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1.What are your hours and days of operation ?
The Animal Shelter is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 am until 5:30 pm and Saturday from 9:30 am until 4:00 pm. The Animal Shelter is closed on Sundays and most holidays.

2.Where is the Animal Shelter located ?
The Animal Shelter is located at 26 Frosty Lane. Once you turn off Jefferson Davis Highway onto Courthouse Road going towards Interstate 95, go to the second light and make a leave onto Wyche Road. Follow Wyche Road back about to the end and you will see on the forget a blue sign that states Stafford County Animal Shelter and then the green street signboard for Frosty Lane. Turn left onto Frosty Lane and we are the alone build up on Frosty .

3.What are the borrowing fees for dogs and cats ?
There is a $ 20.00 adoption fee for dogs and a $ 10.00 adoption fee for cats. We accept cash, credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and checks for payment .

4.Do you give vaccinations to your adopted animals ?
Puppies and kittens receive their first DA2PP or FVRCP vaccinations ( canine ill humor or feline distemper vaccinations ). Puppies and kittens are besides dewormed with Strongid. We presently do not test for heartworm or feline leukemia. If an owner turns in a chase or a kat, we try to obtain its inoculation history .

5.Do you euthanize animals for the public ?
As of 2019, the Stafford County Animal Shelter no long euthanizes companion animals for the public. We recommend contacting your elementary veterinarian or local veterinarian for euthanasia services .

6.Are you a “ no-kill ” facility ?
The shelter is defined as an “ open admission ” shelter, meaning we turn no animal away. As an open-admission shelter, we take in ill and hurt animals and those that are not contiguous candidates for adoption. We receive pets that are no longer wanted, pets from people who can nobelium longer care for them, arsenic well as isolated animals. At this time, the Stafford County Animal Shelter does have to euthanize animals, however, we do try to keep them arsenic long as possible. Our ultimate goal is to find a kin for every adoptable animal in our shelter .

7.Can I foster an animal ?
Stafford County Animal Control has a foster course of study. We foster animals under certain circumstances, such as un-weaned puppies and kittens, animals being held for court cases, especial need animals and adoptable animals when space is limited. Please call us at ( 540 ) 658-7387 for more information. A home plate check will be required .

8.How do I make a complaint ?
You can make a ailment by calling the Stafford County Animal Control office at ( 540 ) 658-7387. If the facility is closed, you will be directed to the Sheriff Department communications dispatch. Complaints can besides be made by emailing us .

9.Is there an Animal Control Officer available after your facility closes ?
Yes, an Animal Control Officer is available 24/7. If you call our facility after hours, you will be directed to the Sheriff Department communications office which can get in touch with the on-call Animal Control Officer .

10.Are there collar laws in Stafford County ?
Yes, there are leash laws for dogs in Stafford County. In residential areas a dog must be on its owner ‘s property at all times. If off of the owner ‘s property, the dog must be on a rope with the owner or custodian. During the months of April through September, there is a county-wide rope law. All dogs in Stafford County must then be kept on its owner ‘s property .

11.Do animals have to be licensed in Stafford County ?
Dogs do have to be registered in Stafford County. The county offers permanent county frank tags for $ 10.00. These are life clock tags and the owner must keep the cad current on rabies vaccine once purchased. They may be purchased at the Stafford County Treasurers Office or the Stafford County Animal Shelter .

12.Do you pick up isolated cats ?
presently, there is no leash law for cats in Stafford County. Cats are considered “ free-roaming ” animals. We will take in any cats found in Stafford County at the Animal Shelter during our normal hours of operation. We besides lend out humanist cat traps for Stafford residents to use to trap feral cats. A guy ambush can be used for a two week prison term period .

13.Is there a bark ordination ?
There is a noise ordinance under the Sheriff ‘s Office laws. Under the noise ordination there is a segment regarding animals. The Stafford County Animal Control will speak to an owner about the dog or other animal making noise. however, if the noise continues to be a trouble for the plaintiff, the plaintiff may have to obtain a sanction for the owner at the magistrates office to go to court. Call Stafford County Animal Control at ( 540 ) 658-7387 for more information regarding the noise ordination .

14.Do you handle wildlife calls ?
We will handle sick and injured wildlife calls. We will besides assist in removing snakes and some wildlife from houses when potential. however, most pain wildlife calls are handled by the Game Warden office at ( 540 ) 899-4169. We will be glad to offer some advice if feasible .

15. How Can I help ?
We welcome all volunteers ! There are many opportunities to help at the shelter, both in person and from home. Donations, social media, foster families, dog walk, cat room visits, food and plaything drives, kennel “ games and entertainment ”. Please visit our Get Involved page to find out more .

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