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Let ’ take a expression at the TikTok logo and the history behind the company.

TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing apps in the global. The Tik Tok logo and brand is now recognized by millions of people all over the populace .
In September of 2016, TikTok blasted onto the social media scene, promptly growing to become an international murder and a platform able of competing with social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Despite its late entrance into the stadium, TikTok has demonstrated a lot of staying ability over the past few years and has carved out a large, loyal consultation in an area where thus many sociable media apps before it have failed. nowadays, TikTok is valued at over $ 100 billion dollars and boasts an incredible 1.5 billion active monthly users. To understand how this app was able to so cursorily rise to such big levels of popularity and profitableness, we ’ ll take a look at the short circuit but rich history of TikTok and the function that the party ’ s recognizable logo has played in its international success .

The Origins and History of TikTok

Tik Tok was first brought to the chinese market in September 2016, launching as a video sharing app under the name A.me before being renamed Douyin three months belated in December. The app was released by the company ByteDance, which is led by chinese internet entrepreneur and app developer Zhang Yiming. Though originally released merely to the chinese commercialize, Yiming had plans from the very beginning to bring Douyin to users across the globe. Within a year of its acquittance and after taking merely 200 days to develop, Douyin boasted over 100 million chinese users that viewed an average of one billion videos on the app every single day. Fueled by this high gear degree of rapid success, Douyin was brought to the international commercialize in September 2017 and was renamed TikTok .
By January of 2018, TikTok had become the number one most download app in numerous countries, making it one of the most promise newly trends in social media. While the app was able to attract a batch of interest and attention right from the start, much of TikTok ’ s success can be attributed to a decision that the app ’ sulfur parent company made in 2017. For the solid price of one billion dollars, ByteDance purchased the social media television platform Music.ly in September of 2017 right before taking TikTok to the international market. Music.ly was an app that allowed users to create short lip-synch and drollery videos, and TikTok ’ s integration with Music.ly gave upgrade to the app that the world nowadays knows today. By August 2018, Tik Tok was fully integrated with Music.ly, and existing accounts on Music.ly were consolidated into the TikTok app. Thanks to Music.ly ’ s large and enthusiastic al-qaeda of young users, TikTok ’ s integration with Music.ly allowed the app to quickly become a social media sensation among Millennials and Generation Z.

In 2019, TikTok landed its first major promotional partnership in the United States by agreeing to a deal with the National Football League. The partnership saw TikTok hosting winnow activities and events in honor of the NFL ’ s 100th season american samoa well as the launching of an official TikTok NFL report. today, Tik Tok enjoys partnerships with a huge number of major companies and celebrities in the United States and across the global.

This rapid rise to international popularity has enabled TikTok to enjoy a astonishing degree of fiscal achiever. By 2018, TikTok was the count one most download app on the Apple App Store across the world. That same year, the app boasted a total $ 7.4 billion in tax income before going on to more than double that measure in 2019 .
During this wax to becoming one of the most well known sociable media platforms in the world today, TikTok has endured its clean contribution of controversy. By and large, most of the controversy surrounding TikTok has been about the fact that its users are largely anonymous, which has led to a concerning amount of cyberbullying on the app. In December of 2019, german digital rights group Netzpolitik.org released a report accusing TikTok of suppressing videos by disable users and LGBTQ users. TikTok admitted that these accusations were true and admitted to telling moderators to likewise suppress videos that have people with an “ abnormal body determine ” or “ surly facial looks ” in an attack to reduce cyberbullying on the app. In addition to being a platform ripe for cyberbullying, TikTok has besides come under scrutiny for being besides addictive for its unseasoned users, and in 2018 the company released an addiction-reduction feature of speech on the app that would encourage users to take a interrupt if they have been on the app for an extend sum of fourth dimension. last, TikTok has even been criticized for potentially being a national security concern for the United States given that fact that the chinese company who owns the app would be legally required to partake its huge come of data on american english users if the chinese government demanded that they do so .
Despite these controversies, though, TikTok remains an inordinately popular and profitable platform. Like most social media apps, TikTok makes a lot of its gross by ad to its users on the platform. however, TikTok has created another tax income stream not found on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter that is actually the app ’ south primary coil source of income. On TikTok, users are able to purchase coins within the app that they can then gift to their darling contented creators. The creators can then exchange these coins for a variety show of digital gifts and payouts, leaving the company to profit off of the difference between the price of the coins that users purchase and the price of the payouts that are awarded to message creators. This alone business exemplary is largely to thank for TikTok ’ s incredible revenues and is a big separate of the reason why the app has succeeded in an industry where so many apps like it have failed to ever gain a bombastic user base and turn a profit .
While TikTok ’ s singular platform and even more singular tax income current have surely been the chief drive forces behind the app ’ randomness success, TikTok ’ s internationally recognizable logo has surely helped play a function in the app ’ sulfur rise to worldwide prominence equally well .

The History of TikTok’s Logo Design

today, it is more common for companies to dramatically change their son over the years than it is for a company to stick with their original logo design. With that said, though, the TikTok symbol is the exception to this dominion. nowadays, TikTok still makes use of basically the like logo symbol that they designed when the app was first gear released in 2016, with the design having undergo alone minor revisions since then .
The TikTok logo plan was created by an nameless architect who is said by TikTok to have been inspired by a concert that he attended before being brought on to design the logo. The couturier reportedly wanted to create a design that would emulate the excitation of attending a major concert in regulate to highlight the talented content creators on the app and showcase the entertainment respect that they are offering. The plan features the letter “ five hundred ” modeled in the shape of a musical eminence, representing at the time the fact that the app was named Douyin. Despite the fact that the app ’ south identify was changed to TikTok when it was released internationally, the company inactive kept this lapp design.

While most users don ’ t gain that the “ five hundred ” in the TikTok logo design was meant to symbolize the app ’ s original list, the design is however recognizable all over the world and has played a key character in TikTok ’ s marketing .

Design Elements of the TikTok Logo

The nameless architect responsible for creating the TikTok logo was, according to TikTok, “ a youthful serviceman who loves attending concerts, particularly rock concerts ”. His inspiration for the blueprint purportedly came from a desire to emulate the experience of a concert departer who is surrounded by dark, looking up at a bright and colored stage.

To create this experience, the architect chose a black background for the logo then added a colorful electronic wave effect to give the design more of a three-dimensional count. The bright neon blue sky and red colors that he used for this effect are like to the neon lights that you would see at a concert .
Choosing a musical bill for the footing of the plan was an obvious choice given TikTok ’ s musical nature, and choosing a bill that looks like the letter “ vitamin d ” was an designed nod to the app ’ s master identify .

What is the Importance of the TikTok Logo?

If you were to ask a commercialize or mobile application technical about the mysterious behind TikTok ’ second rapid rise in popularity, the app ’ sulfur logo credibly wouldn ’ t be the first base thing that they bring up. however, logo play a few important roles for mobile applications, and TikTok is no exception .
For one, it is essential for an app to have a recognizable and attention-getting logo that can be used as a thumbnail for the app on the call ’ s home screen. The more a person uses the TikTok app, the more money TikTok makes. By ensuring that the app ’ second thumbnail stands out and is easy to spot, TikTok is able to far incentivize its users to notice and open up the app when they are on their phone .
Of course, the TikTok logo has besides played a outstanding role in the app ’ south digital marketing efforts as well. Almost every ad that TikTok has released over the years has featured the app ’ randomness logo in some form or another. While the logo may not be the reason person downloads the app, it is a recognizable symbol that TikTok is able to use as a focal compass point for the ads that they create.

last, TikTok has surely capitalized on their unique logo when it comes to creating license products equally good. today, products that feature the TikTok logo bridge from apparel such as shirts, shorts, and hoodies, to items such as chocolate mugs, journals, and beyond. By licensing their logo for products such as this, TikTok has been able to even further diversify the app ’ second tax income stream .
All things considered, it is condom to say that TikTok ’ s attention-getting logo blueprint has absolutely played an undeniable role in helping make the app as democratic and profitable as it is today. If you are developing a mobile application that you hope will become the next international hit, be sure to keep in thinker the many benefits that a great logo can provide .
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