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As a Seneca College student, Seneca electronic mail is a full of life tool for accessing your transcript, courses, library, Seneca blackboard, and other crucial info throughout your academician travel .
In this scout, we ’ ll go through how to access your e-mail, set up your electronic mail, request your transcript, and how to activate your student account if you are a new scholar .

How to access seneca email

To set up your Seneca electronic mail ;

  1. Go to Email or senecacollege.ca/student-home for seneca student home login.
  2. Enter your My.Seneca username(Learn Id) (available on your confirmation of registration).
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click on Log In to access your Seneca email account.

For more information on how to access Seneca Email, go to the ITS web site. If you need help retrieving your My Seneca username and/or password, contact the Service Desk at 416-491-5050 x22129 press 1 .
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What is my Seneca ID number?

Your part-time scholar I.D. ( My.Seneca username ) is located at the top of your confirmation of Registration. You will be asked to present this to gain access to services such as the trial center and to borrow material from the library. All computers at the College necessitate authentication using your My.Seneca username and password .

Seneca student home

Seneca Student Home provides on-line access to view your academic records, current grades, stream registration, and room count ( if assigned ) and allows you to update your contact data, apply for Financial Aid and print your T2202A Tax Receipts .
My Seneca scholar center or Student Home is available to all students of the college on-site and remotely .

How to set up your Seneca email

here ’ s a bit-by-bit guide on how to set up your Seneca e-mail on your iPhone for easily access .

  1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Go to > Add Account
  3. Tap on > Exchange
  4. Type your Myseneca Email id under the Email id tab.
  5. Type your Myseneca Password under the Password tab.
  6. Under Description, tab Edit it with Seneca.
  7. Tap on > Next. If you do not edit the description tab with Seneca it will not get configured.
  8. After Verifying the Account, choose options to sync to your phone.
  9. Tap on > Save to Save your Settings.
  10. After Saving your Account Settings your Seneca Mail will be displayed under the Accounts section like Gmail, etc.
  11. Tap on > Seneca Mail Account for more Advanced Settings.
  12. To retrieve all emails irrespective of the timeline, tap on > Mail Days to Sync.
  13. Tap on > No Limit and you are good to go.

now you can view my Seneca e-mail on your iPhone .

How to activate my Seneca account

As a newfangled Dual Credit scholar at the college, you would have received a welcome electronic mail with your Seneca report credentials. You will need those account credentials to activate your My Seneca explanation .
How to set up your My.Seneca account :

  1. Go to my.senecacollege.ca.
  2. Go to My.Seneca login area window. Click Forgot/Expired Password located below the Login button in the “My.Seneca Login” area in the middle of the main website.
  3. This will redirect you to the MyID Self Service Password site window. Click again on the Forgot/Expired Password? below the Login button.
  4. Complete the Seneca College IT Acceptable Use Policy. You must scroll to the bottom of this page, select “yes” and accept the Terms and Conditions of the Seneca IT Acceptable Use Policy
  5. Next, you will be asked to enter your details to re-set your account in the MyID Self-Service window:
    • Enter your username or student/employee number;
    • Select student; and
    • Select Continue.
  6. You will be redirected to a message window with instructions to reset a new password for your My.Seneca account. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail account that was provided to Seneca by your High School. Check your High School and/or personal e-mail account for the e-mail with the link to reset your password. Follow the steps in the e-mail received from Seneca. If you do not receive an email from Seneca in your inbox, check your Spam/Junk mail folder.
  7. Once your password has been re-set with the using the link provided, please return to my.senecacollege.ca:
    • Click Login. Sign in to My.Seneca with your username and new password:
    • You will be redirected to the new login page where you will be required to type out your complete Seneca email address (i.e. username@myseneca.ca).

For extra technical aid regarding My.Seneca and/or Seneca electronic mail reach the Service Desk .

How to request your Seneca transcript

Transcripts are available for stream Seneca students after a security or diploma. Grades will not be released over the phone. Please ensure all fees have been paid. Students with outstanding charges will not receive a transcript and will not be able to view their grades online .
To request an official transcript :

  • Log into the Student Home
  • Click on My Academics. Under Transcript, you will find Request Official Transcript.

Selecting a class schedule – Intent to enroll

You must confirm your intent to Enrol for each term and your scholar report must be in good digest to select your classes. You are responsible for selecting your class agenda and enroll in courses by logging into Student Home .
Depending on your program of study, you will select individual classes from your course of study requirements or you will choose a set of classes from a pre-determined agenda .
You are academically and financially responsible for the courses in which you enroll. Pay extra attention to the important academic dates for when assailable registration begins and deadlines for adding, changing, or dropping a course, or applying for transfer accredit .
Log into Student Home and select the Academic Records tile, then choose Intent to Enroll .
In the drop-down menu labeled Select an Option, choose Yes or No. Read the argument regarding your responsibility for tutelage and accessory fees, and move the I Agree slider option to Yes indicating that you understand the terms and conditions, and then select the Submit release to submit your response .

Dropping a course from your class schedule

access to drop classes is available until the deadline to drop courses. Dropping a class after the drop deadline requires a completed timetable Change form submitted by electronic mail to the Registration Office at registration.inquiries @ senecacollege.ca.

To drop a class before the deadline to flatten courses, follow the instructions outlined below .

  1. Log into Student Home and select the Manage Classes tile, then select Build Schedule.
  2. Navigate to the class you wish to drop in the Select Courses column and click on the trash can.
  3. Select Get this Schedule.
  4. For programs that enroll through Blocks or groupings, you may not be able to drop classes that are part of your current Block.
  5. Under the Action column, you will see Drop beside the class you wish to drop. Double-check that this is the correct class. Select Do Actions.

You will see the resultant role of Dropped adjacent to the class which means you have formally dropped the class. Access to drop classes is available until the deadline to drop courses. Dropping a course after the drop deadline requires a completed timetable Change mannequin submitted by electronic mail to the Registration Office at registration.inquiries @ senecacollege.ca .
If you have any challenges about My Seneca electronic mail, Seneca scholar home, or student center, visit the aid page .

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