Positive adjectives that start with S “sweet words”


Saccharine highly fresh ; cloying ; having characteristics of sugar or saccharin.
Sacred worthy of respect or fear ( specially religious ).
Sacrosanct sacred ; absolute.
Safe plug of spare from danger, damage, risk or evil.
Sagacious astutely wise and insightful ; having a legal sagacity.
Sage show or having heavy wisdom or sagacity ; wise.
Saintlike characterized or marked by arrant benignity.
Saintly of or pertaining to a ideal ; angelic.
Salient big ; blatant ; jump ; springing ; projecting or pointing outwards.
Salubrious healthy ; health-giving.
Salutary sanitary ; wholesome ; beneficial ; profitable.
Salutiferous healthy ; good ; beneficial ; curative ; medicative.
Sanctified declared, made or believed to be holy place ; holier-than-thou.
Sanctimonious holy place ; sacred ; angelic.
Sanctioned approved or established by authority.
Sanguine confidently cheerful and affirmative ; having a healthy red color.
Sapid tasty or entire of season ; pleasing to the thinker or preference.
Sapient acutely judicious and insightful ; sage.
Saporific producing or having the power to produce sensation of taste, relish or relish.
Sassy spirited and full of life ; bold ; dapper ; chic ; fashionable.
Satisfactory producing or giving gratification ; adequate ; sufficient.
Satisfied filled with satisfaction, pleasure or enjoyment.
Satisfying that gratifies, satisfies, comforts or pleases ; convincing.
Saucy lively and boldface ; sexually suggestive or pleasing.
Saving rescue ; continue ; economical.
Savory appetizing to the olfactory property or taste ; piquant ; ethically or morally acceptable.
Savvy intelligent, perceptive or calculating .

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Scenic afford or constituting pleasing views of natural features ; picturesque.
Scholarly of or pertaining to a learner.
Scientific of or pertaining to skill ; methodical ; systematic ; accurate.
Scintillant of or pertaining to science ; methodical ; taxonomic ; precise.
Scrumptious excellent ; delightful ; delectable ; all right ; first-rate.
Scrupulous accurate ; precise ; careful ; decent .

Seamless smooth ; absolutely coherent and consistent ; moving well.
Seasonal being used or occurring in a specific season.
Seasoned experienced ; having had spices or herb added.
Second-to-none best.
Secure free from danger, damage, risk or fear ; authentic ; assured ; certain.
Sedulous diligent in avocation or application ; constant ; regular ; assiduous.
Seemly of please and beautiful appearance ; big ; suitable ; appropriate.
Select refined or careful in making choices ; of limited value or quality ; ace.
Self-assertive determined advancement of one ’ sulfur own views, wishes or personality.
Self-assured show or having confidence and aplomb ; autonomous.
Self-confident convinced of one ’ s own ability, intensity or powers.
Self-disciplined be in control of one ’ mho own actions and abilities.
Self-made having achieved success by one ’ s own efforts.
Self-sacrificing volition to help others by giving up own interests, feelings and the like.
Self-starting resourceful and energetic.
Self-sufficient independent ; able to provide and help oneself without help of others.
Selfless unselfish.
Sensational outstanding ; outstanding ; exceptionally adept.
Sensible appreciable ; easily or promptly perceived ; mindful intellectually or intuitively.
Sensitive adequate to of perceiving with a senses or sense ; displaying or having a delicate and quick appreciation of others feelings ; responsive to stimuli or external conditions ; quick to respond or detect to changes, actions or signals.
Sensual exciting or gratify ( particularly sexually ) ; epicurean.
Sensuous satisfy or appealing to the senses.
Sentimental extravagantly or affectedly emotional ; quixotic.
Sequacious detect or having a legitimate sequence ; ductile ; accomplishable ; following.
Serendipitous discovered or happening by casual in a beneficial or happy way ; favorable.
Serene sedate ; placid ; undisturbed ; peaceful ; clear ; unclouded ; without anxiety or concern.
Service intended for manipulation in serving or supplying.
Set established or fixed by agreement ; designed ; ready.
Settled established ; fixed ; steadfast ; stable ; resolved ; decided.
Sexual of or pertaining to sex ; able of intimate replica ; symbolizing or implying erotic activity or desires.
Sexy characterized by or tending to arouse intimate concern or desire ; beautiful .

Shapely having a distinct or pleasant shape; well-formed; fit; suitable.
Sharp having clear detail and form; intellectually keen; exact; precise; intense; attractive or stylish.
Shatterproof resistant to shattering.
Sheen beautiful; attractive; resplendent; shining.
Shining characterized by exceptional merit; splendid; brilliant; radiant; distinguished; emitting or reflecting light; polished.
Shiny radiating or reflecting light; bright; having a shiny and smooth surface; glossy; excellent; remarkable.
Shipshape well-arranged; organized; neat; trim; tidy.
Showy aesthetically pleasing; flashy; brilliant; stylish; striking.
Shrewd keen; sharp; knowledgeable; satirical.

Sightly visually pleasing and appealing ; scenic ; blatant.
Significant meaningful ; authoritative ; noteworthy n. something that is significant.
Silken having a glitter, smooth, soft and/or brooding surface ; epicurean ; finely pleasing.
Silky of or pertaining to silk ; silken ; glistening ; soft, polish and gleaming.
Silver brilliantly, glorious and white ; valued ; melodious, clear and pacify ( specially sound ) ; eloquent.
Silver-toned melodious and clear ; silver in shade or tinge.
Silvery resembling silver in appearance, color and luster ; melodious clear and pacify.
Simple easy ; plain ; straightforward ; target ; innocent ; humiliate.
Sincere truthful ; earnest ; arrant ; genuine ; whole ; perfect ; unhurt or uninjured.
Sinewy knock-down ; hard ; muscular ; firm.
Singular alone ; distinct ; noteworthy ; unusual.
Sisterly like a baby ; affectionate.
Sizable fairly large ; relatively good or desirable.
Sizzling very passionate, exciting or interest ( particularly emotionally ) .

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Skillful display or having skill ; talented.
Skilled express or having skill ; expert ; talented .

Sleek smooth ; glistening ; healthy ; thriving.
Slick smooth and efficient ; glossy ; astute.
Slinky graceful or sexually attractive in campaign ; fitting close or absolutely to the lines of body ( specially of a garment ) .

Smacking vigorous ; bracing ; full of life ; ache.
Smart bright ; clever ; stylish ; elegant ; well-groomed.
Smashing impressive, fantastic or very well.
Smiley cheerful ; smiling ; happy.
Smiling smiling with optimism or happiness.
Smooth having a finely texture or quality ; calm ; having a pleasant season ; lacking difficulties .

Snap easy ; bare ; done or made suddenly.
Snappy energetic ; lively ; alert ; sharp ; ache ; kempt ; chic ; fashionable.
Snazzy fashionable ; flashy ; elegant ; fashionable ; attractive ; excellent or clever ( particularly in demeanor or execution ).
Snod placid ; trimmed ; neat ; streamlined ; well-organized.
Snug cozy ; comfortable ; safe ; guarantee ; well-constructed .

Soaring ascending or rising to a level markedly higher than the usual.
Sociable friendly, affable and pleasant ; inviting ; associable.
Social spend in, enjoy or marked by friendly company or relations ; sociable.
Societal of or pertaining to the company.
Soft fluent ; all right ; affectionate ; attracted ; sensitive ; easy ; calm.
Soft-hearted very responsive, sympathetic or generous in spirit ; gentle ; tender ; kind.
Soigne well-groomed and polished ; elegant ; stylish.
Solicitous tidal bore ; interested ; careful ; avoiding anything evil.
Solid hale ; firm ; sound ; dependable ; potent ; substantial ; hearty ; excellent ; first-rate.
Sonsy having a healthy and attractive appearance ; fortunate ; lucky ; glad ; thriving ; fatten ; bosomy.
Sooth real ; true ; smooth ; soft.
Soothing giving easing or comfort.
Sophisticated aving blase cognition and experience ; cosmopolitan ; elegant ; refined ; appealing or desirable.
Sought-after popular ; desired ; searched.
Soulful broad of emotion or feel ; expressive of emotion.
Sound exhaustive ; complete ; firm ; safe ; fasten ; trustworthy ; good.
Souped-up modified to increase power, efficiency or attraction ( specially mechanically ).
Sovereign supreme ; overriding ; independent.

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Spacious roomy ; boastfully or huge in extent.
Spangly bubbling ; glitter ; covered with jewels, beads and/or sequins.
Spanking swift and energetic ; newly and alert ; remarkable.
Sparkling glitter ; flash ; brainy ; alert.
Sparkly bouncy ; ebullient ; vibrant ; aglitter.
Special surpassing what is usual or park ; exceeding ; extra.
Spectacular worthy of special notice ; amazing ; impressive ; sensational.
Specular having a properties and qualities of a mirror ; smooth and reflecting.
Speedy swift ; quick ; hasty ; prompt ; ready.
Spellbinding intrigue ; attracting.
Spicy lively ; ebullient ; piquant ; piquant ; sexy ; aromatic.
Spiffy stylish ; well-groomed ; fine ; dapper.
Spirited wide of energy, life or courage ; full of life.
Spiritual not substantial or real ; sacred ; supernatural.
Splendid bright with color or light ; beaming ; magnificence and identical beautiful ; flashy ; very good ; brilliant ; grandiloquent ; celebrated ; celebrated.
Splendiferous excellent ; beautiful ; gorgeous ; brilliant.
Spontaneous happen or arising from natural impression or native leaning ; done without planning ; sudden.
Sport allow for use in sports or athletic activities.
Sporting of or pertaining to sports.
Sportive coltish ; playful ; gay ; flashy.
Sporty flashy ; flashy ; exhibiting sportsmanship or fair play.
Spot delivered, made or paid immediately.
Spotless absolutely well-defined or clean ; free from flaw or impurity ; faultless ; bang-up.
Sprightly entire of animation and spirit ; lively ; bracing ; vibrant ; energetic.
Spruce elegant, smart and bang-up in appearance.
Spry alert ; active ; brisk ; vigorous ; agile.
Spunky feisty ; spirited ; brave ; sexually attractive .

Square honest ; lead ; just ; equitable ; even ; tied .

Stable enduring ; permanent wave ; self-restoring ; durable.
Stacked epicurean and having a large embrace ( specially of a womanhood ’ s body ).
Stainless immaculate ; immaculate ; pure.
Stalwart firm ; unhesitating ; stout ; brave ; bold ; solid.
Staminal of or pertaining to stamina.
Standard wide recognized as a exemplary or excellence ; normally used ; familiar ; usual.
Standing remaining upright or erect ; unchanging or permanent ; fixed.
Stand-up estimable ; honest ; upright.
Star celebrated ; outstanding.
Starry resembling a star ; glitter ; shining ; sparkling ; stellar.
State populace.
Stately impressive or dignified as in size ; desirable of regard ; gallant ; lofty ; grand.
Statuesque like a statue as in dignity, deck, beauty or proportion.
Staunch firm ; steadfast ; true ; loyal ; dependable ; outstanding.
Steadfast brace ; firm ; changeless ; unhesitating ; steadfast ; loyal.
Steady fast ; fixed ; sure ; unfaltering ; unwavering ; reliable ; sober.
Steamy warm or blistering and humid ; erotic ; sexy.
Stellar outstanding ; celestial ; exceptional ; fantastic ; principal ; starry ; stellar.
Sterling valuable or excellent ( particularly of person or their work ; actual ; pure.
Sthenic active ; vigorous ; impregnable.
Stick-to-itive persevere ; unhesitating.
Stimulant induce.
Stimulating stimulate or quickening activity or the senses ; making full of life, fresh or cheerful.
Stimulative having a renewing impression on the department of state of the mind or soundbox ; capable of stimulating.
Stipendiary receive or compensated by stipend ; for which money or something is paid.
Stirred emotionally aroused or excited.
Stirring bestir ; active ; full of life ; invigorating ; inspiring.
Stocky hardy and solidly built ; compendious and dense ; froward.
Stoical adequate to to endure asperity or pain without charge ; fortitudinous.
Storied much talked, written or celebrated about.
Stout characterized by courage, boldness or determination ; resolute and firm ; sturdy ; powerful.
Stouthearted brave ; brave.
Straight-out aboveboard ; accomplished ; frank ; honest.
Straightforward direct ; open and plain ; free from pretense ; honest ; frank.
Strapping robust ; muscular and healthy ; of a unseasoned person broad of energy ; lusty.
Strategic of or pertaining to strategy.
Street-smart having practical cognition.
Streetwise having the cognition, experience and resource needed for survival.
Strenuous avid ; ardent ; pressing ; earnest ; bold ; valiant ; audacious.
Striking sensational or exciting in appearance or in effect ; impressive ; very noticeable.
Strong of good condition and quality ; solid ; sure ; brawny ; effective ; intense ; eager ; ardent.
Studious characterized by diligent study and learn ; showing big care or care.
Stunning exceptionally attractive or beautiful ; impressive ; amazing ; surprising.
Stupendous amazingly big or great ; enormous ; amazing ; fantastic.
Sturdy resolute ; firm ; strong ; stout.
Stylish having smack or elegance in manners or snip ; latest .

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Suasive persuasive.
Suave charm ; courteous ; elegant ; pleasant ; delightful ; gracious.
Sublime imperial ; noble ; amazing and impressive ; supreme.
Substant firm ; solid.
Substantial actual or true ; firm ; solid ; sustaining ; ample ; possessing property or wealth ; essential ; most crucial ; huge.
Substantive considerable ; substantial ; actual ; real ; firm ; enduring ; independent.
Subtle characterized by skill and inventiveness ; capable of making finely or precise distinctions.
Successful having obtained something golden, desired or intended.
Succinct clearly and briefly expressed ( specially of something spoken or written ) ; concise.
Succulent full of fool or juice ; lush ; highly enjoyable ; delectable.
Sufficient adequate ; ample ; competent ; capacity.
Sugary characterized by qualities of boodle ; sweet.
Suitable appropriate or right for a particular determination, situation or person.
Sultry stimulate, arousing or gratifying ( specially sexually ).
Summary brief, concise or presented in a condense form ; summed up.
Summery of or pertaining to summer.
Sumptuous lavish ; brilliant ; deluxe ; rich and extremely good in quality.
Sun-kissed having an attractive appearance and tangent by exposure to sun ; made beautifully tan or pleasantly warm by the sun.
Sunny cheerful ; genial ; warm ; bright ; shining ; beaming.
Super excellent ; first-rate ; identical great, big or extreme.
Superabundant extremely or extremely abundant or sufficient.
Superb very or unusually high in quality ; excellent ; imperial ; grand piano ; deep ; elegant ; flamboyant.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious inordinately fantastic or good ( a nonsense news popularized by the movie Mary Poppins ).
Super-duper very excellent ; marvelous ; in truth big.
Supereminent superior to above all others ; surpassingly eminent ; great ; very eminent.
Superethical above ethics or more than ethical.
Superexcellent uncommonly excellent or superscript in degree.
Superfluous beyond what is sufficient or required ; excessive.
Superior higher in quality, value, excellence, rank, station or authority ; extraordinary.
Superlative of the highest quality, degree, rank or order ; excessive ; exaggerated ; brilliant.
Supernal celestial ; celestial ; exalted ; exquisite.
Supersonic identical fast ; faster than accelerate of sound.
Supple bendable ; adaptable ; compliant.
Supportive providing aid or documentation.
Supreme greatest in importance, degree, significance, character, might, membership and the alike ; ultimate.
Sure certain ; confident ; fast ; reliable ; dependable ; fasten.
Sure-fire certain to be successful or perform as expected.
Sure-footed continue surely or steadily ; adequate to and convinced.
Sure-handed confident, skilled or technical in operation ( specially with hands ) ; deft.
Surpassing surpass ; exceptional ; superior.
Sustained held up to a certain level, degree or gear ; continuous .

Svelte beautifully and graciously slender or slender ; moving with facilitate .

Swank fashionably fashionable, deluxe, expensive and elegant.
Swashbuckling adventurous.
Sweet please to the senses ; gratifying ; kind ; gracious ; fragrant ; cunning ; lovable.
Swell excellent ; fantastic ; elegant ; fashionable.
Swift very fast ; instant ; rapid ; flying.
Swish fashionable ; elegant ; classy ; smooth ; effeminate .

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Sybaritic characterized by pleasure and lavishness.
Sylvan of or pertaining to the trees, forest or woodlands ; residing in a corner, woodwind or forest n. one that resides, lives in or frequents the woods or forest.
Symmetrical having similarity in characteristics ; harmonious.
Sympathetic inclined favorably ; having exchangeable tastes and disposition ; expressing compassion or friendly feel.
Symphonious harmonious ; accordant ; agreeing in reasoned.
Synergistic of or pertaining to synergy ; co-operative ; interacting.
Systematic methodical ; orderly ; regular .

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