Top SMS Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce (2022)

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Ecommerce is growing fast — particularly mobile commerce or mcommerce. And while electronic mail market has long been one of the top options marketers use to convey messages, SMS marketing is quickly gaining bulge .
Why ? Because it can penetrate through noise better than about any other groove .
Imagine your party ’ s market communications were seen about immediately — without the motivation for an on-line connection. That ’ s what SMS selling can help you do .
To help you get started with SMS market to increase ecommerce sales, we ’ ve teamed up with the experts to share best practices, top tips, examples and more .

What Is SMS Marketing?

But first, for those unfamiliar, let ’ s break it down : what precisely is SMS market ?
SMS marketing refers to the act of sending promotional materials via text message. If you send a text message to your subscriber list saying, “ BOGO only today in store ! Come get your savings, ” that ’ s SMS marketing .
chiefly, SMS marketing is a instrument you use to communicate offers and other information to existing customers who have permitted you to send them text messages. And that ’ s key — getting permission to send messages .

Top 3 Reasons to Use SMS as a Marketing Tool

One of today ’ s biggest market challenges is getting your product or servicing in presence of your target audience. information clog has our inboxes wide to overflowing, and ads are so common on our social media accounts that we hardly notice them anymore. This is where SMS finds its advantage .

1. SMS marketing is designed for mobile commerce.

A recent study found that ( 46 % ) of people say they spend between 5-6 hours a day on their mobile devices in their personal time .
This makes it critical for businesses to invest in mobile-friendly marketing. fortunately, SMS messages make that easy since they ’ re designed to be read on mobile screens .
“ SMS is big for sending hyper time-sensitive messages like flash deals and limited offers. Most people have their fluid phones within reach for most of their awaken hours, and it ’ s hard to resist the ding of a new text message. With SMS, you can reach people within seconds. ”
— Tracy Puckett, Content Manager at Omnisend

2. High open rates can lead to more engagement.

not merely are people opening SMS messages, they ’ re besides engaging with them .
“ The biggest benefit our clients realize is the consistency of assailable rates. The message is getting through — and it ’ s leading to impregnable click-through rates, conversion rates, groove closeness, and attributed tax income numbers to deliver impactful return on ad spend ( ROAS ). ”
— Cheryl Sanders, General Manager of SMS at Listrak
additionally, according to a personalization study from Periscope by McKinsey, SMS messages received eminent engagement levels with shoppers across the globe. In particular was the US, where it was the channel most likely to elicit an ‘ open and read ’ military action .
“ SMS can help you reach a highly engaged audience — and that can translate to more repeat purchases and higher customer life value. ”
— Mariam Avetisyan, Ecosystem Marketing Manager at Klavyio

3. Connect with shoppers using their preferred communication method.

SMS besides helps you connect with shoppers in the way they want to communicate. People like to be in-the-know, and they want to feel like they matter to brands .
When your business uses textbook messaging to keep consumers informed about offers, events, and other newsworthiness that matters to them, they feel cared for and contribution of the procedure .
“ With late data and privacy changes, reaching consumers on electronic mail and paid advertise is becoming increasingly difficult. master of science delivers what consumers want, personalized, synergistic 1:1 message between them and your brand. ”
— Greg Bauman, Director, Ecosystem Partnerships at Attentive

How to Get Started Using SMS Marketing

so you ’ re all set on why you should use SMS market, but where should you start ? here ’ s a quick-start guide to sending your first ecommerce SMS commercialize message .

1. Narrow and define your goals.

Like with most market initiatives, make indisputable you start with a finish in mind and determine precisely what you want to achieve with this new channel .
“ The possibilities with SMS are about endless — which can well become consuming. many merchants want to be ‘ in the mobile channel, ’ but seaport ’ thymine determined the ‘ why ’ and ‘ how. ’ So, establish with one chief goal, focusing on agile wins, then build on your capabilities. ”
— Cheryl Sanders, General Manager of SMS at Listrak
For model, some goals you can start with include reducing cart desertion and customer support calls. then, you can tailor your SMS text messages to notify shoppers they ’ ve leave items in their cart, or send them post-purchase order notifications .

2. Find a great vendor to partner with.

once you ’ ve narrowed down your concenter, it ’ sulfur clock time to find the right spouse. Prioritize working with a seller that makes set-up and establish easy but that can besides scale with you over clock as you grow your SMS channel .
BigCommerce ’ s ecommerce platform integrates with several of the leading SMS providers, such as :

  • Klaviyo: The marketing automation and customer data platform loved by more than 70K brands, helping them drive more revenue through building great relationships with their customers.
  • Omnisend: An ecommerce-tailored email and SMS marketing automation platform built to help nimble teams drive more revenue without increasing their workload.
  • Listrak: The integrated digital marketing platform trusted by 1,000+ leading retailers and brands for email, text message marketing, identity resolution, behavioral triggers and cross-channel orchestration.
  • Attentive: A best-in-class text message marketing provider, trusted by 4,000+ leading brands. Turn SMS into a top revenue channel in months, and drive revenue through text.

“ Some of the things to look for when evaluating a seller include complementary color integrations, robust tilt growth tools, twist personalization and targeting within both automations and campaigns, and the ability to have real-time, bipartite communication with your subscribers. ”
— Greg Bauman, Director, Ecosystem Partnerships at Attentive

3. Work on growing your subscriber base.

once you ’ ve chosen your new SMS marketing platform, it ’ sulfur clock to build your tilt of subscribers .
“ You can collect SMS subscribers via a form on your web site, in one of your electronic mail flows, or by adding a checkbox to your checkout flow on any major ecommerce platform. You can besides have a earphone count and signup keyword that people can text to opt in. ”
— Mariam Avetisyan, Ecosystem Marketing Manager at Klavyio
Of course one of the most important things to keep in mind with SMS is complaisance. It ’ sulfur very significant to ensure all aspects of your broadcast, particularly growing your list, are done in a identical compliant manner — since SMS market is a permission-based duct .

4. Launch your first campaign.

In the beginning, take your clock to try new things and find what works best for your ecommerce business .
“ Experiment and treat SMS as its own duct. We suggest beginning with a one-off campaign. If you ’ re sending an electronic mail about the lapp promotion, focus on differentiating the messages. once you gain confidence, cut-in SMS into your market automations to create an omnichannel customer experience. ”
— Tracy Puckett, Content Manager at Omnisend

5. Continue to test.

Don ’ thyroxine assume you hit it out of the park the beginning time. Or the moment. Or the one-hundredth .
Follow up by reviewing the results and metrics you set for your SMS marketing campaigns, so you can understand what you ’ re doing right and what can be improved. Continue to test newfangled messages, times and days, deals and workflows to identify the best samarium scheme for your ecommerce store .

SMS Marketing Ecommerce Best Practices

now that you ’ ve got an SMS market strategy in put, let ’ s review some important best practices to help ensure your efforts succeed .

1. Add value to your customers.

When you reach out, make certain you have something valuable to offer like :

  • A unique or special offer — especially one that’s only going to your SMS list.
  • A time-sensitive deal, like BOGO for the rest of the day on items you need to clear out.
  • Information that’s necessary to customers who might want to participate in an event.
  • Introductions to new products or services, especially if you’re giving your SMS list first dibs.

2. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Be angstrom concise as possible. People are reading these messages on little screens .
Try to avoid sending a train of thought of text and stick to one call to action ( CTA ). Remember that many people calm pay a overload on textbook messages, so they won ’ thymine prize you using three messages to communicate one thing .

3. Personalize your SMS marketing campaigns.

At the like time, make sure you ’ re using your brand voice whenever possible, and invest in the campaign needed to personalize your messages.
You can do that by creating sectional lists and texting groups about the things that interest them the most. When possible, include people ’ mho names in their message with data automation .

Example SMS Marketing Messages to Send

typically, there are two types of messages you can send to start communicating with your customers : transactional and air .
Transactional SMS refers to when a textbook message is triggered after an military action. Just like e-mail, you can set up trigger text messages that follow a customer natural process ; e.g., signing up to receive communications, placing an on-line order or attending an consequence .
Broadcast SMS are scaled market messages that, although not triggered directly from a past action, should distillery be super relevant to customers. You can ensure their relevance by taking subscribers through a preference center — once they opt in — and using demographic information to tailor your content ; e.g., based on age or geolocation .
here are some examples of transactional messages and circulate messages .

1. Complement your welcome emails with a text.

Automated welcome e-mail programs can offer many benefits, from improving customer experience to increasing employment rates. And adding SMS to the shuffle can help boost your success. besides, don ’ t forget to reinforce any benefits of signing up — merely as you would in electronic mail .
SMS marketing example

2. Send speedy order confirmations and updates after a sale.

Sending orderliness updates via text helps anchor your SMS strategy. Informed customers are happy customers. A ace customer experience includes updates on the submit of customers ’ orders, including shipping and pitch timelines .
SMS marketing example 2

3. Automate date-triggered SMS marketing messages.

meet customers in the moments that matter to them — from appointment reminders to birthdays and abandoned cart text messages .
additionally, you can make headway in holiday gross by meeting customers on mobile. A simple, clean electronic mail paired with seasonably, personalized SMS alerts is a holiday must-have .
SMS image 3
With the right omnichannel marketing automation platform, you can automatically pull in names and personal details to add an extra layer of personalization to your text .

4. Deliver new arrival notifications to prompt a purchase.

Communicate your hottest product drops via SMS market messages .
SMS marketing 4
This is a big example of when an SMS message would be better than an e-mail — particularly if it ’ s a product that sells out flying. Plus, in addition to driving on-line traffic, new product updates are a big way to get customers to visit your memory in-person .

5. Promote flash sales to drive urgency.

Support your email marketing strategy with punchy alerts via text .
SMS image 5
For customers who have purchased from you before, a timely nudge may be all they need to return and repeat their holy order .

6. Keep the conversation going with content-driven communications.

Enrich the customer experience with value-driven engagements, delivered straight to the consumer ’ randomness device. Ask how they liked the intersection they purchased or contribution a video with them on creative ways they can use the product .
SMS is a great channel to deliver concise, to-the-point subject because it ’ mho fast, lead, and unclutter .
SMS Marketing 6

Wrapping Up

Getting started with SMS market is easy. name out what your message is and why, ask people if you can send them messages, and find an SMS message service .
then, start sending messages out to your consumers. Keep them curtly and relevant, and don ’ t overstay your welcome by showing up on people ’ south cell phones every day .
The more you use samarium messaging — and review your results so you know what to tweak in the future — the more potent this selling cock can become.

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