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Join a community of 50,000+ little commercial enterprise owners and get insights and inspo every other week While certain types of policy like workers ’ comprehensive examination and car indebtedness are required by law in most states, there are other forms of coverage worth considering if you run a occupation. General liability indemnity, professional indebtedness indemnity and business equipment protection are all designed to help you protect your clientele financially from future events. The amount you pay for insurance can vary greatly depending on what you do, how big your clientele is and where you ’ rhenium located. Use this calculator to get a clear picture of the price of different insurance coverages for your clientele.

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How to use the tool

  1. Number of employees – Enter how many employees you currently have. If you’re anticipating growth in the near future and aren’t sure exactly how many employees you’ll have when you purchase insurance, try a few different numbers out to get a feel for the range of costs.
  2. Profession – What kind of work do you do? Select your profession from the drop-down menu. If your exact profession isn’t one of the available options, look for a more general profession that would categorize what you do.
  3. ZIP code – Insurance costs are different depending on where you live. Generally, more populated areas have higher costs than less populated locations. If you’re torn between a few possible locations to start your new business, this could be a useful way to help make the decision.
  4. Value of equipment – Enter the estimated value of all the equipment you use (except for vehicles and smartphones) for your business operations.
  5. Coverage amount – Choose between $1M or $2M in general liability insurance coverage. Note that the difference in cost between $1M and $2M coverage is minimal when you consider that you’re getting twice as much financial protection.

How rates are calculated

The price of insurance can vary greatly depending on where you are, what you do and how much coverage you need. here ’ s how it works :

The kind of business you run

Every line of work has a different risk profile. Professions that involve a batch of physical cultivate on customer property have a higher hazard than professions that involve very little physical interaction. generally speaking, the higher the risk of third-party bodily injury or property damage associated with your business, the higher your premiums are probable to be .

Your location

placement is another component that affects the monetary value of indemnity. Certain areas have higher claims risks than others. At thimble, we use your ZIP code to map you to a risk territory, which uses historical loss data to adjust the cost of your insurance .

How much coverage you need

At Thimble, you can choose between $ 1M or $ 2M of indebtedness insurance coverage. The measure of coverage you choose, along with your business type and localization, will help determine the cost of your indemnity coverage .

Types of insurance and who they’re for

Your policy needs will vary depending on your type of business. here ’ s a dislocation of the three different categories :

General liability

General liability indemnity is the most all-important type of indemnity for about any clientele. It protects your occupation against fiscal losses resulting from third-party bodily injury or property wrong claims. Without cosmopolitan liability policy, an accident that results in a individual big claim can be adequate to put you out of clientele.

At Thimble, we powerfully recommend that you carry general liability indemnity, whether you ’ re a adviser, provide a service or do more hands-on work. Because no matter what kind of occupation you operate, you never know what ’ s going to happen on that adjacent occupation .

Business equipment protection

From preciseness tools to high-powered photography lenses, the equipment you use are enormous assets to your business. Without them, you wouldn ’ thyroxine be able to provide your customers with outstanding service. Having to replace them by chance could mean a significant fiscal reverse for your business. Where general liability insurance protects you in the face of third-party claims, clientele equipment protection insures the cost of your equipment if it ’ south by chance damaged, lost or stolen. Unlike a commercial property policy, business equipment protection works even if you ’ re on the go. If your tools get damaged at a job locate or your gear gets stolen at a client ’ second placement, business equipment protection has you covered .

General liability plus professional liability

For some business owners, the risks of doing occupation extend beyond forcible damage to people and property. If your business involves consulting, professional services, or business-to-business ( B2B ) services, you besides have to consider potential monetary damages to your clients and customers. If a perceive mistake in your providing advice results in a customer experiencing a fiscal loss, you could end up facing negligence claims. Without the protective covering of indemnity, the claim might lead to costly defense costs and multiple court appearances. That ’ s where professional indebtedness indemnity comes in. besides known as errors & omissions indemnity, it covers claims of negligence and errors in the advice you provide, or don ’ metric ton leave. It will provide you with refutation in legal proceedings and even defend you against fake or frivolous claims.

Get your insurance quote from Thimble

No matter what your commercial enterprise is—from seaworthiness teacher to furniture installer—you need the right policy to cover yourself from electric potential fiscal losses. At Thimble, you can get the right indemnity for your occupation, on-demand. Looking for coverage by the hour, day, or workweek ? Our elastic indemnity plans allow you to tailor your coverage needs to your particular situation. Getting a quote is fast and easy. Simply enter your information into the calculator at the top of this page and select “ Get a Quote. ” If you ’ re happy with your quotation, you can purchase coverage with a unmarried pawl and have your policy and Certificates of Insurance ( COI ) in your inbox in a topic of minutes .

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