The Pipe Mountain Coaster | Revelstoke Mountain Resort | British Columbia, Canada

If I buy a ticket online, can I pre-book a ride time?
No, you can not make reservations for a specific time. The Pipe is operated on a first-come first-served basis. We ca n’t reserve times because everyone travels at a different speed on The Pipe. If you are planning on visiting on a weekend or during summer holidays, we recommend arriving ampere early as possible in casing it is busy. It is besides highly recommended that you purchase a tag on-line in promote to secure a particular date. Sell-outs are highly likely during extremum periods .
I bought tickets online, how do I receive/collect them?
You will need to collect them from the Guest Services office in the Village Plaza. Make certain to present your club confirmation document along with some photograph ID to collect them .
Are my tickets refundable?
We can offer a rain check or a refund if The Pipe is closed due to inclement weather. other than this, tickets are non-refundable .
How will I know it’s my turn to ride The Pipe?
Each node will need to visit Guest Services to be assigned a load count. This besides includes people who have purchased their tickets online in advance. The numbers being called to ride will be displayed on television screens around the Resort and on our web site.

How do I know if there is a wait time?
survive updates on wait times are listed on the television monitors located throughout the haunt and on our web site .
What is the minimum age to ride The Pipe?
Children 3 years old and up ( who are 3’2 ” or grandiloquent ) can ride the Pipe with a driver who is 16 or complete, provided the passenger is no tall than the driver ‘s shoulders when seated. Children who are 8 and over ( and at least 4’2 ” tall ) can ride alone.

Are there other restrictions?
The total weight in each haul ca n’t exceed 260lbs. The Pipe is n’t recommended for people with existing neck or back injuries, or people who do n’t have the dexterity or bag strength to operate the brake. It is besides not recommended for fraught women as the seat belt is secured tightly across the hips. There is no upper berth height limit for single riders .
Do I need any special equipment or clothing to ride The Pipe?
No especial clothing or footwear is required to ride The Pipe. You might want to leave backpacks and baseball caps behind though !

Can I take my camera?
If your camera has a wax that can be attached to you, then yes ! Handheld devices such as cameras and cell phones are not permitted as both hands are needed to operate the handcart .
Do you offer discounted rates for large groups?
Yes, if you have a group of 20 or more people we do offer discounted tickets, but Group bookings are subject to handiness. Please get in allude with our Sales team at [ electronic mail protected ] for more information .
Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are not permitted in the gondola and can not join you on the Pipe Mountain Coaster. Your furred friends are more than welcome if supervised and on a three in the Village Plaza at the base of the gondola car .

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