FreshBooks Review

FreshBooks started its life as a childlike invoice solution. Over the years, it has expanded enormously in telescope, adding new features and enhancing existing ones every year. It ‘s nowadays a full-featured, double-entry, on-line report app for little businesses. FreshBooks manages accounts receivable and collectible, inventory, and payroll through an consolidation with Gusto. New functionality since our last inspection includes consolidation with Microsoft Outlook, an Income Importer, project profitableness report, and accounts collectible track. FreshBooks is one of the best humble business account applications, and we recommend it for the smallest of businesses : freelancers and exclusive proprietors. For that category, it ‘s an Editors ‘ Choice achiever. For most other modest businesses with a few more employees or collaborators, the Editors ‘ Choice winner is Intuit QuickBooks Online for its smart, robust set of features and serviceability .

How Much Does FreshBooks Cost?

FreshBooks offers four plans : Lite ( $ 15 per calendar month ), Plus ( $ 25 per calendar month ), Premium ( $ 50 per calendar month ), and Select ( custom-made price ). You get a slightly better consider if you pay per annum. A 30-day exempt test lets you try out any design type, no bank details required .PCMag Logo
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Since 1982, PCMag has tested and rated thousands of products to help you make better bribe decisions. ( Read our editorial mission. ) The Lite design lets you customize and send invoices and estimates to up to five clients. This design lets you track expenses, time, and mileage. You can run business health reports and accept on-line customer payments. Adding team members costs $ 10 per person per month. The Plus design lets you bill 50 clients and adds features like standard fiscal reports, proposals and client retainers, and e-signatures. You besides get fluid mileage tracking with Plus. The Premium plan lets you send unlimited invoices to an outright number of clients. extra features include seller and bill management, project profitableness, and customizable e-mail signatures. If you ‘re looking for a release humble business account app, Wave and Sunrise are good options. Compared with other paid software, FreshBooks is more low-cost than QuickBooks Online Plus, which costs $ 80 per month .

Old FreshBooks and New

Like Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus, FreshBooks adheres to the rules of double-entry account, the industry-standard bookkeeping method that accountants and other small business accounting websites use. Your accounting records have a solid framework that provides structured commemorate keeping and improved insight into your finances. specifically, FreshBooks has a Chart of Accounts and General Ledger. last year, it added other Income ( to capture, well, other income ), Cost of Goods Sold, bank reconciliation, and two extra standard fiscal reports ( trial Balance and Balance Sheet ). FreshBooks went through a major user interface overhaul a few years ago, and features have been migrating over from FreshBooks Classic since then. For exercise, the company added inventory tracking to FreshBooks concluding year. It besides incorporated a modern user role ( director ), automatic mileage trailing in the io app, and check links, meaning clients can make payments without being invoiced. Contractors can track their own time, and managers have greater command over reports. Projects get two new tabs for Invoices and Expenses. FreshBooks has besides added numerous enhancements to invoices and the overall work flow. For exercise, a new Preview yellow journalism shows you how an bill will look before you send it. Invoices now display unbilled time and expenses. The customer message is customizable. last, clients can now make partial payments .

An Effective UI

FreshBooks has enhanced its onboarding process. The app first asks a few basic questions about your business, such as what type of bring you do and how you bill clients, so it can customize versatile elements of the site for you. You provide contact information and are encouraged to invite your team members to set up accounts. then, FreshBooks drops you into the main web site, where you encounter a box with three apparatus steps : Add Your Clients, Add Items and Services, and Send an Invoice. It ‘s much easier to create an bill if you ‘ve added clients and items or services, but you can close this frame-up window if you equitable want to get on with it and add those things on the fly .

When you close the apparatus box, however, you ‘re on the locate ‘s Dashboard, with no foster steering on how to get started. Wave and Xero offer much better onboarding tools that walk you through numerous steps. Whether you want a little hand-holding will depend on how much you know about fiscal management and how much experience you have learning raw websites. FreshBooks is designed for little business owners who have no accounting experience, but a little more upfront guidance would n’t be amiss here. The Dashboard gives you a agile overview of your ship’s company ‘s fiscal status. Outstanding Invoices tells you who owes you money and who is behind on payments. total profit gives you a real-time number for your current net income or passing, and you can change the date range for it. Spending displays your expenses by class. FreshBooks added two more charts survive year : tax income Streams and Unbilled Time. Seeing these charts every time you log in tells you a lot about the fiscal health of your ship’s company. Links to support and to a page describing what ‘s raw in FreshBooks appear in the lower correct. Links in the upper berth right take you to pages where you can invite team members, including an accountant, at diverse permission levels and create new records and transactions. unfortunately, you have to scroll a lot to see the charts, and you do n’t get a disturbance number .

A vertical acid to the left of the dashboard displays seafaring links to the core areas of the site : Dashboard, Clients, Invoices, Payments, Expenses, Estimates, Time Tracking, Projects, My Team, Integrations, Reports, Accounting, and Add-ons. Click the link above this list, following to your company identify, and a list of the site ‘s settings opens. here you can, for example, add extra businesses, contact accompaniment, create detail and servicing records, and integrate third-party apps ( there are more than 100 ), including Microsoft Outlook ( new ), Google Workspace, and Shopify .

Connecting Banks and Payment Gateways

Two types of connections are critical to FreshBooks ‘ operations : fiscal institutions and payment gateways. If you enter your login credentials for fiscal institutions where you have accounts, then FreshBooks connects to their websites and imports your account transactions. I ran into some trouble here. It took hours to make the connections in some cases, though one went through very promptly. Accounting websites must deal with individual banks when joining problems craw up or when the banks change their security protocols, which can create difficulties for users. even, I have n’t encountered such drawn-out delay times with any other modest business report apps I ‘ve reviewed recently. The early connection you may want to set up is to a payment gateway, which allows you to accept credit and debit card payments, american samoa well as bank transfers from your customers. Your customers can make payments to you by using FreshBooks ‘ own payment affair, which is in fact a rebranded interpretation of payment action service WePay. It costs 2.9 % plus 30 cents per transaction, which is efficaciously the diligence standard. You can besides accept payments through Stripe and PayPal. overall, FreshBooks has the simplest, most intuitive, and most attractive screen displays of all the services I ‘ve reviewed in 2021, which makes a complicate summons like accounting less complicate. It ‘s easier to read at a glance than Kashoo, for example. It can, however, take a while for a drug user of the old FreshBooks interface to get oriented. thankfully, FreshBooks offers enough of guidance, including a searchable aid database and e-mail and telephone support .

Creating Invoices

To create invoices, the Invoices tab in the toolbar opens a screen telling you everything you need to know about your accounts receivable ( though the site does n’t use that accounting condition ) condition. FreshBooks ‘ Invoice page provides a distribute of information about your holocene and historic invoices. With the From Me yellow journalism highlighted, you see dollar totals for invoices that are delinquent, outstanding, and in the draft stage. Below are links to your most recently update invoices. A number of all invoices and recurring templates appears at the buttocks. conversely, the To Me pill opens a foliate for invoices you ‘ve received from other FreshBooks users .

The web site supports two extra types of transactions, estimates and proposals, both of which can be converted to invoices. A proposal is a a lot more detailed version of an estimate that can be signed by the node on credence, and FreshBooks allows electronic signatures. A proposal can include descriptive text and tables, and it can span respective pages. No competing tools offer such an progress choice. You can besides create retainers for setting up an ongoing business relationship with a client who may require more complex invoice. You click New Invoice to get started, and an bill template opens with your contact information and logo, the current date and ascribable date, and an invoice count. You complete the stay of the document by selecting items or services and entering quantities. If you ‘ve created sales tax rates already, then the discipline one should be assigned. You can add a discount rate, which most modest business account apps allow. In FreshBooks, however, you can besides request a deposit and set up a payment schedule. The latter is singular to FreshBooks. Once you complete the bill, you can save it or send it. If you have n’t set up sales taxes already, you have the option to do therefore right from your invoices. When you click the Add Taxes link directly below each detail ‘s rate, a small window opens where you define multiple sales taxes. You can either check a box to apply those taxes to all line items on the invoice, or assign them individually. FreshBooks does not immediately integrate with a sales tax service like the gold standard Avalara. even so, FreshBooks handles sales taxes more or less the lapp way other report apps for small businesses do. A Sales Tax Summary report card will help you fill out any necessity related forms .

Context-Sensitive Settings

As you work on invoices, FreshBooks displays links to context-sensitive settings, which is singular to FreshBooks. early tools have one giant part of the site where you define all its settings. This context sensitivity is great because it saves you meter and constantly reminds you of available options. For example, you can switch to a different invoice dash here. You can besides make the invoice fall back at assign intervals, either automatically or manually, and set up on-line payments. extra context-sensitive settings appear once you save an invoice. If you ‘re using any version of FreshBooks except for Lite, you can send reminders to clients at delegate intervals and charge late fees, which is unusual in this group of tools. You can besides reopen any save bill and edit it, or click the More Actions button for extra tasks, such as emailing the form, applying a payment, and assigning it to a stick out. You can besides view the invoice ‘s history. To create a fresh node commemorate in FreshBooks, you enter the client ‘s name and touch information, or a much as you have at hand. When creating Clients, you can besides customize reminders, recently fees, currency, linguistic process, and bill attachments for them. For every Client you create, FreshBooks will create a node home page, which will finally populate with extra information once you have a charge history with them .

FreshBooks has the most comprehensive customer records of all the small clientele account services I ‘ve reviewed. Each client record is a digital clientele wag of sorts, with fields for the client ‘s name, party name, mailing address, e-mail addresses, and call numbers. A chart following to the node card shows how much outstanding tax income is associated with that node, and breaks it down into gulp invoices, available credit rating, unbilled time, and unbilled expenses. Further down the page is a mesa with lists of invoices, recurring templates, retainers, credits, Checkout Links, expenses, estimates, time-tracking, projects, and reports for that customer. A relationship tab key at the acme of the screen shows the client ‘s transaction history. If you ‘ve connected one or more bank accounts to FreshBooks, you see a tilt of holocene transactions when you click the Expenses tab key in the left vertical paneling. FreshBooks tries to mechanically categorize them ( with choices like Professional Services, Supplies, Meals & Entertainment, Personal, and therefore on ) when it brings them in, but it does n’t constantly hit the check. You have to train it at first by correcting inaccurate categories, which you decidedly should, as this information is very important for manipulation in reports and taxes. Whether you enter an expense manually or edit one you ‘ve imported, you can add or modify a batch of detail. The five most recently updated expenses appear at the exceed of the Expenses screen. They look like strips of cash cross-file tape. individual expense records, which appear in a list below, check fields for the seller, category, date, source, client/project/description, and amount/tax/status. You can attach a charge, dredge and drop a receipt image, mark the expense as billable to a particular client, change the currency, and designate it as price of goods sold ( COGS ). FreshBooks offers competent plan tracking functionality. To get started, you have to first indicate whether the stick out will be billed at an hourly or flatcar project rate. then FreshBooks opens the New Project page. From here, you name your project and assign team members to it as admins, managers, employees, or contractors. Each role has its own access restrictions. You can assign it to an external client if you ‘re doing the visualize for person else, so they can collaborate and be billed, and enter an hourly budget and end date. undertaking settings appear over in the right vertical paneling. You can set an estimate type here, choosing between hours per service and full hours. You enter both your own charge rate and the hourly rate you pay your team members, which must remain the lapp for all projects—you ca n’t establish different rates for different projects. If you ‘ll be billing the customer for expenses, you have the option of setting a default markup percentage. The only other task you need to complete on the New Project foliate is to add services you need for your project. You can besides do this on the fly, adding them as you go along, and you can select services you ‘ve already created.

When you ‘re done with this screen and you ‘ve saved the project, that undertaking ‘s home page opens. Each project has its own overview where you can review your entries and add more, ampere well as exchange messages with your team members. A two-tabbed box appears at the top of the shield. One pill opens a screen showing hours logged, unbilled prison term and expenses, hours over budget, and number of days until the stick out is due. The other displays a chart showing profitableness. The bed of the screen contains lists of project-related items you ‘ve entered elsewhere on the locate and assigned to the visualize : clock entries, invoices, estimates, expenses, and services. The final tab in this box opens a number of undertaking reports, like Expense Report and Profitability Details. FreshBooks ‘ project-tracking tools work very well. You can work rigorously from the project home page to enter the time and expenses needed to complete your project, or you can use the tools provided outside of the visualize home page. The locate lacks the flexibility and features offered by true standalone project management apps, but their consolidation with the rest of the site makes it possible to keep a running match of your projects ‘ progress and profitableness. You can integrate respective project management apps and work-management apps directly with FreshBooks, however. Teamwork, ProofHub, Asana, and Trello all offer connectivity .

FreshBooks’ Mobile Apps

FreshBooks offers Android apps and io apps that are largely similar. The apps are easy enough to use, and they offer an exceeding exploiter have like you get on the main web site .

The FreshBooks app opens to a dashboard that contains three critical charts : Outstanding Revenue, total profit, and total spend. Icons at the bottom of the screen take you to the working areas of the tool, where you can view, add, and edit data contained in invoices, expenses, fourth dimension traverse, estimates, mileage, and client records. The mobile apps do n’t let you do everything. You ca n’t work with projects, accounts, and reports, for example. But you can entree core features that you ‘d be most likely to use away from your desk. FreshBooks ‘ mobile apps have a feature that I ‘ve alone ever seen before in the QuickBooks Online app : automatic rifle mileage track. You run the app with your smartphone ‘s location services on, and FreshBooks tracks your mileage as you drive. You can record trips as personal or occupation and go back and add trips if you missed one. You besides constantly have the choice to enter tripper information manually alternatively .

Everything a Small Business Needs

If you ‘ve never used FreshBooks before, you should n’t have a lot disturb learning how the current translation works. FreshBooks ‘ blueprint is exceptional, and its seafaring tools are intuitive. We recommend you check with the party before switching from FreshBooks Classic, though, to make certain your must-have features are there. FreshBooks has all the tools that very small businesses—and some larger ones—need. The site has progressed quickly over the last respective years and it remains our Editors ‘ Choice winner for very modest businesses, namely sole proprietors and freelancers. QuickBooks Online is our Editors ‘ Choice pick for small businesses that have a few more team members on staff .

Editors ‘ choice

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  • Delightful drug user know
  • Context-sensitive settings
  • team collaboration and time track tools
  • inventory tracking
  • Supports proposals, projects, retainers
  • automatic mileage tracking on fluid apps

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  • Some splashboard deficits
  • express invoice customization
  • Establishing bank connections can take time

The Bottom Line
FreshBooks offers a all-around and intuitive double-entry accounting experience with the tools that a very small business needs. An especial user experience and smart blend of features make it a peak choice for sole proprietors and freelancers .

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