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Why you need Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS)

Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS): Responsible service of alcohol This path is mandate for everyone involved in the sale and service of alcohol .
The Government of Saskatchewan requires server intervention prepare for employees involved in the sale and service of alcohol. Serve It Right Saskatchewan is the official waiter treatment aim platform for Saskatchewan .

Who needs to take SIRS

Everyone involved in the sale and service of alcohol must have completed SIRS. This includes :

  • employees, including
    • bartenders
    • servers
    • bussers
    • door staff (“bouncers”)
  • supervisors
  • managers
  • owners

Who doesn’t need to take SIRS

Unpaid volunteers working at an consequence operating under a particular Occasion Permit do not need to take SIRS.

The special Occasions Permit on-line course is for volunteers who serve and sell alcohol at public special occasions only. This course does not allow you to sell alcohol in a retail setting or to serve alcohol in bars and restaurants .
If you are selling or serving alcohol in a liquor permitted institution, such as a commercial bar or restaurant, as separate of your job, you must complete Serve It Right Saskatchewan ( SIRS ) .

Transferring a course from another province (Reciprocity)

If you hold a valid server intervention training certificate from another province, you may transfer your documentation to Saskatchewan. Please contact us for details :
Monday – Friday
8:00 ante meridiem – noon
1:00 post meridiem – 4:30 p.m.
Telephone 306-933-5900 or
toll-free 1-800-331-1529
Email : @
We are closed on Saskatchewan statutory holidays.


Liquor permittees may be required to provide proof that they are in submission with the legislation by producing a list of employees who have completed server intervention training. A SIRS Compliance Form is provided courtesy of Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority to aid businesses and organizations in their record keeping .

What is involved in taking SIRS

The SIRS course includes :

  • ways to identify intoxication
  • handling situations involving minors
  • effective approaches to discontinue or refuse to sell or serve alcohol
  • understanding your legal responsibilities and liabilities

once you purchase the run, you will have 45 days to complete it online. You should be able to complete the course in six hours or less. There is a 35-question multiple choice on-line examination at the end of the course. To pass the examination, a set of 80 % must be achieved. You will have five attempts to complete the examination .
Upon successful completion of the class, your certificate is available for you to download from your on-line visibility. Please save or print your certificate so that you can show it to your employer or a liquor inspector as proof of completion.

Some employers in Saskatchewan offer SIRS prepare in the workplace. This train is a six-hour classroom workshop. For the wax range of train and subscribe products available to individuals and organizations, see “ responsible Service ” in our on-line learning management catalog .

SIRS is supported and endorsed by:

  • Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association (SHHA)
  • Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)
  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA)
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Health
  • Tourism Saskatchewan
  • Wines and Spirits Association of Saskatchewan
  • Restaurants Canada
  • RCMP and law enforcement agencies in Saskatchewan

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