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Southern State Community College ( SSCC ) is a populace community college based in Hillsboro, Ohio. It is divided into three campuses in Mount Orab ( “ Brown County campus ” ), Washington Court House ( “ Fayette campus ” ), and Hillsboro ( “ Central campus ” ). southerly State Community College was founded in February 1975 as Southern State General and Technical College. The name of the school was changed alone a few years late in 1977 to the name it is known by immediately. [ 4 ]

history [edit ]

southerly State Community College was chartered in February 1975 as Southern State General and Technical College to serve Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette and Highland Counties. In April 1975, the University of Cincinnati ‘s Board of Trustees indicated its support of the college district which encompassed UC ‘s Tri-County Academic Center at Macon. In 1977, the name of the college was officially changed to Southern State Community College. A new South Campus adeptness opened in Brown County for academician year 1976–1977, and former Clinton County Air Force base buildings were renovated for use as the North Campus near Wilmington.

In March 1981 another milestone was reached when the administrative offices for the college were moved from their North Campus location to a modern 4,000-square-foot facility in Hillsboro. September 1981 saw the begin of Southern State ‘s hardheaded breastfeed platform and in 1985 our largest facility, the Central Campus in Hillsboro, opened for fall quarter. Central Campus houses the engineering programs and related general studies courses. In 1986, the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program ( RN ) was added. Both nursing programs are now housed in a health technologies wing which was added to Central Campus for academic year 1994–1995. Located on the south side of the main campus, it is directly antonym an farming wing which was constructed in 1990. The appalachian Gateway Center opened on the South Campus in September 1999. The kernel serves as a focal sharpen for the residential district with a focus on cultural and educational programs relating to appalachian culture. In May 2000, Southern State opened its North Campus facility in Wilmington, a 35,000-square-foot campus constructed. In May 2006, following a comprehensive examination self-study and the evaluation of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Southern State was granted accreditation by the affiliation. Since that meter, accreditation has continued with the next evaluation visit scheduled for academician year 2015–2016. [ citation needed ] The fifth president of the college, Dr. Kevin S. Boys, began his terminus in January 2010. He was preceded by Dr. Sherry A. Stout ( 2007–2009 ), Dr. Lawrence N. Dukes ( 1995–2007 ), Dr. George McCormick ( 1989–1994 ) and Dr. Lewis Miller ( 1975–1988 ). In August 2014, Southern State replaced the South Campus location with the fresh Brown County Campus. This is a 50,000-square-foot facility. In 2015–2016, following a comprehensive reassertion visit by the Higher Learner Commission, Southern State affirmed accreditation and entrance into the Open Pathway. This pathway follows a 10-year cycle inclusive of assurance reviews, choice enterprise projects, and comprehensive examination evaluation. It affords Southern State the opportunity to pursue improvement projects that meet stream needs and institutional aspirations. A four-year assurance recapitulation was submitted and accepted without reservation in 2020 and the future comprehensive reassertion of accreditation is scheduled for 2025–2026. [ citation needed ]

In May 2020, Southern State put forward a design for efficiency that involved adjustments to the physical footprint in Clinton County and the introduction of shared spaces with neighbor Wilmington College, Laurel Oaks Career Center, and locations in adjacent counties. This strategy was designed to continue to serve the residents of Clinton County with less reliance of a facility of its own. [ citation needed ]

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