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It ’ s the last workweek of the quarter, and DePaul students are gearing up for finals. While the quickly chilling upwind could make a hamper dormitory desk the easiest choice for spreading out notes and cranking out papers, there are many places in the city at students ’ disposal with detached wireless local area network and a good study atmosphere .
Alexis Macino went through Moody Bible Institute ’ sulfur alumnus program in the Near North Side and has worked as a physical trainer in Chicago and as a leader with Cru, one of DePaul ’ south Christian ministry organizations. She said that when she needed a place to study or work, she would go to hotel lobbies. These locations are open to the public — and they have rid wireless local area network, comfortable couches, cozy fireplaces, tables with outlets and beautiful atmospheres. besides, they ’ re normally placid and you can order food if you ’ re in the mood .
If you need a break from the early stressed-out college students who occupy the more conventional study spots, these hotels offer a relax environment for you to get influence done. They are more spread out in the city and may require a short train ride or walk, but if you ’ re will to make the trek, it ’ s easily to stay at them and focus for a long time .
The Hoxton

This hotel — located at 200 N. Green St. — is a abruptly, mural-lined walk off of the Pink Line. The lobby has color, fun interior decoration, lots of plants, a fireplace and books right when you walk in and a sit-down restaurant in the back .
The Robey
At the intersection of North Avenue, Damen and Milwaukee in Wicker Park — 2018 W. North Ave. specifically — the Robey lies in the center of a bustle artsy neighborhood. Inside, the lobby has a modern, well-lit design, and you can besides go up to the one-sixth floor terrace and rooftop lounges, which both offer beautiful views .
“ It was courteous and quiet, and I could constantly get quality work done, ” Macino said of the Robey .
The Chicago Athletic Association
If you ’ ve been to the Shake Shack at 12 S. Michigan Ave., you ’ ve been in the Chicago Athletic Association construction. On the second deck, you ’ ll find a wide lobby with frost windows, a high ceiling, low light and old wooden architecture. According to the Chicago Architecture Center, the CAA inaugural opened its doors in 1893 as a private club, but is now open to the populace. Put this blot on your list if you want to feel like you ’ rhenium studying in Hogwarts .
But possibly you don ’ t have the clock time to check these out, or you aren ’ triiodothyronine feeling particularly adventurous. Coffee shops can be a great alternative for something a little more conversant .
Alli Hacker, a DePaul junior, goes to study on the third floor of the John T. Richardson library most frequently, but she besides loves to mix things up by going out to cafés .
“ You can get anything done at a Starbucks, ” Hacker said .
But if you want to widen your horizons, there are many options close to DePaul ’ south campuses.

The Bourgeois Pig
When Hacker was enrolled in on-line courses last year, she would head to the Bourgeois Pig to attend her Zoom classes somewhere outdoor of her board. This café, located at 738 W. Fullerton Ave., sports a bumpkinly, literary composition that helps to get the academic energy flow, and calming — albeit on the brassy slope — music. It besides has a whole wall of teas to choose from if you ’ ra looking for something early than coffee to sip on while you work. There ’ randomness even a room with couches and a fireplace. Just make sure to stop by between 8 ante meridiem and 5 p.m .
Sweet Bean
This newly coffee shop class and bakery is located at 1152 S. Wabash Ave. in the South Loop — close to the Roosevelt Red Line stop. Since you have to walk through the bakery — which is adorned with all kinds of unique asian pastries — to get to the coffee shop, the report space consequently feel nice and secluded. They have lots of food and drink options, whether you want a discipline nosh, a meal or fair a bite of caffeine. They ’ re open from 7 ante meridiem to 8 post meridiem on weekdays and 8 ante meridiem to 8 post meridiem on weekends .
Hero Coffee Bar
You may pass the Hero Coffee Bar — which is nestled aside in an alley on Jackson — as you walk between your classes in the Loop campus. The workshop besides recently opened a new indoor localization close by at 439 S. Dearborn St., so you can drink your chocolate and study aside from the Windy City ’ south streets. It besides has board games in case you need to take a learn bankrupt with a supporter, and the walls are covered with graffito art. however, they ’ re lone open from 7 ante meridiem to 3 post meridiem on weekdays and 8 ante meridiem to 4 post meridiem on weekends .
Everyone studies differently, and possibly going out to a hotel or coffee shop wouldn ’ triiodothyronine help you focus. Some, like transfer student Savana Jaji and junior Ellie Krigman, prefer to keep it simpleton and sketch in the library .
“ I can ’ t employment where people are talking, ” Krigman said .
fortunately, there are lots of report options close to DePaul when it comes to libraries. Besides DePaul ’ mho buildings, there is a Chicago Public Library branch in Lincoln Park on 1150 W. Fullerton Ave., but the most celebrated and biggest outgrowth is in the Loop .
Harold Washington Library

This building is very hard to miss — just look for a red facade with huge gold doors and green copper owl perched above which takes up an stallion city obstruct on its own. needle to say, there ’ second constantly space to study here. If you ’ ra looking for something extra, head up to the Winter Garden on the top floor — a beautiful marble board with trees and a glass ceiling .
however you like to study, living in the city as a DePaul student means that there is a wealth of resources for you to take advantage of. There is always something new to try to contribute to your cognition of the Chicago campus .
As you credibly heard many times during your DePaul visits and orientation, the city is your campus — if that can help you get through finals, possibly it ’ second more than barely a catchphrase after all .

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