TikTok Logo Design – History, Meaning, and Evolution

Victoria Fimmer photo writer by :Victoria Fimmer TikTok is a world-famous host platform that allows users to publish master edited video recording, much with bright effects superimposed over them. Anyone who has used the application at least once, or watched videos made with it, has probable noticed the TikTok logo. What is it and what is its mean ?

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TikTok Logo History & Evolution

Before plunging into the design features, let ’ s contract acquainted with TikTok history. initially, the resource was developed by a little-known at that fourth dimension taiwanese company ByteDance. Its activities were aimed at creating the latest Internet technologies and mobile applications. Zhang Yiming was the pass and laminitis of the company. It is he who is considered the godhead of TikTok. In the second half of 2016, the company launched Douyin video recording host. At first, it was not very democratic. The primary audience in the begin was the people of China. Gradually, the popularity of the application began to grow and spread beyond the borders of the country. The developers of the military service noticed that new users began to actively register in it, and they began to improve the application. They redesigned it and added new functionality. A modify interpretation was released to the international market under the name TikTok. A year later, the developers bought the well-known sociable network musical.ly and merged it with their application. This is how the modern version of TikTok ( TT ) appeared, which is used by millions of people today .

What does the TikTok logo look like?

What does the TikTok logo look like. The hallmark of the overhaul is the TikTok logo. The developers worked on it and were able to create an icon that actually looks very stylish .

What Font is used in the TikTok Logo?

The singularity of the logo is given not only by its graphic design, but besides by the baptismal font used. many mobile app developers prefer to use curl serif fonts. however, the TT developers decided to go the other way and used a regular font, without any extra elements .

TikTok Logo Colors

The color of the logo is memorable. The designers decided to create a practice that combines a bright coloring material palette. The logo uses four shades. On a black background, there is a bill icon, consisting of white, blue, and pink shades. Designers did not precisely randomly decide to use such a color outline. They wanted to use these shades because they blend perfectly with each other. They besides create a ocular 3D effect that makes the logo stand out among the many icons of other mobile applications .


Favicon. many users do not know what a favicon is and where it can be found. In fact, a favicon is an icon that appears in a browser tab when a foliate is open. You can see it if you go to TT through a browser on a personal calculator. The TT symbol consists of two parts : an image and a title. Since the favicon is excessively small, the icon had to be redesigned. The name was removed from it and only the logo remained. It depicts a draft of a note. In some browsers, when you open the servicing page, the TikTok favicon is displayed without a background at all .

Evolution of the TikTok Emblem

Evolution of the TikTok Emblem. Since the official unblock of the application on mobile devices, the logo has not changed unusually. But still, the icons of unlike years have several classifiable features that you should familiarize yourself with. In 2016, we equitable had a letter “ five hundred ” without any extra decorations. In 2017, with the original picture, “ Tik ” and “ Tok “ were set as two separate words : there is a clearly visible gap between them. then it was decided to redesign the logo to make it look more compact. therefore, the space between the words was removed, and the baptismal font was rounded to get rid of astute corners. During this period, the logo had a simple design. It consisted alone of a graphic picture, without a style.

In 2019 there were dramatic changes and the icon began to look like a advanced version of the logo. The service scratch was supplemented with the stream name located at the bottomland .

Who Designed the TikTok Logo?

just like with the Facebook case, the list of the generator of the TikTok icon is unknown. however, the godhead of the sign shared the fib of how the idea for the logo design came to him : “ The mind for the TikTok logo came to me suddenly. I then stood in sum dark, surrounded by a crowd, and looked at the bright stagecoach. From the high-quality mighty phone, the visualize vibrated, pulsated, like a survive creature… The black setting absolutely highlights accents, soft corners convey the biography of music. The 2D wave was the complete touch of the mental picture, ” said incognito. Inspired by the mission of the app, the logo TikTok interior designer wanted to create a symbol that would fit the inside world of thus many talented people. To do this, the architect choose bootleg as the background color to get people matter to in entering the app. After the sketch of the musical note was completed, the graphic designer wanted it to look clear-cut against the black background, so he added an electronic wave effect to the 2D design. “ I tried several times to repeat the melodious note, and then chose the matchless that was most attractive to the eye. ” When the TikTok logo was created, the couturier not lone wanted it to stand out from other applications on the independent screen of the device but besides to look cool and stimulate. again, the name of the TikTok logo architect is shrouded in mystery. One matter that is known is that this is a young man who loves to attend music events, particularly rock concerts.

What’s the Meaning behind the TikTok Logo?

sol what is the TikTok symbol ’ s meaning ? There are two versions :

  • The TikTok icon features a musical note. The app provides its users with the ability to shoot and watch videos accompanied by music.
  • The TikTok logo features the letter “d”. We all remember that the initial name of the brand was Douyin.

Wrap up

All elements of the corporate identity—from the color outline to the TikTok symbol—visually reflect the main ideas of the sword : chasteness and creativity. The minimalism of the logo helps to easily adapt it to any task, including a favicon for a web site and an icon for an application. Do you feel like you can create a 100 times better logo for TikTok ? Upload your interpretation of a TikTok logo png file by filling out the SELL YOUR DEAL form. Sell your deals. besides, check out some early Logo Designs for more inspiration ! Who knows, possibly it ’ s you who will be the following technical school giant ’ south logo architect !

TikTok Logo Design – History, Meaning, and Evolution

TikTok is a world-famous hosting platform that allows users to publish original edited videos, often with bright effects superimposed over them.

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