‎Repeat Timer: Looping Reminder

The # 1 best-selling repeating timer app since 2013 with over 400,000 downloads, Repeat Timer is a simple recurring reminder for all of your repeating tasks and routines – taking your medications, getting up from your desk to stretch, cooking, yoga and meditation, television receiver clock time for kids, workouts and more !

–– Easy to use :
Simply name your timer, set the main timekeeper duration, choose number of repeats and urge Start !

–– Optional interval timer :
Use the optional interval timekeeper that runs between main timekeeper cycles ( for case, 2min – 30sec – 2min – 30sec – 2min ). Great for interval workouts !

–– Works in the background :
Run your timekeeper while using other apps or with the earphone in sleep mode. You ’ ll get hands-free ocular and audio notifications that you don ’ t need to stop or dismiss.

Downloaded over 600,000 times, our Repeat Timer apps are relied on day by day by parents, teachers, coaches and more around the universe. Get the app and join them to stay on cut with your routines, minimize stress and make your days more fat and effective !

Download Repeat Timer today to streamline all of your routines :
• Easily configure and start your timers in seconds
• Repeat timer cycles up to 5 times ( up to 99 when you unlock Pro )
• See your timer title in telling alerts to avoid confusing them
• Choose from 15 high quality alert sounds, including spokesperson commands ( 40 in Pro )
• Engage the optional interval timer for more versatility
• Runs in the background with sound and telling alerts
• Enjoy the beautiful interface with animations and sound effects
• Set your accurate duration to the second

Thousands of people use repeat Timer every day :
• Fitness enthusiasts use it for interval, tabata and circuit workouts
• Teachers use it to time quizzes, breaks and classroom activities
• Coaches use it for drills and practice sessions
• Students use it for flash cards study, exams and more
• Office workers use it as a admonisher to get up and stretch every hour and to look away from the screen door to relax your eyes every 20 minutes
• Yogis use it for practice and meditation
• Parents use it for television and calculator time for the kids
• Seniors use it to remember to take their medications and to measure their blood boodle
• Productive people use it for the Pomodoro® technique to time work/break intervals

Lite / Pro differences :
– 1 timer / Up to 10 timers
– 5 repeats / 99 repeats
– 15 alert sounds / 50 alarm sounds
Try Lite free and easily upgrade to Pro via in-app leverage.

Thank you for taking a look and love !

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