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The Factory is Canada ‘s largest indoor family entertainment center located in the iconic 100 Kellogg Lane. Spanning over 170,000 sq. ft., it features the largest indoor ropes course IN THE WORLD. With zip-lines, a trampoline park, ultimate warrior course, massive arcade, kids ‘ indoor resort area, virtual reality zone, and get off rooms, it is an experience like no other. New attractions are constantly being added, meaning that no matter what you ‘re after, The factory has it. It ‘s fun for everyone — get down playing today !
ROPES COURSE & ZIPLINES : With 88 rope obstacles to choose from and heights reaching 75 feet, The Factory is home to the largest indoor ropes course IN THE WORLD. Soar high above the trampoline park on one of the four, 145-foot ziplines or take the steep off of the 65-foot free fall .
Ropes hours:
Monday to Wednesday not available
Thursday 4pm – 9pm
Friday 4pm – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 9pm
Sunday 10am – 9pm
TRAMPOLINE PARK : With a 20,000 sq. ft. trampoline park, The Factory meets up-to-date initiation with an unforgettable have of lights, sound and leap epinephrine. Dunk on the slam basketball stations, play trampoline dodgeball, duel your friends on the battle beam or try to dodge the spin arms of the Meltdown.

warrior COURSE : The Ultimate Warrior course will challenge your mind and your physical limits. This course is a full-body exercise for all skill levels – with 40+ elements challenge yourself in a combination of running, jump, vaulting, climbing, and balancing. The far you go, the hard it gets !
LIL ’ CLIMBERS – KID ’ S PLAYGROUND : Perfect for kids 2 – 12, the indoor resort area offers 5,500 feather feet of tubes, slides and active fun ! With the addition of a break soft-play space for infants, an synergistic technical school zone and a challenge scavenger hunt, your kids can have a minor venture of their own .
Lil Climbers:
Open 7-days a workweek 10am to close

arcade : Over 100 games to choose from in the arcade partition ! easily load up credits to your Factory menu, water faucet, gambling and track your earned points. then principal over to the redemption center to grab some sweet prizes .
ESCAPE ROOMS BY MYSTERY ESCAPE ROOMs. 4 themes to choose from ranging from helping a ace awaken a dragon, discovering a lose mine, or exploring an enchanted forest. Find the clues and solve the puzzles in your future adventure at The factory !

VIRTUAL REALITY BY THE NEXT LEVEL VR. Immerse yourself into a game like never before ! virtual Reality tests your feel of reality and allows you to try experiences ranging from artistic paint, legal action shooters, and sports to education. 50 games available at any one time from a constantly rotating library of 700 games and experiences at one of Canada ’ mho largest VR facilities .
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