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The web site offers personal ad feature where drug user can place ads with time place and other details and wait for others to response
Do you want to spice up your vanilla arouse liveliness ? Join SwingingHeaven ! It ’ s a well structure on-line dating service specifically designed for swingers. The dating web site provides a safe and exquisite environment to seek swinger partners or participate in any other activities related to the swing worldly concern .
Swingers belong to those sexually active groups that are judged and criticized by society. In the mod world, where people are much bold about their sexual preferences, swingers are still portrayed as crave ride creatures by the media. undoubtedly, if people try to cause, there is nothing incorrect with what consenting adults do in their sexual life. If no third gear party is hurting or suffering, there is nothing faulty with such activities .
many swingers dating sites, clubs, and communities organize events and get together to provide indiscretions to avoid populace attention. The mod era of the internet has made these communities ’ lives easier and connection more convenient. numerous on-line platforms have emerged on the cyberworlds related to this niche.

SwingingHeaven is a singular dating platform that offers services to connect swingers from respective parts of the worldly concern. The web site provides independent but not isolate platforms to unlike regions like the UK, the US, South Africa, Australia, Canada, etc .
The first thing to take in refer when talking about swingers dating service is that people meet to indulge in specific activities. These activities are alike to what we call friends with benefits relationships. You can find a collaborator for the casual intimate brush, which could involve any sexual fetishes. You can find like-minded friends with whom you can parcel your fetishes and fantasies openly. You can even find people that want to share their hot arouse stories if this makes you hot. SwingingHeaven is not the best place to find aroused affair and a hanker term committed relationship. Let ’ s read what mysteries SwingingHeaven holds in its magic trick box .
How Does SwingingHeaven Work

How Does SwingingHeaven Work?

The basic research criteria of the SwingingHeaven dating web site include sex, old age, with photograph profiles, and presently on-line members. The essential search criteria are like to many other dating sites .
Advanced search is available for members who want to search with particular preferences. You can find people in your vicinity with the local searches. You can besides create a profile video to introduce yourself to the members in an impressive room ; this will make your profile stand out and separate you from the regular crowd. You can besides block selected members from contacting or annoying you. It ’ s a beneficial feature, particularly when you receive numerous responses from members that do not match your interest .
A group chat sport of SwingingHeaven provides an opportunity for members to chat with users that are presently on-line and available in the group chat seance. furthermore, you can invite or enter individual chats with other members on the web site. There is besides an choice for webcam old world chat, which is a safe way to know person closely on the first date .
SwingingHeaven offers instantaneous messenger feature what provides services such as :

  • Ability to see online contacts
  • Option to set your status offline if you wish to be invisible
  • Real-time update that permits you to view when the other member is typing a message

Browsing thousands of profiles is the norm of dating sites, and members spend hours on this action. But SwingingHeaven not only offers a browse service but besides allows rate profile pictures of other members .
Registration — Is It Really Easy

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

The registration work of the SwingingHeaven is the easiest on all the dating websites. What users required to provide is their valid electronic mail ID first. You can choose a username to keep in heed to select a descriptive username with a abstemious and fun tone that reflects your personality or intimate preferences. You have to choose a password arsenic well ; it should be robust and secured. The last step is to choose your bill character. You have three options for an score .

  • Single male
  • Single female
  • Couple

If you choose the couple option, it will set up two joint accounts for you with a shared inbox. All of it is done a single step, and your account is set up in a minute. SwingingHeaven offers no option to connect your Facebook bill with the web site to prioritize its members ’ privacy .
Your report needs to be verified by the moderator, and you have to wait for the authentication electronic mail. Once you receive the electronic mail, follow the associate ; it will direct you to a confirmation video, and you have to upload a selfie showing your face intelligibly. You have to hold a paper with your username written on it. The trope is alone for verification purposes and won ’ thymine be shared publicly on the web site, so no motivation to worry about being presentable. normally, it takes only minutes to complete the verification process, but if it takes more time, you can always come back to complete the confirmation process. Continue setting up your report and complete your profile in the interim .

What About Design and Usability?

The layout of the web site is smooth, and where it could have done better, it ’ s not badly. You can find the menu with all the features you want to search at the top of the page. In the begin, there is a wall that displays what other members have posted. It ’ sulfur like to Facebook, but on the kinkier side .
The web site ’ sulfur design is easy to navigate, and you can find your way through the web site without any complications. You can select where you want to go for those who have never used a dating web site on the top of the page. You can see galleries, chatrooms, forums, and many more things .
All the features are neatly organized for ease of habit. The black background with white fonts and frailty versa with some blue buttons gives the web site a actual classy look .
Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

The interface of the SwingingHeaven profile is similar to social media websites like Facebook. The deviation is the information on SwingingHeaven is related to swingers dating, not social network .
The profile encompasses many fields that you can fill to make your profile impressive, but none is mandatary. You can even skip the profile word picture and set up your account. Do you think an explanation without a profile word picture will look good ? It ’ randomness recommended to try to fill deoxyadenosine monophosphate many fields as potential to give an stamp of genuine and invest members. Take a attend at the other visibility and see how they have filled each field .
first gear, you have to provide data about your hobbies. Next is sexual preferences, which include straight, bisexual, brave or lesbian, and fetishes you prefer or volition to try line BDSM, second coevals, cybersex, etc. You can upload photos from your device to create an album and manage them as secret or public. An exciting feature about the secret collection is that they can not only view upon request, but you can besides give entree to other members without request. You can edit or add any visibility details at any time. Remember, you can not upgrade your membership or have access to all release features with an unverified report. If by any chance, you lose your information link or delete it, the site will keep on sending admonisher emails to complete the serve .
once you have a verified visibility, you will be offered a weeklong test time period automatically. The test time period is the best way to experience the premium features of the web site. This way, you can decide if upgrade is worth its prize .
Browsing through the profiles on the web site, you may notice that about all profiles are detail and enlightening even though not mandatary. male profiles dominate the platform with 60 percentage share, while females share about 40 percentage of the drug user base. But females are more active members when it comes to streaming .
There is tribute under every profile where members leave comments, and these testimonials are feedbacks from genuine users. If you have a fantastic meter with person, don ’ t forget to leave a gloss on his or her profile. On the contrary, if a extremity is offensive or abusive, they will get dependable feedback and warn others. It ’ s a big feature that should be used more by other dating sites, specially the hookup websites. This feature does a fantastic caper of promoting the self-regulation of the swingers community .
You can constantly block an nauseating penis or report them to the moderator. If a exploiter gets excessively many complaints, they are banned from the web site. They can not be logged in again. rather, they receive presentment of getting banned with a brief explanation of the motif.

If members have an consequence or feel like its injustice, they can always contact the customer support team and explain themselves by clarifying the situation. If you think the site is not per your preference, you can leave your profile and get terminated as inactive. You can besides delete your explanation, which is an irreversible operation, and need another new bill if you change your decisiveness .
The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

unfortunately, SwingingHeaven has no app at the moment. however, there is another way to use the dating web site on the go. The dating app is compatible with your Apple and Android smartphone browsers. The classy and smooth smartphone version is like in functionality and operation to the desktop version. The navigation of the browser is exploiter friendly and perfect to use anywhere. It can be a great help when you are traveling for swingers events .

Safety & Security

discretion and privacy are the chief focus of the SwingingHeaven ; it gives full control of the profile to its members. Users can decide who they want to contact and block. The site uses 256 sting SSL Encryption and is GDPR compliant that gives users a guarantee environment and peace of beware .
Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

SwingingHeaven provides its members with ample of free features to enjoy the web site. however, to enjoy the entire benefits of the web site, you must upgrade to premium membership .
Standard member services

  • The features standard members can enjoy include
  • Sending or replying three messages per day
  • Creating profile
  • See the number of users who viewed your profile
  • Sending Quickie which is a single message sent to a group of people that match your preferences
  • Browsing and observing other people profiles
  • Hiding activities from particular members
  • Viewing your potential matches
  • Viewing limited pictures in the community gallery
  • Participating in the chatrooms and forums

Premium member services
agio members enjoy all the benefits of the web site and have access to all the features. The luxuries these members enjoy include :

  • Endless messaging
  • Watching adult photos and videos
  • Access to multiple chat rooms for couples
  • Adjusting the settings of your activity feed
  • Viewing Who’s Looked at Your Profile List
  • Using extensive photos and videos
  • Access to seven chat room webcams
  • Full access to chatrooms

price and subscription plans
Premium Membership

  • One month’s premium membership cost is 16.95 GBP.
  • One year premium membership cost is 56.95 GBP.

Premium and extra membership

  • One month premium and extra membership costs are 19.95 GBP.
  • One year premium and extra membership cost are 74.95 GBP.

Help & Support

Help & Support

SwingingHeaven has very extensive aid and confirm system. Users can found about all questions related to general inquiries, photograph ads, Forum and chatrooms. If you still have an issue, you can raise a hold tag and fill the form with the want information. The moderator of the web site is effective in solving problems in a short clock .


Is SwingingHeaven Safe?

SwingingHeaven provides a discerning and plug environment for its members. Most hookup go steady sites, and particularly sexual ones, need a chopine where they can openly discuss their sexual fantasies and fetishes. SwingingHeaven provides its members with peace of mind by providing an code and protect platform. Every personal detail and e-mail addresses are kept confidential .

Is SwingingHeaven a Real Dating Site?

SwingingHeaven is not your traditional date chopine where single men and women look for vanilla chat up. The web site caters to the needs of people belonging to the swingers community has had particular fantasies and fetishes. It offers its service to many members with like-minded people without any judgment .

How to Use SwingingHeaven?

SwingingHeaven offers lots of communication tools to interact with members. furthermore, the site has a forum and group chat room to discuss any topic related to the community. The web site besides organizes events and parties in the local areas so that members can embrace their sex and meet new people .

Is SwingingHeaven Free?

registration and creating a profile on SwingingHeaven does not require any dime bag. There are some profiles, lone accessible to premium members. free members have limited communication tools, merely three messages per day, and they can besides participate in chew the fat rooms and forums. however, to have outright access to all features, the member has to upgrade their membership .

Does SwingingHeaven Really Work?

Yes, SwingingHeaven works excellently in the swingers residential district by offering its services in finding potential matches for every intimate meet and fetish. It besides organizes events and clubs to connect with newly people in the swingers community .


In a nutshell, SwingingHeaven is a fantastic dating and social network web site where swingers transform all their intimate dreams into reality. The site caters to all intimate predilection needs, including straight, gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. The safe and circumspect environment of the web site provides members a procure feeling with peace of mind. You can go to a different forum and chat rooms to communicate and connect with members and express your opinions and fetishes openly. Members besides plowshare their original stories and videos for others to listen to and watch. The cam feature of the web site gives an intimate touch to simple message .
The locate organizes different events and clubs for their members in their localization. It ’ s a great manner to connect members with newly people and explore their sex away from the judge stares. If you want to explore the swingers worldly concern or need partners for your intimate activities, SwingingHeaven is the best platform to cater to your needs.
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