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Founded in 1954, explore one of Canada ’ s most beloved restaurants and their menu prices – swiss Chalet. And how they came to be the most popular ! Some say it ’ s in the sauce !
here ’ s the latest swiss Chalet menu prices in Canada :

Menu Item Price (C$)


Ultimate Perogies $8.49
Cheese Perogies $7.49
Chicken Spring Rolls $7.49
Four Cheese Spinach Dip $9.49
Stuffed Garlic Cheese Loaf $7.49
Swiss Appetizer Platter $15.49
Wings 5 Pc $6.49
Wings 10 Pc $12.49
Wings 15 Pc $16.19

Soups and Salads

Chalet Chicken Soup Cup $4.49
Chalet Chicken Soup Bowl $5.49
Garden Salad $5.99
Kale Caesar Salad $5.99


Crispy Quarter Chicken $11.99
Crispy Third Chicken $16.99
Quarter Chicken & Shrimp Dinner $15.49
Dark Meat Dinner $13.49
White Meat Dinner $13.49
Half Chicken Dinner $14.99
Chicken Pot Pie $13.49
Add Poutine $1.99
Add Chicken Poutine $3.98
Add Sweet Potato Fries $2.99

Chicken and Ribs Combo

Quarter Chicken & 1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs $17.99
Quarter Chicken & Half Rack BBQ Side Ribs $22.99
Quarter Chicken & Half Rack BBQ Back Ribs $23.99

Chicken and Beef Combo

Rotisserie Beef and Quarter Chicken Combo $15.49
Add Mushrooms $0.99

Rib Entrees

1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs $14.99
Half Rack BBQ Side Ribs $19.49
Half Rack BBQ Back Ribs $20.49
Full Rack BBQ Side Ribs $25.49
Full Rack BBQ Back Ribs $27.49

Ribs and Beef Combo

1/3 Rack Side Ribs and Rotisserie Beef Combo $18.99
Half Rack Side Ribs & Rotisserie Beef Combo $23.49
Half Rack Back Ribs & Rotisserie Beef Combo $24.49

Ribs and Wings Combo

1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs & 5 Wings $16.99
Half Rack BBQ Side Ribs & 5 Wings $21.99
Half Rack BBQ Back Ribs & 5 Wings $22.99

beef Entrees

7 oz. Rotisserie Beef Dinner $15.99
10.5 oz. Rotisserie Beef Dinner $20.99
Rotisserie Beef Kaiser $13.49
Hot Rotisserie Beef Sandwich $15.49
Add Swiss Cheese $0.99

family Packs

Crispy Chicken Family Pak $35.99
Family Pak $29.99
Deluxe Family Pak $44.99
Chicken & Side Ribs Family Pak $39.99
Chicken & Back Ribs Family Pak $40.99
Chicken & Wings Family Pak $39.99

Party Packs

BBQ Side Ribs & Wings Party Pak (10 Wings) $30.99
BBQ Side Ribs & Wings Party Pak Deluxe (20 Wings) $39.99
BBQ Back Ribs & Wings Party Pak (10 Wings) $32.99
BBQ Back Ribs & Wings Party Pak Deluxe (20 Wings) $41.99


Chicken Caesar Wrap $12.99
Rotisserie Chicken on a Kaiser $12.99
Rotisserie Chicken Club Wrap $12.99
Classic Hot Chicken Sandwich $12.99
Add Swiss Cheese or Mushrooms $0.99
Substitute White Meat $1.80


Classic Hamburger $12.99
The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger $14.99
Classic Veggie Burger $13.99
Add Cheddar or Swiss Cheese $1.00

Pasta and Stir Fry

Teriyaki Rotisserie Chicken Stir-Fry $16.99
Teriyaki Rotisserie Shrimp Stir-Fry $19.48
Teriyaki Rotisserie Chicken & Shrimp Stir-Fry $21.48
Teriyaki Stir-Fry $14.99
Rotisserie Beef Stir-Fry $17.99
Rotisserie Beef & Shrimp Stir-Fry $22.48

Entree Salads

Kale Caesar Salad with Rotisserie Chicken $14.49
Spinach Chicken Salad $14.49
Sweet Heat Salad $14.49

Weight Watchers Healthy Entrees

WW Quarter Chicken White Meal $13.49
WW Quarter Chicken Dark Meal $11.69
WW Double Leg $13.49
WW Half Chicken $14.99
WW Spinach Chicken Salad $14.49
WW Chicken on a Kaiser $14.79

Weight Watchers Healthy Sides

WW Chicken Noodle Soup (Cup) $4.49
WW Chicken Noodle Soup (Bowl) $5.49

Kids Meal

Kids Cheesy Pizza $7.99
Kids Chicken Strips $7.99
Kids Mini Burgers (2 Pc.) $7.99
Kids Mini Cheeseburgers (2 Pc.) $7.99


Garlic Green Beans $2.99
Parmesan Fries $2.99
Fresh Cut Fries $2.99
Large Fries $6.99
Poutine $4.48
Poutine with Chicken $6.47
Oven Baked-Potato $2.99
Creamy Mashed Potatoes $2.99
Sweet Kernel Corn $2.99
Seasoned Rice $2.99
Creamy Coleslaw $2.99
Jasmine Rice $2.99
Sweet Potato Fries $3.98
Garlic Shrimp without Entree (8 Pc.) $7.49


Berry Blossom $5.99
Mini Cinnamon Sugar Donuts $6.99
Classic Apple Pie $5.29
Perfect Pecan Pie $5.29
Lemon Meringue Pie $5.29
Coconut Cream Pie $5.29
Classic Vanilla Cheesecake $5.99
Classic Fudge Cake $5.99
2 Slices of Apple Pie $6.00


2 Bottles of Pop $3.50
4 Bottles of Pop $6.00
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Orange Crush, Ginger Ale, Lipton Brisk Iced Tea or Mug – Root Beer (Bottle) $1.99
Aquafina Water (Bottle) $1.89
Brisk Lemonade (Bottle) $1.99
Lemon Lemon $1.99
Dole Apple or Orange Juice (Bottle) $2.49
Pure Leaf Iced Tea (473ml Bottle) $2.99


Chalet Dipping Sauce (4 oz.) $0.49
Chalet Dipping Sauce (12 oz.) $0.79
Home-Style Gravy (4 oz.) $0.49

Salad Dressings

Chalet House Dressing (1.5 oz.) $0.79
Balsamic Vinaigrette (1.5 oz.) $0.79
Buttermilk Ranch (1.5 oz.) $0.79
Mighty Caesar (1.5 oz.) $0.79
Fat-Free Italian (1.5 oz.) $0.79
Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette (1.5 oz.) $0.79
We are not affiliated with the providers of the above goods/services in any way. The prices above should serve as a guide only .

Whether you are celebrating a commencement, having a class dinner after a field hockey game or bringing non-Canadian friends out for dinner – chances are you show up at your local swiss Chalet.

swiss Chalet restaurants have become one of Canada ’ s most beloved restaurants. Read on to learn the history of this institution, the privy to their achiever and what you can find on the menu .

The History of Swiss Chalet Restaurants

swiss Chalet is a canadian chain of casual restaurants. The first gear swiss chalet restaurant opened its doors in 1954 in Toronto, Ontario at 234 Bloor Street West. This first restaurant was located on a busy street close to Varsity Stadium .
swiss Chalet is even older than Canada ’ s other love : Tim Hortons .
No surprise, it was an blink of an eye achiever. Two more locations promptly opened in Toronto. One of them was at 362 Yonge Street, which silent exists, and another one was on Yonge Street south of St. Clair .
swiss Chalet founder, Maurice Mauran of Montreal, partnered with another businessman to start swiss Chalet. How did he get the estimate you ask ?
A few years before opening his restaurant, Mauran was inspired by the swiss manner of cooking chicken by placing them on a skewer and roasting them over an open fire .
Before opening his inaugural swiss Chalet restaurant, Mauran tried out his special chicken in the Montreal Chalet Bar-B-Q Rotisserie. It seemed to befit customers so he got started on establishing swiss Chalet .
To keep up with the Swiss atmosphere, the din room of the master swiss Chalet location included carved, wood panels, night ceiling beams, and bantam make-believe windows with frilled curtains .
All this was in an attempt to create an standard atmosphere akin to the swiss batch hideout in the celebrated children ’ s narrative “ Heidi ” by Joanna Spyn .

The expansion of Swiss Chalet Locations

evening the founder, Maurice Mauran of Montreal, likely didn ’ thymine know that his restaurant would become the icon of canadian family-style dining .
But Canadians couldn ’ triiodothyronine get enough of Swiss Chalet chicken and rib. More and more locations were added across Canada. As of today, there are over 200 locations across Canada .
The original localization in Toronto stayed open for over 50 years. But it finally closed in 2006 and was demolished in 2009 to make room for condominiums .
The few locations that opened in the United States and Puerto Rico have now since closed. Yet, that doesn ’ thymine mean it wasn ’ t well-loved by Americans .
When the death two swiss Chalet rotisserie chicken restaurants in the United States – one in Amherst, one in Depew – closed on February 28, 2010, western New Yorkers who had spent many birthdays, family nights and dates enjoying chicken, fries and dipping sauce did the alone thing they could : they got their passports fix .
In fact, Americans make up 5-10 % of the volume of the two Niagara Falls, Ontario, restaurants. You can bet that on the way home in many trunks, many containers of swiss Chalet dipping sauce have crossed the bound .
In 2008, swiss Chalet food items were even added to Canada ’ s very own airline ( Air Canada ) as part of their onboard menu .

swiss Chalet Restaurant Style

swiss Chalet restaurants offer customers respective points of sale. Most locations feature a boom room with an alpine root deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a take-out counter and rescue options .
Some swiss Chalet locations have drive-thru windows. other locations only have take-out counters ( this is specially true of urban locations ) .
hungry customers can even order on-line and skip the wait .

What ’ sulfur on the swiss Chalet Menu ?

I’m getting hungry! (Foto: Swiss Chalet) so what is it about Swiss Chalet that makes Canadians come back again and again ?
Let ’ s explore the menu. Though there have been assorted additions to the menu since the first restaurant opened, the initiation remains the like : rotisserie chicken and rib .
The pride and rejoice of swiss Chalet is their celebrated rotisserie chicken. The sword uses only fresh, grain-fed, preservative-free, canadian chickens .
Each chicken gets good a teaspoon of salt and is then placed in the rotisserie oven for 90 minutes of roasting and basting in its own juices .
The most democratic menu token is the quarter or half-chicken dinner. It comes with a choice of side, a bun, and a dip sauce .
What about the rib ? swiss Chalet uses a dry-rub of smoky mesquite spiciness and then marinates them for more than 24 hours. But that ’ s not all .
The rib are then slow-cooked for 2.5 hours as they are brushed with their signature BBQ sauce. They go from the grillroom to your plate. Finger bowl are a must after feasting on this menu token .
The swiss Chalet french fries are unparalleled vitamin a well. Some prefer them to McDonalds fries even ! At swiss Chalet, canadian potatoes are scrubbed, peeled, soaked, blanched and ultimately impertinently cooked to order. You can taste the freshness.

other menu items include wimp fingers, a excerpt of sandwiches and versatile appetizers and delectable desserts .

Swiss Chalet Sauce

arguably the most celebrated detail on the swiss Chalet menu is the celebrated dip sauce .
The recipe is a secret no one has been able to crack. Though there are assorted copycat recipes in circulation on the network, none come close to the veridical deal .
The classical chicken dinner comes with a small stadium of this dip sauce. It ’ second common for people to order two or evening more dip sauces .
Some like to dip their boodle or wimp in the sauce. Others pour it over mashed potatoes or french fries. still, others drink the sauce !
Whichever way you like it, there ’ second nothing quite like the swiss Chalet sauce. fortunately, you can buy sachets of swiss Chalet sauce at most grocery store stores in Canada so that you never have to go excessively long without the odoriferous lemony taste of this secret sauce .
The gravy is besides sold as a powderize sachet at many grocery store retailers .

Specialty Options

swiss Chalet restaurants have respective vegetarian and Weight Watchers options on their menu .
Weight watcher options include chicken noodle soup, asian sesame chicken salad, skinless chicken meals with a side salad and chicken on a kaiser bun .
But what about food for non-meat eaters ? There ’ s a darn-good vegetable hamburger plus assorted salads that can be made to omit chicken such as the beet or kale caesar salad .

Kids Menu

Kids love to eat at swiss Chalet. There ’ sulfur something for even the pickiest eater .
All the kids menus are customizable. The child can choose his or her entree, side, drink and dessert. popular choices include chicken strips, hamburger or tall mallow pizza .
Kids meals come with a drink in, toy, and a dessert. There are special promotions where kids eat loose on certain days of the week. See your local restaurant for details .

swiss Chalet Festive Specials

During the vacation season, swiss Chalet fine foods offer guests diverse gay specials. It ’ s a perfect way to get a great kin meal for an low-cost price .
The gay particular includes the celebrated one-fourth chicken served with gorge, cranberry sauce, your choice of side, 5 Lindor Chocolate truffles and a Scratch & Win Card .
The Festive Family Feast includes a wholly rotisserie wimp, a choice of 4 sides, 4 rolls, 12 oz celebrated chalet dipping sauce, cranberry, stuffing, 4 boxes of Lindt chocolate, and 4 Scratch & Win Cards .
other gay specials include options with ribs and sandwiches .

freshness Matters

One of the many reasons Canadians can ’ t get enough of swiss Chalet is the novelty. If a chicken international relations and security network ’ t sold within 45 minutes since coming off the roaster, it ’ south turned into kernel for soup or sandwiches .
The french fries have a 5-minute specify before they go in the trash. At swiss Chalet, freshness is guaranteed .

swiss Chalet and Partners

You may have noticed that many swiss Chalet restaurants share a construction with the fast-food chain Harvey ’ randomness. That ’ mho because both are owned by Recipe Unlimited .
In 2016, the company ’ sulfur parent, Cara Operations, announced that it would acquire St-Hubert. The Quebec-based chain of rotisserie wimp restaurants didn ’ t come bum. Cara Operations paid $ 537 million for this beloved French-Canadian chicken chain .

Rotisserie Mail

If you love swiss Chalet, you can sign up for some amaze perks by adding your information to the Rotisserie Mail .
You will get an e-coupon for a free appetizer when you sign up. sporadically, you will get information on other deals and swiss Chalet newsworthiness .

swiss Chalet Celebrates its 65th year

On June 23, 2019, swiss Chalet proudly celebrated its sixty-fifth anniversary .
How did the beloved chain lionize ? By offering its patriotic customers a classic quarter chicken dinner for just $ 6.50 .
Guests could besides enter to win free swiss Chalet for a class !

1984 – an old Swiss Chalet commercial.

Final Thoughts on swiss chalet

Thanks for reading ! We hope that this article on the history, expansion, and current menu of Swiss Chalet has given you a new appreciation of the beloved canadian establishment .
Be sure to come rear again for more food-related content about your favorite canadian restaurants. For now, check out the Dairy Queen menu prices and facts you probably didn ’ triiodothyronine know about this chain .

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