Telfast Cashback 2021


What are the participating products in the Telfast Cash Back promotion?
You can claim a Cash Back on Telfast 180mg 50s, 60s and 70s.

How much Cash Back will I receive?
Telfast 180mg 50s = $ 5 Cash Back
Telfast 180mg 60s = $ 6 Cash Back
Telfast 180mg 70s = $ 7 Cash Back

When can I make a claim?
Claims can be made at for products purchased between 26th June 2021 and 31st December 2021. All Claims must be received by 11:59PM AEDT on 7th January 2022 .

How many times can I claim a Cash Back? 
There is a restrict of 1 claim per family in the promotion .

Can I submit a claim by post?
Yes, if you are having perturb submitting a claim online you can send your proofread of purchase to :
PO BOX 6323
naval special warfare 2086

With your receipt please include your name, postal cover and contact number and we will send you a cash bet on cheque .

What Proof of Purchase do I need to provide?
You must provide an itemize purchase acknowledge. The receipt must clearly show the participating intersection purchased, the storehouse where the merchandise was purchased and the go steady and time the buy was made .

How will I receive my money back?
Online Claims can nominate to receive the Cash Back to be paid into an australian bank account, a PayPal account or station in the form of a Digital Mastercard, or cheque. Mail claims will receive their Cash Back via come back Cheque .

How long will it take to receive my money back?
once you have submitted your claim it will be validated within 2 commercial enterprise days. once validate please allow up to 10 business days for requital to be processed .

Where can I find the terms and conditions?
You can find the terms and conditions hera.

I didn’t receive an email confirming my claim?
Please make certain you cheque your spam and trash e-mail folders if you have not received an e-mail in your inbox .

How do I activate my Mobile Mastercard from Telfast?

  1. You ‘ll receive an SMS from ‘ Vault ’ with an energizing code .
  2. Click the link in the text message and you ‘ll be directed to your device ‘s app memory to install the Vault Payments app. ( Or if you ’ ve previously installed the Vault Payments app, click the connect and go to step 4. )
  3. Click the option to install and then open the Vault Payments app .
  4. When prompted insert your fluid number and the energizing code from the SMS.


  5. Read and accept the Vault Payments Terms & Conditions .
  6. You ‘ll then see your Telfast Mobile Mastercard in the app, and you ‘re ready to add it to your device wallet for in-store or on-line purchases

How do I add my Mobile Mastercard to my device wallet?
inaugural, enter your activation code to access your Mastercard in the Vault Payments app. then you can press “ Add card to wallet ” in the app to add to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. If your earphone is paired with an Apple Watch, you can choose to add your wag to the wallet on your phone, the wallet on your determine, or both .

How do I use my Mobile Mastercard for in-store purchases?
once you ‘ve added your card to your Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay wallet, you can use your phone to “ tap and go ” at contactless point of sale terminals ( look for the Contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay logo ) .

How do I use my Mobile Mastercard for online purchases?
Your Telfast Mobile Mastercard is a digital Mastercard ; you ‘ll just need your card act, termination go steady and CVC number. In the Vault Payments app, tap the menu once to view your card number and death date. Tap doubly to see the CVC phone number .

I can’t activate my card. What do I do now?
Please Contact Us and our team will investigate this for you, and come second to you within 2 business days .

I have more questions about my Mobile Mastercard and using the Vault app
Click here to learn more about the Vault app, and Mobile Mastercards, or contact [ electronic mail protected ] if you are having trouble using your Mobile Mastercard .

I have a problem with my Cash Back claim who should I contact?

You can call us on 1800 046 279 ( Mon-Fri, between 9am-5pm, excluding public holidays ) with any questions relating to the promotion or your cash back claim .

You can besides Contact Us with any questions and a member of our team will respond within 2 commercial enterprise days .

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