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On your way in or out of the park be surely to visit the Stevensville Garden Gallery ! Located adjacent to the Safari Niagara parking sphere, this garden center and endow store offers an array of alone indoor and outdoor home and garden items year-round. Ziggy ‘s Zoovenier shop is a perfect identify to find unique gifts for everyone on your list. Plush animals, dress, gifts, for everyone on your list. Plush animals, dress, gifts, jewelry, games and more all with a wildlife conservation theme. many of our items will be lone available at Safari Niagara providing you with a one of a kind denounce know. We besides provide a assortment of local, native and alone products. Your Safari Niagara all day admission travel by includes complimentary parking, admission to Safari Niagara NEW sprinkle pad, synergistic animal presentations, guided tours of the Silent Forest, fishing, kite flying and paddle boat and so much more ! Safari Niagara has entertainment for all ages from alive outdoor concerts to sky-soaring birds of prey presentations. Do n’t miss our Keeper Talks where you ‘ll get companion with Safari Niagara animals and their handlers for an synergistic experience to remember. Come along on our guide tour featuring the adult cats, primates and bears. Visitors can tied try their hand at feeding a gentle Giraffe or a hungry Hippopotamus !

Safari Niagara features an incredible range of exciting, educational activities for all ages and abilities-from a caressing park to children ‘s playgrounds, Interactive animal presentations and feeding demonstrations, slash embroider, fish, paddle boating, playgrounds, Keeper Talks and one of Canada ‘s largest steel sculpt exhibits ! Bring a picnic or feast on a fantastic meal at our counter-service restaurant. More than 1000 animals and birds are waiting to meet you at Safari Niagara, Niagara ‘s Wildest Animal Adventure ! Safari Niagara is a 150-acre nature park located within a 10-minute drive from Niagara Falls, Canada and Buffalo, USA. Have you ever come face to confront with a hippopotamus ? Can you imagine nuzzling noses with a giraffe ? Want to hang out with a two-toed sloth ?

What to Do at Safari Niagara

Splash Pad

Wet, baseless and balmy playfulness for kids erstwhile and young awaits you at Safari Niagara splash pad. Jolly Splashers and rainbow misters will wet the wee ones while the older of the species amuse themselves with squirting teeter totters and motorcycles, tipping pisces and kid-controlled, hobo camp themed “ wet heads ”. handily located on the southern side of Merembe House at tram catch count 2 .
Splash Pad

  • Change rooms available
  • Patio area
  • Gift shop
  • Water depth: 10 inches
  • Adult supervision is mandatory
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Safari Niagara recommends that you always be smart and wear a sunscreen when outdoors
  • Opening Date – Mid June
  • Closing Date – Mid September (Weather Dependent)

Petting Zoo

Animal Communication, interaction between animals in which information transmitted from one animal or group of animals affects the behavior of other animals. Safari Niagara has established an area that allows for animal communication of an up close and personal kind. Animals typically exchange information using a signal, such as facial expression, voice, or touch. communication between animals helps them coordinate the critical functions of their lives-namely, gathering food, staking out district, caring for young, defending themselves or interaction with early species such as humans .
Petting Zoo Most normally, animal communication is intraspecies ( occurring between animals of the like species ). Intraspecific communication besides helps signalize individuals in a especial animal group. Mother gulls learn to recognize the individual calls of their own chicks so that they can promptly find their babies in densely populate gull colonies .
communication can besides be interspecies ( occurring between different animal species ). many animals who share habitats learn to use signals from other species as warnings for approaching danger. arboreal monkeys react to the alarm cries of other animal to warn of risk. many animals besides have common relations that help each early exist or add in some other areas of comfort. Safari Niagara has created a unique opportunity for people to communicate with animals. We have created an opportunity to communicate through touch, voice and even an odd facial construction or indeed .
Please make certain to visit our communication park that allows you an up close and personal interaction with the other species. Who knows what you may learn or teach to another species ?

Children’s Playing Area

Play Area Play is a child ‘s way of learning – it develops imaginations, inspires delight, creates wonder, increases curio and enchants the small ones. Safari Niagara has created an great free rein environment adjacent to our field day pavilion – sport slides, swings, climbers, tunnels, bridges and “ tree huts ” .
With Mom and Dad an arm ‘s length away enjoying a rest at one of the many benches and picnic tables, kids can occupy themselves on our great CSA approved looseness equipment, meet some modern friends and chat with their peers about the neat know they have had at Safari Niagara. Yet another added measure for families at Safari Niagara !


Fishing at Safari Niagara is an exciting and fun learning experience, under the supervision of an have angler. We have a well stocked pond that ensures a large selection of crafty fish such as black bass and sunfish. Our catch and let go of course of study ensures the safety of our fish and provides you with an experience that you will never forget. In fact we can even help with those big fish stories .
Fishing Pond People have fished since ancient times, when pieces of cram were used as hooks and lengths of vine as note. The oldest acknowledge painting of an angler using a perch or staff comes from Egypt and is dated about 2000 BC. Can you good picture yourself fishing on the shore of a great lake with Zebra and Giraffe just over your shoulder ? greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle mentioned angling in their writings, and other greek writers gave tips about fish lines. In the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, The Romans wrote about macedonian trout anglers using artificial flies as lures .
The methods and tackle used for fishing evolved lento through the centuries, and not until the former fifteenth hundred did mutant fishing as it is nowadays known in truth begin. In 1496 the written first book gave specific details for in English about the use of the fish perch. The book describes the structure of hooks and rods for angling. The manuscript besides describes how to tie knots in fishing lines and how to make and use artificial lures and flies to take advantage of the feeding habits of game fish. At Safari Niagara we fish for fun and easiness and we release all our catches. Our fish programming is a get and release program under supervision, we want to make surely you have a safe and memorable clock.

We offer fishing equipment to use rid of agitate and bait is available at a nominal fee .


Bounce-A-Rooz We have 2 NEW Jumping Pillows this year ! They are huge, inflatable pillows allowing you to jump sky-high and bounce until you ca n’t bounce any more – Our Bounce-A-Rooz
tied the little ones can enjoy one all of their own !
*June 1st or late – Labour Day only. Weather Permitting .

Safari Speedway

Safari Speedway Do you want to go on journeys of discovery through the splendors of nature ? Our NEW Pedal Bike Go-Karts take you anywhere you want to go on the track. With their impressively large tires you can forge a road across our amazing track. Thanks to its disguise you can blend in naturally like our animals ! Let the Discovery get down !
*June 1st or late – Labour Day only. Weather Permitting .


Come and enjoy our paddle boats on our manmade lake. free with parking lot entrance !

Keeper Talks

Wonders of Flight show Learn more about some of your favorite animals from the keepers who take care of them on a daily basis. Our Keeper Talks will provide educational data about what is required to care for our animals, share some of their unique personalities with you and provide you with an confidant look on conservation .
Please Note : All Keeper Talks are upwind permit and do not run in inclement upwind .

Tram Tours

Tram Tours Give your legs a rest and climb about the Gator Express, an alfresco tram organization that makes several designated stops throughout the park allowing you to get on and off arsenic much as you wish. The tram drive is besides a steer enlistment of Safari Niagara, so you can relax and listen as you make your room around the margin of the park .
The tramway stops at the restaurant, the Silent Forest, the Zooniversity staging sphere, the toddle boats and independent entrance/gift shop. The streetcar is wheelchair accessible and equipped with a ramp. Strollers and wagons are besides welcome on board .


Sculptures Safari Niagara is home to the largest steel sculpture parade by one artist in the country. Rod Dowling has been creating his one-of-a-kind pieces for Safari Niagara since the park opened in 2002 and today there are more than 200 on display throughout the grounds .
From 50-foot high stainless steel steel sculptures to functional steel benches, Mr. Dowling has added an incredible singularity to Safari Niagara with his talent of using recycle pieces of sword to create these one-of-a-kind sculptures.

SkyQuest (June 1 – Labour Day)

Ropes Course Welcome to SkyQuest, a stigmatize new multi-level gamble ropes run at Safari Niagara, the beginning of its kind in Ontario. Challenge the thrill-seeker in you by navigating a induce obstacle course 30 feet in the air using merely ropes and beams. Anyone can participate, children under 48 ” tall must be accompanied by a chaperone .
Smaller adventurous types can join in the fun on SkyTykes, a challenge course of balance beams, ropes and bridges similar to its larger counterpart, SkyQuest .
Individuals are harnessed and maneuver themselves along a track for safety. And there ‘s no haste … you conquer the course at your own pace, making it a great venture for the whole family !

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