Top 15 Sites to Hire Great Freelance Developers in 2022

Finding and onboarding developers can get overpowering, specially if you ’ re new to the rent and recruit circus. While there are batch of websites and platforms and job boards to help you hire the correct developers, zeroing in on the right platform needs some think and strategizing .
endowment matching services like Toptal and Arc are great platforms for employers searching for verify and pre-vetted technical school talent, and for those who are looking to place their trust in feel technical school professionals. On the other hand, freelancer marketplaces like Upwork, People Per Hour, Fiverr, and Freelancer allow employers to hire developers themselves .
While all the subcontract boards, marketplaces, and matching services mentioned above have their respective pros, which site will best serve you will depend on your specific site, such as :

  • The timeline of your project.
  • How quickly you need to hire an Express.js developer.
  • Experience or talent levels of the developer.
  • How many developers do you need?
  • How important is quality for your project?
  • The complexity of your project.
  • Are you okay with remote workers or outsourcing to another country?
  • What is your budget?
  • The reputation of the platform and its developers.

What Is Freelance Development?

Freelance software development is when a programmer works on a irregular or ad hoc basis to provide his skills as a developer, quite than as a full-time employee entirely bound to a unmarried organization or employer. mercenary developers are known to work for multiple clients simultaneously ; however, many choose to work with one company at a meter on a contractual footing.

Freelance Development In 2022

With the pandemic in 2020, the freelance market saw an unprecedented change. here are some matter to statistics on mercenary development in 2022 .
Hiring freelance developers is easy given the act of on-line platforms and trusty websites now available to find talented software developers. Some of the best sites to hire talented mercenary developers across skill sets include Toptal, Arc,, Fiverr, Upwork, and more .
The hard part is to hire talented developers given the eminent demand for freelance professionals among startups and even large companies. The challenge besides lies in vetting and screening candidates. however, platforms like Toptal and Arc are known for their rigorous screen and vet tests .

Why Is Freelance Development So Popular And Important?

Both freelancers and companies find freelance development a lucrative proposition. Companies are increasingly hiring freelancers to meet work demands rather than full-time employees, given the fact that freelancers don ’ t have a fixed cost attached to them.

Software engineers are leaving their traditional fixed jobs and turning to freelance development as it gives them the flexibility to operate the manner they want. The condition quo for decades was for companies to hire permanent wave employees. however, with changing times and the rise in freelance talent recently, corporations prefer outsourcing project-based jobs to freelancers rather than hiring full-time staff .

Advantages And Challenges Of Freelance Development


  • Cost & time factor: Freelance developers are usually easier to find and cheaper to engage.
  • Flexibility: Employers have the flexibility to upsize or downsize the team.
  • Quality of developer talent: Freelancers are regarded as the best in their field of expertise.


  • Lack of control: Ensuring all resources and tasks are on the same page is challenging. Also, it’s hard to supervise freelance developers and manage their work.
  • Lack of bonding: Due to the fragile nature of freelance relationships, it’s hard to get developers motivated and create a sense of belonging for both parties.

How to Hire a Great Freelance Developer?

Though there international relations and security network ’ t a one size fits all approach to hiring a great freelancer developer, here are a few effective ways to do so :

  • Review their portfolio and body of work:
    Understanding the quality and caliber of work they’ve done in the past will help you evaluate their technical abilities.

  • Get to know the freelance developer:
    Get on a call with them to gauge their personality and to find out whether you’re compatible or not.

  • Discuss the project in detail:
    Break the project down and explain what you are expecting the project to accomplish and how it will function. It’s also advisable to explain the main purpose of the project to give context.

  • Offer a (paid) trial period to your selected candidate:
    This will enable you to better gauge if the developer understands what you are expecting of them and if they can finish the tasks on time.

  • Prepare your contract and non-disclosure agreement (NDA):
    If you are concerned about accountability and intellectual property, then it’s wise to draw up a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement (CA).

Different Options for Hiring Developers

basically, there are three unlike options for hiring :

  • Full-Time: Hiring a full-time employee means working out what the return on investment is for that employee. Most businesses hire full-time for the benefits that come with it such as higher rates of productivity, consistency, and a stronger level of employee loyalty. The downside is that you’ll need to pay for holidays, and in some cases, provide health insurance.
  • Part-Time: Part-time employment entails not having to pay the same in benefits as a full-time employee. Hiring a part-time developer makes sense for employers and companies looking to scale and expand and work flexible hours. Hiring part-time developers is also a great choice for those employers seeking to work with students or senior professionals.
  • Freelance: The most obvious advantage of hiring freelance developers is the cost and terms of employment. Since freelance professionals are considered as on-demand talent, employers have the flexibility to hire for specific periods of time only. This saves cost. The downside is the lack of control and consistency on the employer’s side.

How Much Would It Cost To Hire Freelance Developer

When you ’ re in the process of hiring mercenary developers, it ’ s necessity to know how much to pay them to avoid paying excessively much or offering excessively short. recompense to freelancer developers can either be on a project basis or a clock time basis. Having said that, there are certain factors that determine the cost of hiring a freelancer developer :

  • Demand for those specific skills
  • Complexity and scope of the project
  • The geographic location of the freelance developer and the employer
  • Expertise and experience level of the developer
  • Past work experience and brands they’ve worked with

According to Upwork, a Full Custom Site Code, typically enterprise, that involves building a web site plan from scratch with custom code and design elements would cost an average hourly rate of $ 75-150+. On the other hand, a basic one-page locate like a basic lead-gen foliate or land page will cost an average hourly rate of $ 15-40+ .

What Skills To Look For Before Hiring A Freelance Developer

There are a few coarse qualities that all great freelancer developers possess. Look for the following qualities in your freelance developer candidates .

  • Strong technical proficiency
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strongly motivated and reliable
  • Depth in past work<
  • Keen problem solving and coding
  • Excellent reviews and feedbacks
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