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Survey Junkie gives the impression it was made by person who would identify as a survey drug addict. The site ’ second well-vetted surveys, clean dashboard and fair steer system made what is much a mundane job into a pleasant experience. however, a high brink for redeeming points means it will take longer to get your rewards. here are the early things you should know about Survey Junkie.

What it’s like

Survey Junkie feels like more of an collector than a review locate, sol if you ’ ve ever used other aggregators, you ’ re probably to see some familiar names. During the five days I tested the site, I encountered surveys from Ipsos i-Say and VIP Voice, among others.

Survey Junkie includes an extensive profile survey that claims to help the locate find surveys that match your demographics. The site offers 25 points for signing up and 50 points for the demographic sketch. When I did qualify for surveys, they were interesting and had a high period rate. Since I was redirected to third-party sites, I had to provide the same basic information for each survey. The surveys I qualified for were engaging and normally took less meter than estimated. The user interface of the main locate is clean and welcoming, therefore even when I was disqualified, it was easy to find the following review. As with alike websites, sometimes Survey Junkie would send me to a third-party web site where I ’ five hundred get caught up in a loop topology of disqualifications. But it didn ’ triiodothyronine happen enough for it to be a good troublesomeness.

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Success rate

Out of 63 surveys, I qualified for 12 of them. This is a 19 % success pace. I ’ m a unmarried charwoman in my 20s animation in an urban area, so this or any number of factors could have affected my qualification pace. Compared with some other sites, I got disqualified much less often for basic demographics, and rather got booted for things like purchasing habits or television receiver preferences. even if you get booted, Survey Junkie gives you three points for trying. There ’ second no limit to how many times you can reap that consolation respect. But if you ’ re left out of a surveil because it reached capacity or a third-party web site malfunctioned, Survey Junkie doesn ’ thymine register it as a disqualification.

The payoff

While I had an easy clock earning points on Survey Junkie than on any other web site, I had a hard time getting rewards. The site has a $ 10 redemption brink, or 1,000 points. Points are deserving 1 penny each, and Survey Junkie displays this on its dashboard. In my five hours with the web site, I didn ’ thyroxine reach that doorsill. I made it to $ 8.62, but 75 cents of that came from a signup bonus and a profile survey. Subtracting this bonus, I earned a rate of $ 1.57 per hour. I decided to go beyond my five-hour limit and kept taking surveys until I reached $ 10 so I could see how the redemption work worked. The marketplace was square, and everything in it was assigned a cash value, not a distributor point value. When I went to redeem my purchase, the web site asked me for my address in club to verify my identity, which I was hesitant to do. I contacted customer support and received a response within a few hours. The solution reiterated that they needed the data to “ prevent dishonest activity. ” Once I did give them my address, I was able to redeem my points for an Amazon giving card without perturb.

The verdict

Survey Junkie has a well-designed platform, straightforward rewards system and better survey vetting than any other web site I used. It ’ randomness difficult to make a lot of money through any of these sites, but if you want to try it out, Survey Junkie offers a more pleasant have than most. If you ’ ra looking for lower thresholds for honor redemption, check out our roundup of sites where you can take surveys for money. No topic which web site you try, consider setting up a freestanding electronic mail fair for these sites. Survey Junkie sent me 22 emails over a five-day period, and these offers can clog up your personal inbox. Be indisputable to install some anti-malware software, in case an collector takes you to a spammy site. And remember to take breaks when you feel your eyes or brain getting tired. If you decide surveys are n’t for you, there are batch of other ways to make money .

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