signatures. They help to engage your customers and show them another side of your company that they won ’ thyroxine be able to find on your web site. They can be highly effective at driving engagement and besides for other purposes like personalized one-on-one communication, recruit, and tutorials/helpful content .
Add some social media icons to your e-mail signature today !

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