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sometimes the hardest depart of pursuing a post-secondary education is choosing a platform and putting in concert all the application information. Don ’ metric ton worry, we can help. Find out more about our programs, including data on admission requirements, tutelage, and fees .

Credit Transfer & Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR)

The average Holland College scholar is 23 years old, and many already have a post-secondary certificate or some post-secondary experience. You can receive recognition for that have through Credit Transfer and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. Find out more about Credit Transfer and PLAR .

Degree Pathways

Degree pathways such as articulation agreements and credit transfers give you the opportunity to begin your studies at one institution and finish at another. For exemplar, you may decide to obtain a diploma from Holland College and then foster your studies at a university.

There are a variety of joint applied degree programs ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as 2+2 programs, which mean that you can earn your diploma at Holland College and then earn your university academic degree in equally little as two extra years. Find out more about our degree pathways .

Student Supports

If you have a physical or a learn disability the Academic Support team can help you identify the supports you need to be successful in your program .


We can help you prepare to study at Holland College with a variety show of assessment services .

Contact a Recruiter

If you are n’t certain what program you would like to apply for, spill the beans to one of our recruiters. They ‘re friendly and helpful, and will be able to help you choose a course of study that suits your interests.

Applying to live in a residence

If you would like to live in one of the residences on the Prince of Wales Campus, you should apply to live in residence at the lapp time as you apply to a program. If you are concerned in a program at the Atlantic Police Academy, you do not have to apply to live in residence, as it is mandate .

Information for International Students

If you are an International applicant, take a look at our International pages. You will find information about study permits, international scholar bursaries, language proficiency requirements, and, for applicants in the United States, US Federal Aid .

Authorization to Exchange information with a Third Party

If you want to allow early people, such as a parent, defender, or spouse, to access your information or to ask questions on your behalf, fill out this third-party exhaust form ( this is a PDF and will open in a newfangled window ).


Are you a graduate of Holland College and need your transcript from us ? Login on Webadvisor, chatter on the Students and Graduates icon and the Transcript Request connect, or you can print out and send in a Transcript Request Form ( This is a PDF and will open in a new window. If it does n’t open right away, try downloading it ) .


Our application timeline can help you navigate the admissions process. It ’ s a month-by-month guide designed to keep you on track and ensure you never miss a deadline .


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