No, That Vegan Teacher wasn’t arrested: Fake news floods social media!

Rumours are flooding social media that TikTok star That Vegan Teacher was arrested, but she previously confirmed it was all fake news on TikTok.
If you ’ ve been on TikTok recently, you ’ ve probably seen a video recording of Gordon Ramsay calling a woman a ‘ vegan doughnut ’ and proceeding to eat a hamburger on your ‘ For You ’ page .

Gordon surely wasn ’ t impressed by the charwoman ’ mho song, but did you know that she ’ s actually TikTok celebrated ?
The woman is known as That Vegan Teacher, and she ’ s hit headlines this week after social media users began claiming that she ’ mho been arrested. But it ’ s not on-key, and it was all just a sociable media hoax .
@ThatVeganTeacher on TikTok

Who is That Vegan Teacher?

Kadie Karen Diekmeye, better known on social media as That Vegan Teacher is a TikTok exploiter with 1.6 million followers .

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She ’ s a very passionate vegan who frequently takes to the social media app to share videos about the benefits of being vegan, discussing issues like animal mistreat and nutriment .
however, she has much been criticised for ‘ forcing ’ her vegan values upon people .

Rumours flood social media that she was arrested

back in January, rumours began spreading approximately social media that That Vegan Teacher had been arrested, and nowadays the rumours are back again in February.

social media users are sharing a long list of allegations that were said to explain why she was going to jail, and there were claims that she allegedly violated some Candian laws, but none of it was actually true .
In fact, she was never actually arrested at all, and she took to TikTok to shut down the rumor herself last month .
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That Vegan Teacher shuts down arrest rumours on TikTok

As the rumor circled social media in January, That Vegan Teacher took to TikTok to confirm that she had not been arrested .
She made up a song to address the halt allegations and said :
“ apparently I ’ ve been arrested, obviously I ’ megabyte now in imprison. apparently there ’ s some article about me in The Daily Mail. I have no idea what the hell ’ s going on, I ’ meter equitable sitting her at home writing an animal admiration song. Please everyone don ’ triiodothyronine believe the rumor. ”

then, That Vegan Teacher was never arrested, but why were people saying she was ?
Kadie is a pretty controversial human body on-line, and there are always a phone number of petitions to try and remove her from TikTok. sol, people credibly made up the halt hoax because they merely don ’ t like her .
In the latest news program, That Vegan teacher has now been banned from TikTok wholly. Read more about that here …

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