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Transcripts and College Report

An official high school transcript ( or equivalent, such as a GED ), official transcript ( s ) from every college/university attended, and a college report are required .


  • Ask your high school to submit your official high school transcript (including your graduation date). If you attended an international high school and you have leaving exams (such as A-Levels or IB results), you are required to submit these scores. If there are challenges to obtaining your high school transcript, you may send a copy of your high school diploma, a document that indicates you have graduated from high school, or a copy of your leaving exams.
  • Request official transcripts from every college/university attended.
  • A mid-term grade report is not required for transfer admission.

College Report

In a college report, your academic dean, adviser or early school administrator enters your college GPA and information regarding your academic standing at the mental hospital. This data is essential for the review of your application.

  • Ask an official at your current institution to fill out a college report form.
    • To locate the Common Application College Report form, go to the Common App Program Materials page and scroll down to “Offline Documents.”
    • To locate the Coalition Application Transfer Report form, go to the “Official Documents” tab.

How to Submit Required Materials

  • High school and college officials may submit application materials online through the application or by email attachment to
  • When ordering college transcripts, please use as the contact email.
  • Give school personnel ample time to complete and send the forms prior to the March 15 application deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive official copies of all college transcripts.
  • Materials submitted by others may take several days to process. If your checklist is not complete by the deadline, please simply check your Stanford portal regularly until we have processed all items.

College Curriculum Recommendations

The primary coil criterion for entree to Stanford is academic excellence. We seek evidence of your preparation and likely to succeed in your academic record. Your college transcript should reflect that you have taken a rigorous and poise course of study. There are no compulsory courses for admission to Stanford. If you have attended college for more than one year, we expect that you have begun to focus on a potential major area of discipline.

If you are applying during your second year of college, or belated, your college criminal record will receive more care than your senior high school school results. If you are applying during your first base class of college, your high school transcript will receive increase attention.

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