The Unexpected Reason the Greek Island of Amorgos was Trending

Amorgos 25th island of greece
The stun greek island of Amorgos was recently trending on-line, but not for its rugged natural beauty and secluded beaches, for its name. It ’ s known on the internet as the “ 25th island of Greece. ”
Searches for the Cycladic island have surged, and it has nothing to do with summer vacation bookings or a new wave of interest in the greek islands .
No, Amorgos had become a meme due to its links with an fabulously popular video recording game.

After noticing references to Amorgos everywhere, Internet sleuths have linked the searches to a meme raging across Twitter in which users urge each other to search for “ the twenty-fifth island of Greece. ”
On the list of greek islands by size, Amorgos is ranked twenty-fifth. The meme is a play on the name “ Amorgos, ” which users think resembles the diagnose of the extremely popular game “ Among Us. ”

Amorgos trending because it sounds like “Among Us”

Although released in 2018, “ Among Us ” took the worldly concern by storm last leap, when those in quarantine and lockdown were searching for new games and activities to cure their boredom, and remains quite popular to this sidereal day .
The crippled involves a group of spacemen moving around a rocket ship doing menial tasks. There is, however, an imposter among the crowd, set out to sabotage the base hit of the ship and kill the members on board .
Each time a player dies, the unharmed group, which can be full of strangers from around the world, convenes to discuss who they believe the imposter is, and then vote them out .
The imposter must try to deceive the rest of the group, by flying under the radar or cast blame on another musician .
This continues until the imposter kills all the other gang members or is found out and voted off the transport.

The far-flung popularity of the game has caused sociable media users to see references to it in their daily lives, whether it be words that remind them of its name, or shapes that recall the iconic figures of the crew members .

The 25th island of Greece

Amorgos became a tourist drawing card in the belated 1980 ’ randomness when the island was the backdrop for the film “ The Big Blue. ”
The movie, which became one of France ’ s most commercially successful films when it was released in 1988, is about a heavily fictionalized and dramatized fib of the friendship and sporting competition between two leading contemporary champion complimentary divers in the twentieth century .
Over three decades after “ The Big Blue, ” Amorgos in 2020 was again set as the alluring backdrop of a new external co-production. german director/scriptwriter Nana Neul ’ s have length movie “ Töchter ” ( Daughters ), based on the best-selling fresh by Lucy Fricke, was the basis of that film. This was one of the first external co-productions to resume after the beginning lockdown in Greece .
tourism is increasing slowly, although the island ’ s geographic features prevent mass tourism. It is accessible entirely by boat. The three chief tourist accommodations are located in Katapola, Aegiali and Chora .
Chora, the capital, is situated in the interior of Amorgos, at an altitude of 350 meters, ( 1,148 feet ) near the focus on of the island. It is a protected greenwich village, with whiten Cycladic houses, specialize alleys and churches. Chora surrounds the castle, which was built in the thirteenth century.

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