TikTokers are revealing their ‘most meaningless’ tattoos

TikTokers are sharing their most “ meaningless tattoo ” that go against the date impression that all ink needs to have some sort of greater importance — and the results are merely stunning .
The vogue started when drug user @ pigeonsandfries posted a now-viral TikTok, in which he said : “ Growing up I was constantly told that tattoo should have meanings, so stitch this and show me your most meaningless tattoo. ”
He then revealed his own contribution to the swerve — a humble, black agate line tattoo across the bridge of his nose .
“ I get asked what it means, it doesn ’ t have one, ” he explained. “ I used to draw it there with eyeliner and I liked it, so here it is. ”

early TikTokers came out to play, showing their own “ meaningless ” tattoos — like drug user Preston Davis ( @ slimdavie ), who revealed his knee tattoo, which include the words “ above knee ” and “ bologna ” ( i.e. “ below knee ” ) in the demand locations you ’ five hundred expect them to be .
TikToker Jenna Bothun ( @ jennabothun ) replied to the swerve with images of her portuguese man-of-war branch tattoo, which, while it may lack deeper mean, did surely come with a narrative .
“ I sat [ at the tattoo parlor ] for two and a half hours, cipher acknowledged me, I had an appointment, ” she shared. “ I was livid ! ”
however, Bothun noted that she does get a long ton of comments on the ink, adding that people “ love ” it .
TikToker Jessica Dempsey ( @ babyyspoons ) shared the king of all “ meaningless ” tattoo — her block of cheese ink, with the words “ never say when ” over it, as an disingenuous nod to the Olive Garden .
And as a glorious estimable mention moment — TikTok user @ vedaclark shared that she has the word “ beans ” tattoo in a lovely, delicate font on her forearm for no argue any .
As one drug user commented on the original sew television — “ people forget that ‘ because I like it ’ is a mean. ”
“ I ’ m a huge believer of tattoo wear ’ thyroxine have to mean anything, ” commented another. “ If it looks full it looks adept. ”
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If you enjoyed this history, read about this ma ’ second “ regrettable ” tattoo decision .
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