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Spinaleze pillows are designed to support your spine. Their patent design creates a complete neck and spinal back system, and their lightweight visco-elastic fabric is anti-microbial and anti-dust touch, which is a big tick in my book. The Spinaleze pillow besides won the best pillow award in the 2020 awards. unfortunately, the $ 219 price tag means this pillow is a hearty investment for shoppers. however, I slept on the Spinaleze pillow for a month and can 100 % say I do n’t think I ‘ll ever be able to go second to normal pillows again .



  • 3 levels of thickness for different sleepers
  • Anti-microbial and anti-dust mite
  • Made of a lightweight visco-elastic material
  • Curved edge and jagged top to guide the set-up
  • Fits a standard size pillowcase

  • The pillow comes in three sizes : humble, medium and high. The low is for those who sleep on their back, medium is for those who sleep on their side and high is for those who sleep on their side but have a tall frame or broad shoulders. There is besides a size for children aged 5-15, which has the lapp proportion as the low profile pillow for adults. You can reach out to the Spinaleze customer wish if you are n’t sure which size is proper for you and they ‘ll be able to guide you so you can make an inform purchase.

    Given the size and blueprint of the product, I was n’t sure it would fit a criterion case. fortunately, it not only easily fits a case, but it besides comes with an authentic, fitted 100 % cotton cover. The pillow itself is constructed of a lightweight visco-elastic fabric, which is anti-microbial and anti-dust mite, making it perfect for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. It ‘s fabulously whippersnapper, despite its size, yet it ‘s besides uncompromising and does n’t flop or lose its shape like some other pillows on the market. There is a rebuff wind at the bottom of the pillow so you know how to set it up and which side to sleep on. One side has a two-dimensional surface with small grooves and the other has a jagged edge, which is the side you are meant to sleep on .



  • Pillow moulds to your shape to ensure your spine is kept straight while sleeping
  • Improves sleep quality immediately
  • You can notice an improvement in neck and back pain after a month

Spinaleze pillow

  • After sleeping on this pillow for a few weeks, you will decidedly notice the difference if you try to go back to a normal pillow. The construction of the pillow means it supports your pass and neck while you sleep without it being uncomfortable. It moulds to the shape of your body so that you can well fall asleep without straining your spur. The jag surface is not an issue at all, and with the cotton cover and a case, you ca n’t feel this separate of the visco-elastic corporeal at all. It barely feels voiced but supportive. After a calendar month, I could feel a huge difference in my neck and back from sleeping on both the medium and low profile pillows. I sleep on both my side and my back, but I found that I generally preferred the culture medium pillow, as I tend to sleep on my side more .



  • Improves neck and back pain
  • Has a good range of products for different sleepers
  • Inclusive for those with allergies
  • Great sleep, but at a high cost

spinaleze pillow Should you buy it? This product is decidedly expensive, but in my opinion, it ‘s worth it. The good thing is, you get an immediate wages. I noticed a remainder in my sleep quality after using it for fair one night. Spinaleze accommodates a rate of sleepers, with the three sizes to choose from and even a size for children aged 5-15. I suffer from allergies and felt like this pillow was perfect for me because of it ‘s anti-microbial and anti-dust touch substantial. You besides do n’t need to replace this pillow angstrom much as you would a normal pillow. According to the brand ‘s web site, some customers have had their pillow for up to four years. The alone early issue is that you ‘ll never be able to go back to a normal pillow again. Get ready to bring this to every sleepover or vacation .

Pricing and availability


$ 219

Where to buy

Shop direct from the Spinaleze web site


Low pillow: LxW : 55cm ten 36cm, H : 10cm ( front ) and 11.5cm ( rear )

Medium pillow: LxW : 55cm adam 36cm, H : 12.5cm ( battlefront ) and 14cm ( rear ) High pillow: LxW : 55cm adam 36cm, H : 15cm ( battlefront ) and 16.5cm ( rear ) Children’s pillow: LxW : 55cm ten 36cm, H : 10cm ( front ) and 11.5cm ( rise )

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