Staccato P 2011 Review | The best Staccato 2011?

Let ’ s take a look at the Staccato P 2011 and what it has to offer. The Staccato brand used to be known as STI. They rebranded a few years back and are now called Staccato .
While doing that, they updated the count of their guns and pretty much good changed their market dodge .
The Staccato 2011s have a count of models, including a conceal carry exemplar, wax size exemplary, and what we ’ ra going to talk about today, the Staccato P .
Most people don ’ metric ton realize that there is a pretty big remainder between a 2011 and a 1911, and we did a quick article on it. You can check that out if you want, and the 2011 is slenderly different than the 1911. It ’ randomness by and large due to the frame and a draw of times the quality.

The quality international relations and security network ’ t necessarily the only difference, but a lot of times the 2011s are 9mm, but there are 45s. then, let ’ s get into the Staccato P, because after all, that ’ s what you ’ re here for .

Staccato P

· Caliber : 9mm
· 17 Round Magazine
· 2011 Built in Texas Staccato P ’ south For SaleStaccato P 2011 Stock Photo

Staccato P Features

Let ’ s talk about the Staccato P ’ randomness features. You decidedly want a gunman at this price point to have features .
Pistols can alone have indeed many, but for over $ 2,000, you do expect to get some very basic but at the like time advanced and polished features. This gun decidedly comes with top notch features, so permit ’ s prima donna into them .


The grip on this gunman is identical interesting. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know, 2011s are two piece frames .
The second objet d’art of the inning allows you to interchange it with polymer, an aluminum, titanium, or tungsten even frame for your 2011 .
Staccato P Grip Frame
That makes it very light and besides slightly modular. It ’ sulfur very interesting to grab this grease-gun, because it ’ s all metal top construction and polymer grip .
When you grab the bottom, it about feels like you ’ re grabbing a Glock ensnare but this one is much more milled .
The grips have the Staccato logo, which is a conventionalized ace, and then the grip texture traffic pattern .


The texturing on the grips is actually interest, because it ’ s the star logo turned on itself and duplicated .
It provides a pretty decent haptic feel but it ’ s not ampere harsh as some grips, but at the lapp time, it does its subcontract, and it does it well in that when you ’ ra shooting it .
If you have a tauten grip this grip texture is gon sodium be just finely .
overall, I have no issues with the grip. now, there is no way to change the panels on the 2011 like there would be if this was a 1911, because this frame would have to come wholly off .
so if you want to change that, you would obviously have to get a hale unlike lower. The grips are actually molded into the trigger precaution, and you would have to change out the whole patch .
now that can be done, but obviously you ’ re going to be limited to what Staccato offers, so you pretty a lot have to take the grip out of the equality in this .
There is silent your normal screw on the clasp panel but hera ’ s alone one of them. It ’ randomness at the exceed of the grip, and that ’ s criterion when you start talking 1911s .


Let ’ s talk a little bit about the standard Staccato P ’ s sights. This finical model is the RDO .
That stands for the red department of transportation eye model, but naturally it silent comes with sights, the front being a character ocular spy .
I actually actually like this fiber ocular sight. I believe it ’ sulfur green, although my green and chicken sometimes are a little rocky .
overall shoot this, I very like the fiber ocular sight, and I ’ meter not a fiber ocular view person .
Sights Picture on the Staccato P
however, it does work well on this gun. The raise sight has barely your normal U, has identical crisp edges, but it besides doesn ’ t have any dots, which I very like .
I like to run this style of cast-iron spy, it reminds me of the Trijicon sight on my Glock 19, so this in truth fell into space .
Granted, I don ’ t have fiber eye sights on my Glock 19, but again, I don ’ triiodothyronine know why it truly works for this gun. I don ’ metric ton like fiber ocular sights on about any other gun, so I ’ megabyte rather storm I liked it on the Staccato P .
I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know if it ’ sulfur because it ’ s the 1911 or 2011 style artillery that makes me like it, but I like it. That ’ s all I can tell you .
overall, the sights are truly good. You can change them, but personally I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine. The only reason I would change this on this RDO mannequin is to add a bolshevik dot sight .

Red Dot Sight

I plan to add a Trijicon RMR to the Staccato P RDO. Once it arrives I ’ ll at it to the grease-gun and report card bag .


then, let ’ s discuss the controls. The controls are your standard 1911 dash controls. This is a single action gunman, which means you have to have the mallet cocked, obviously. Let ’ s start from the back and move to the front man .

Staccato P

· Caliber : 9mm
· 17 Round Magazine
· 2011 Built in Texas Staccato P ’ randomness For Sale


On the back of the grapple, you have your palm guard. With that, you ’ re not going to be able to pull the gun trigger unless you have established your master bag and the decoration base hit ’ south activated. This palm safety is polymer-like the grip, so it ’ s not a metallic element pressure home plate .
Safety on Staccato P
Grabbing it is seamless, and if you ’ re establishing your discipline headmaster bag, you ’ ll have no problems with this .
Moving forward on the gunman, you have your base hit. This safety is what you ’ five hundred expect from a 1911 style guard .
It ’ s very haptic. There is a definite forte audible pawl .
It ’ second very easy to pull down. It ’ randomness very easy to engage with your ovolo. It ’ s a simple energy up. It ’ s a dim-witted pull down .
It ’ south ambidextrous, so it ’ second on both sides. overall, adept guard. not a fan of pistol safeties, but I understand the 1911s are going to have them, and on this one, it ’ sulfur good .
I truly like it. No problems with it, specially on the 1911. The lines are cut out. It ’ mho very clean. It looks capital, and it functions phenomenally .

Slide Stop

Moving further up the accelerator, we ’ ll go to the swoop stop/slide exhaust .
Of course, it ’ south hush, a 1911 style artillery .
There is one slide catch/release, whatever you want to call it. It ’ s only on the exit side of the gun .
staccato p slide stop
I found that it sits ahead pretty far for my right flick. I ’ m a dextrorotary shooter, so when it ’ randomness forward, it ’ sulfur hard for me to get to it .
indeed, if I ’ meter going to pull down on it to release the slide with the gunman in the normal bag status, I ’ megabyte going to pull down on it with my entrust finger .
With that being said, I think it ’ second significant to say that it is very easy. It is much easier than a stock Glock slide handout .
It functions easily. It has a nice little ledge that allows you to pull down and send the slide forward .
overall, this thing ’ s great. It does sit into the frame a small morsel, which is an interesting design, but it ’ s not an negative. It ’ mho equitable an notice .

Staccato P

· Caliber : 9mm
· 17 Round Magazine
· 2011 Built in Texas Staccato P ’ south For Sale

Magazine Release

death but not least for the controls is the cartridge holder release. If there ’ s any cons on any of the controls, it ’ mho going to be the magazine handout .
again, it ’ south just a little small quarter of an edge dot correct behind the trigger well, that releases the magazine .
It works ticket, but it is kind of farinaceous. It ’ mho hard to press, but when you do, it does release the magazine and everything ’ s very well .
overall, it ’ s a very minor ailment. It ’ s not something that is a deal breaker. I would just like to see something that is a little larger and easier to push.

It ’ south about not worth mention, but in an campaign to be fair, consistent, and thorough, it needed to be mentioned .


therefore let ’ s lecture about the trigger on the Staccato P .
They ’ re known to be hit or miss. This one is a polymer trip and it is adjustable .
I have not adjusted it from factory .
Stock Trigger on the Staccato P
When you pull it, there is identical little take up, like most 1911s. You hit a wall, and upon pulling it, there ’ randomness barely a identical little wall, and then you get a adequate little break and then release .
The readjust will require you to go all the direction out on the trigger, so the release is all the means bet on out, and then you come back and it ’ s a little spongy. The trip ’ s not great, but it does workplace. It ’ s decent, and I ’ ll write more about that late .


The 2011, like any 1911 manner pistol, is a mallet based design. It ’ s a unmarried legal action pistol so the hammer must be cocked for the gunman to fire .
The hammer is extremely legato and luminosity weight. If you needed to manually cock the hammer for any reason you ’ ll have no issues making that happen .
staccato p hammer
If you want to replace the hammer you can, Staccato even offers that choice with two types of coatings ampere well as four different styles to choose from .

Range Bag

If you are looking for the perfect range bag for your Staccato P than look now far than the Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag .
It ’ s the perfect size and match for the Staccato P or any 2011 in your collection .

Pistol Range Bag

· Holds Multiple Pistols
· Multiple Colors Options
· Made in the USA Grab your Range BagMulticam Black Range Bag Our Pistol Range Bag can fit all of the accessories you need to carry along with your Staccato P 2011 .
While the Staccato P does come with it ’ s own subject if you want to carry more than just your staccato and it ’ s magazines you ’ ll want to upgrade to a larger pistol udder .
If you want to carry some ammunition and range gear than grab a Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag and head to the range .


While the accessories for most 1911 and 2011 are available in abundance. But some of the Staccato P accessories are limited to what you can get from Staccato .

Staccato Grips/Magazine Releases

The grips and specifically the grip frame on the Staccato P can be completely removed and replaced .
There is a number of aftermarket options including wide grip frames from extreme Shooters or you can have a stipple service stipple your handle .
personally, I like the Staccato P ’ s grapple inning and texturing indeed I wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mess with it personally, but to each their own !

Staccato Trigger

The one consequence I have with this gun is the plastic or polymer Staccato trip. You would expect something at this monetary value point and this level of firearm would at least come with a metallic element trigger .
metal triggers are crucial to me because I feel like there is less of a luck they can be broken .
You can change out the trigger on the Staccato P and there are a count of YouTube videos and Forum posts that explain the serve .
There are besides a handful of people that tell you a gunsmith needs to do it, while that ’ s not a bad theme if you feel comfortable enough then don ’ triiodothyronine hesitate to make the trip upgrade yourself .


Magazines for the Staccato P aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate brassy, thankfully it comes with 3 magazines from the factory .
staccato p magazines
The 17 round off magazine for the Staccato clocks in at $ 70 /piece. so while they aren ’ thymine cheap they are metallic element and choice .


Let ’ s talk about the aesthetics of the Staccato P. This thing looks big. All black gun, stainless steel steel barrel, so it ’ south silver. This thing is coal-black black all over. All the parts equal .
staccato p right side
The slide matches, and the barrel and the scout perch are stainless steel silver, so they all look great .
The overall blueprint of this has two CNC cutouts on the front and the back, so it has front serrations and rear serrations basically, but they are a design of their own alone style .
I truly like the post that ’ s done on the Staccato. You have 2011 switch off into the skeletal system on the left side, and you have “ Staccato P ” cut into the frame on the correct side .

Staccato P

· Caliber : 9mm
· 17 Round Magazine
· 2011 Built in Texas Staccato P ’ sulfur For Sale You have the consecutive number etched into the frame, a well as the chute. It ’ s an matter to place in the chute. The serial number is actually in the magazine well, so when you slide your slide back on the wall of the chamber, you have a equal serial number .
There ’ mho besides an american flag etched into the frame. Looks to be laser engraved, into the skeletal system on the justly side, fair behind the trigger, fair above the fascinate. very, very tastefully done .
The magazine well has a plastic flared magazine well. The thing is spot on if you ask me. There are even little cutouts to where you could grab your magazine if you needed to with your fingers .
The magazine well is exceptionally done. Underneath the inning, you have the name of the manufacturer, Staccato, etched in, and besides the manufacturer location, which is Georgetown, Texas .
overall, the aesthetics of this grease-gun are faultless. You get what you pay for four on the aesthetics. Form, routine, and fantastic-looking gun. Going to be arduous to beat the overall look and palpate of this gun .


Let ’ s lecture about shooting the Staccato P .
Shooting the Staccato P, it ’ s a dream. It ’ second very much like the Para Ordnance 1911 that I have .
It ’ s not a 2011 because of the skeletal system. It is a 1911, but it ’ s a double stack 1911 chamber of 9mm. It is adenine smooth as this accelerator .
nowadays, the frame is a little wide in the bobby pin, which makes this accelerator for my belittled hands feel well while shooting .
Recoil is very, very, very negligible with this artillery, and you can stay on target impeccably well. I can ’ triiodothyronine stress how flat this gunman is while you ’ re shooting it. This gunman in 9mm is barely an absolute dream to shoot .
The eloquence, the trigger, the readjust, the magazine, everything just comes together .

Staccato P Final Thoughts

once you shoot it, is it worth $ 2,300 ? Yes, and I think that ’ s an important thing to note that you ’ re getting what you pay for here .
I own a Para 1911 Double Stack. Would I pay for this if I already have that ? credibly not, because they are closely equal in all regards deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as shoot goes. If you wanted something new and up to date, then absolutely the Staccato P is a no-brainer .

Staccato P

· Caliber : 9mm
· 17 Round Magazine
· 2011 Built in Texas Staccato P ’ randomness For Sale But with that being said, if you already own a 2011 or you own a Double smokestack 1911, I ’ m not sure the Staccato is bringing a lot to the postpone for you .
But if you don ’ thymine and you are in the marketplace for one, the Staccato P is where I would go. There is no doubt. I would not look any promote. This is where I ’ thousand going. This is great. This gunman is phenomenal. If you want a 2011, pick up a Staccato P .
The end .
P.S. – If you want a blast from the past crack out the similarities between the Browning Hi-Power and the double push-down list 1911 ’ mho of today.


How many rounds in a Staccato P 2011?

The store Staccato magazines hold 17 rounds. They are double batch magazines and one has an run base and the other two have a compressed base .

What does the staccato P come with?

The Staccato P comes with the accelerator, 3 magazines, a gun lock, a small soft pistol case, and documentation .

Is the Staccato P optic ready?

The Staccato P DPO is the optics-ready model .

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