TikTok PFP Guide for 2022

In the social media landscape, TikTok is a promptly emerging chopine that is challenging the established position of other options like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. TikTok takes a slightly different slant – featuring short videos as its go-to form of contentedness. It provides a room for businesses to connect with potential audiences around the universe just the like. If you are precisely learning about TikTok for your commercial enterprise, this scout will help you get started with the beginning basic step. specifically, we ’ ll clear up some minor confusion about an abbreviation that can mean both picture for proof or profile pic in the on-line landscape. Let ’ s honkytonk in !

What Does PFP Mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, the abbreviation PFP stands merely for profile movie. When you create a TikTok account for your business, you ’ ll need to pick out TikTok profile pictures – and you ’ ll often see that abbreviated as PFP. nowadays that you know what that means, we ’ ll spend the perch of this article focused on how to select a profile painting, how to add it to your account, and much more .

Dimensions of a TikTok Profile Picture

If you are working on a fresh profile photograph for TikTok, you ’ ll be trying to think creatively about something that is master, interesting, and appropriate for your channel. At the lapp time, you need to consider hardheaded concerns like size and resolution. After all, you want your TikTok profile picture fully size when it appears, so you avoid any weird crop issues .


The right size for a TikTok profile photograph is 200 x 200 pixels. Set your TikTok profile word picture size to those dimensions in your favored prototype editing or creating software and you ’ ll be all dress. Knowing the dimensions are locked in, you can create whatever it is you have in beware and cursorily load it to the platform without any issues.


There international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine much to worry about in terms of quality for TikTok profile pics – you just want to have something that is going to look good when uploaded to the platform. With that said, if your file size is huge for this painting, you might have trouble uploading it successfully. Should that happen, you can always compress the prototype using any of a number of free on-line tools before adding it to your account .

TikTok Profile Picture Options for Businesses

When picking your TikTok PFP, there is one password you should keep in mind throughout the process – post. Since this report exists to further the selling efforts of your business, if you do not plan on using barely your logo as your profile photograph, you ’ ll want to make certain that the PFP you choose or create makes sense within the context of your overall stigmatization plan .
With that in mind, we have five general ideas below for a TikTok PFP. Of course, some of these may not make smell for your business, therefore sort through the number to figure out which one is the right meet for your needs .

Cartoon PFP

If you spend some time exploring TikTok as a user, you ’ ll find that cartoon TikTok profile pics are quite popular. Users will find a cartoon character that they relate to or enjoy and will use an image of that character as their profile photograph. You might be able to apply this same concept to your business account, or you could add a flex. alternatively of using a known cartoon character, you could take an image that relates to your business – such as your logo – and give it a cartoonish appearance. This is comfortable adequate to do with diverse image edit tools, and it could help maintain your mark consistency while however fitting in on TikTok .

Default PFP

possibly reasonably surprisingly, the TikTok nonpayment profile picture is making a comeback as an choice for many accounts to use rather than making a change to their own picture. however, when using the TikTok nonpayment PFP, you inactive may want to add your own custom styling to that silhouette. Basically, the drift is to use the shady delineate that you get by default for your profile movie, but to stylus it in some way to make it your own. For example, if your company has a logo, you could add a hat to the default PFP, and put your logo on the front of the hat. This is just one idea for how you could join in on this tendency while inactive using something that is unique and identifiable .

Transparent PFP

Using a net PFP is a great option on TikTok and one that might be peculiarly suited for your business. once you have an visualize that you would like to use for your PFP, you can strip away the background using any of a phone number of tools. We will have more information on those tools later in this article. then, when you upload your picture to TikTok, you ’ ll have a absolved PFP that international relations and security network ’ metric ton surrounded by any setting material. This gives your visibility a clean look and can help the profile itself blend right into the capacity. There are more and more accounts on the platform taking this approach, and you may want to test it out for yourself to see how it goes .

Anime PFP

There are batch of profile pics for TikTok that are loaded with an anime theme. It could be a sleep together zanzibar copal character or a customs drawing in an zanzibar copal manner. Whatever the subject, this is a choice that will lone make sense for a certain type of business. A company in the entertainment distance, for model, might be able to use an anime PFP and have it fit right in with everything else they are doing. This choice could seem out of place for other types of businesses, however. sol render careful think to trying this strategy before you go any far .

Occasion Based PFP

If you don ’ thymine mind updating your business TikTok PFP regularly, you can get in a pattern of updating this image much based on the time of year or what ’ south going on in your occupation. Since profile pics for TikTok are easy to make and alone take a here and now to change, this is a pretty elementary manner to customize your account. For exemplify, you could create some kind of particular visualize when you are having a adult sale, or you could add a new profile for the vacation season. The possibilities are illimitable hera, but you ’ ll want to keep up with it so you don ’ t allow the PFP to fall out of go steady. One idea is to have a nonpayment PFP that you use as your go-to option, and you then replace that PFP with an occasion-based image from time to time. This way, when it ’ sulfur prison term to remove the time-sensitive image, you ’ ll constantly have one to fall rear on .

How to Upload a Profile Picture on TikTok

When using TikTok for business, you ’ ll need to know precisely how to upload a new visibility mental picture as you are getting your score set up. Whether you are adding your very first PFP, or you need to edit PFP for TikTok, the process is a simpleton as could be .

  1. Tap “Me”. This is the starting point, as it will take you into the profile section of your account, where you’ll be able to make the necessary changes.
  2. Tap “Edit Profile”. Next, hit the edit profile link and you’ll go into the area where all different edits can be performed, including those related to your PFP.
  3. Tap “Change Photo”. This one is self-explanatory – you’ll hit the change photo item in the menu and there will be just one step left to finish.
  4. Tap “Take a Photo” or “Upload Photo”. Pick the right option based on whether you plan on snapping a photo for your PFP or using one that is already in your gallery.

How to Create a Clear PFP

Given the popularity of clear up PFPs on TikTok, you may be wondering how to accomplish this impression for yourself. Figuring out how to get a diaphanous profile movie on TikTok is quite bare. But, it will probable require the use of a third-party tool. The key to uploading a clear PFP is to start with an image that has already had its background removed .
Below, we are going to present a list of tools that can make this happen for you. angstrom retentive as you already have an visualize available to use for your PFP, you can head to any of these tools to wipe out the background from that image in a matter of moments .


For a elementary tool that can edit PFP for TikTok about immediately, Remove.bg is a commodity station to start. not only is this a loose creature, but it does the problem of removing a background from your image automatically.

To use the tool, fair follow these flying steps –

  1. Upload your desired file by selecting it from a directory or by dragging it onto the right spot
  2. That’s it! You’ll be taken to a page with the resulting image, and you can download a preview or the full image.


This adjacent cock takes the lapp approach as the first one on our number. here, you ’ ll have access to a rid setting remover that can help you make effective profile pictures for TikTok. We have added instructions below to help you get started. Anyone with basic computer skills will have no perturb using the tool without directions .

  1. Find the box that says “Choose a Photo” on the right side of the screen
  2. Use that button to look through your gallery, or just drag a file into that section
  3. The next page will have your new image with the background removed. You can download it immediately or make other changes

Wondershare PixCut

Continuing the subject of background removers that work well for profile pictures for TikTok, Wondershare PixCut is another nice option. You ’ ll again be able to complete the task for complimentary. It should be done in less than a minute from when you land on the locate .

  1. On the right side of the screen, see “Upload Image” button
  2. Add your image by dragging or search for it in your files
  3. Land on the completed page and download the next image within an hour


The name of this cock says it all. When working on profiles for TikTok, you can use this locate to get rid of any undesirable backgrounds. The tool is free to use, although you can upgrade to a agio design for extra features. To use BackgroundCut.co, follow the simple directions below .

  1. See the main banner image and look for the cloud icon with an up arrow
  2. Drag your image to that spot, or look through your files to find it
  3. Land on the finished page and decide where you would like to save the new file, minus the background


By this point, you should be recognizing a root with these tools. good TikTok profile pictures are indeed easy to make in big separate because these kinds of tools are readily available on-line and absolve to use. Again here, as with the others above, you can be finished in good moments .

  1. Look for the large red button that reads “Upload Image”
  2. You can drag your image right onto that spot, look for it in your directory, or can copy/paste it
  3. In seconds, you’ll reach a page with the finished file and options for a download


Another dear option for your background removal needs is Slazzer.com. Pictures for TikTok profile can lose their backgrounds when you use this free on-line cock. As with some of the other tools we have featured, you have the option to upgrade to a premium design if you need to use the tool regularly .

  1. Find the blue button that reads “Upload Image”
  2. There, you can drag and drop or look through your file folders for the right image
  3. Wait just a moment for the process to complete, and then download the altered file to finish up


Another automatic pistol and spare tool to work on profiles for TikTok is PhotoScissors. here, as with the rest of the tools, you won ’ t need to venture beyond the home page to get started. There are some basic limitations in identify on the cock, including a utmost image size of 10 Mb .

  1. Go to com to get started
  2. Look for the blue “Upload Image” button in the middle of the screen
  3. Choose the right image for your needs and continue
  4. Download the new file or consider some of the other options offered by the tool


To finish up our list, we are going to focus on a instrument that can do far more than just help you work on a TikTok PFP. rather, InPixio is a photograph editing product that can help you handle many unlike market and design tasks. If you need to regularly take backgrounds out of photos while besides doing other things like retouching those images, resizing them, and more, InPixio is worth your consideration. You will need to purchase this software to use it. person looking only for backdrop removal will be better off with one of the many free options listed above .

What to Do If Your TikTok PFP is Too Small

The image you load to TikTok needs to be at least 20 adam 20 pixels in order to be eligible to serve as your PFP. If your TikTok effigy size is besides little and you can ’ metric ton get it to load, you ’ ll need a larger image. There are a couple of ways to make that happen. First, you could use image editing software, which will allow you to enlarge it, but the quality may be degraded. alternatively, you could create a new image, targeting the ideal TikTok PFP dimensions of 200 adam 200 pixels.

How to Make Your TikTok PFP a GIF

As you work on versatile PFPs for TikTok, you might decide that a static image is a little bore. alternatively, you may want to put your PFP in gesticulate to draw attention and stand out from the crowd. To do so, you ’ ll simply have to load a video as your PFP, quite than an picture. This video needs to be between three and six seconds in length, and it will loop – making it appear as a GIF. here ’ s how to do it –

  1. Access your account and tap on “Me”
  2. Find “Edit Profile” and tap there
  3. Select “Upload Video” and pick out the right file. If the video is longer than six seconds, you will need to pick the six-second segment that you want to use
  4. You’re finished!


Is your PFP for TikTok the most important contribution of your explanation ? No – that designation, of run, goes to your content. It is the content that you post to TikTok that will have the biggest read in how efficaciously your report works as a selling tool. With that said, the PFP you choose does matter, as it can serve to further your branding efforts. If your PFP is easily identifiable, it will help users cursorily pick out videos that have been loaded by you .
In the end, creating an perplex PFP for TikTok shouldn ’ t take up all of your time. Though, it is worth putting in the feat to get it right field. We hope the data in this article will help you get started on the right racetrack. dependable luck with this fun project !

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