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There are respective ranking factors that charm whether a web site appears higher on the SERP based on the capacity relevance to the search terminus, or the choice of backlinks pointing to the page .

Different search engines – different rankings

A web site or URL ’ s ranking for keywords or keyword combinations varies from search locomotive to search engine. A world may rank for a certain keyword in the crown 3 on Bing, but not even be on the first gear page of the Google search results for the same keyword. Of naturally, the like is on-key of all search engines – Bing, Google, Yahoo and every other search engine uses its own method for calculating rankings and consequently ranks websites differently .
Rankings can besides vary when using different linguistic process or area versions of the lapp search engine, such as Google. A search analysis Software like the Searchmetrics Suite is a good way of gaining penetration into and tracking ranking differences across search engines .

Good rankings are a good source of traffic

The point of well rankings in the search results is to gain as a lot traffic as possible from the organic search impart. The higher up a page ranks in the results for a search question, the higher the opportunity is that the searcher will click on this resultant role. This explains the direct joining between high rankings and increased traffic.

This relationship between rankings and clicks ( and dealings ) is solid amongst the top 3 search results. however, changing layout of the search results pages is constantly changing, with the inclusion of Google ’ s Knowledge Graph data and the integration of Universal Search elements ( SERP Features ) like video, maps and Google Shopping ads. These developments can mean that the top 3 organic rankings are no long the 3 best positions on the SERP. This has been demonstrated in heatmap and eye-tracking tests .

What can influence my rankings?

Search locomotive optimization is a method for sustainably influences search engine rankings. Google and other search engines calculate their search results for keywords using highly complex algorithm. The individual rank factors and their weight within the rank calculation are well-guarded intellectual property that belongs to the search engines and is not publicly disclosed .
The following factors are assumed to be closely connected to rankings:

  • number of backlinks
  • sitemap and internal linking
  • usage of keywords in text elements like meta titles, meta descriptions, text etc.
  • term optimization of content, based on comparison with other documents on the same topic (proof and relevant terms, topic/content clusters, WDF*IDF)
  • URL structure
  • trust assigned to the page
  • page load time (site speed)
  • time on site and bounce rate (here: how long a visitor spends on the page before they return to the SERP)
  • CTR in the SERPs, i.e. how often searchers click on the result
  • and presumably many other factors like page traffic, authorship, how up-to-date a page is

Rankings as part of an SEO Audit and Performance Monitoring

ultimately, rankings are the proof that search locomotive optimization has – or has not – been successful. For this cause, rankings for keywords defined as relevant should be regularly monitored as part of the SEO auditing process. Using a fixed keyword set comprising relevant terms is besides an effective method of monitoring rankings.

This is an important job because ranking losses enable conclusions to be drawn regarding a page ’ second quality. At the like time, ranking gains besides act as evidence of well-performed, successful optimization. If a web site suffers a drop in rankings for particular keywords, then this is a signal to SEOs and webmasters that they should react .
Reacting to issues that originate is, on its own, insufficient. For a web site to be sustainably successful, it requires constant work and attention. even if significant rankings seem stable today, this can promptly change in the short term, peculiarly when dealing with highly competitive keywords .
Learn more about rankings and the factors that influence them in our whitepapers .
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