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suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Reservoir ( ) is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 12 kilometer north of Melbourne ‘s Central Business District. Its local politics area is the City of Darebin. At the 2016 Census, Reservoir had a population of 50,474. [ 1 ] Reservoir is an established suburb with criterion brick homes, to windward homes, and an increasing number of newfangled developments. The region contains popular refreshment areas and facilities, including Edwardes Lake and the Reservoir Leisure Centre, and is home to the Edwardes Street and Broadway shopping strips.

history [edit ]

The bring which became the suburb of Reservoir was beginning surveyed by Robert Hoddle in 1837 and was formed from parts of both the Jika Jika Parish and Keelbundoora Parish. [ 2 ] The Rose Shamrock Hotel once known as The Rose Shamrock & Thistle Hotel, opened on Plenty Road in 1854. [ 3 ] Reservoir Post Office opened around 1921. [ 4 ] Reservoir became a suburb at this time with the name coming from the three water system reservoirs first built in 1863. The reservoirs were jointly known as Preston Reservoir, which continue to form character of the fresh water supplied to Melbourne ‘s inner and western suburbs. [ 5 ] The Maroondah Aqueduct was built in 1886–1891 to supply water system to the Preston Reservoir from a diversion weir on the Watts River, which was dammed in 1927 to form Maroondah Reservoir. [ 6 ] In 1914, Thomas Dyer Edwardes donated an area of 34 acres of land to the people of the City of Preston ; the land was developed into Edwardes Lake Park. [ 7 ] Between 1919 and 1939 liquid was officially permitted in the lake with the presence of the Preston Lifesaving Club and regular demonstrations of swim and lifesaving techniques were given. [ 8 ]

overview [edit ]

Reservoir is close to the Northland Shopping Centre, Preston Market, High Street food quarter, Sydney Road shops and restaurants and one of three remaining drive-in cinema in Melbourne, the Village in Coburg. The area is experiencing unprecedented growth, with enough of newfangled developments. It is besides identical popular with young home-buyers looking for a ‘still low-cost ‘ inside city life style. [ citation needed ] In Reservoir, there is a mosque built by the albanian Australian community. [ 9 ] [ 10 ]

Demographics [edit ]

The most common ancestries in Reservoir were, according to the 2016 census, italian 17.1 %, australian 14.8 %, english 13.9 %, greek 6.3 % and irish 5.1 %. 55.9 % of people were born in Australia. The most common countries of parentage were Italy 8.2 %, India 4.4 %, China ( exclude SARs and Taiwan ) 3.2 %, Greece 3.0 % and Vietnam 1.8 %.

conveyance [edit ]

The area is serviced by four railroad track stations on the Mernda railway line : Reservoir, Regent, Keon Park, and Ruthven. The victorian Government has announced that it will build a suburban rail loop, which will include a station at Reservoir. [ 11 ] Reservoir station acts a bus hub for many of the Reservoir bus routes. Two tramcar lines service the area with the Tram path 11 : West Preston – Victoria Harbour Docklands terminating at the south end of Reservoir and the Tram route 86 : Bundoora RMIT – Waterfront City Docklands passing through Reservoir along Plenty Road. The Merri Creek Trail and Darebin Creek Trail are shared-use recreational paths used by cyclists and walkers that pass through Reservoir. Reservoir has easy access to the Northern/Western Ring Rd, Hume Highway/Freeway, Tullamarine & Calder Freeways and Eastern Freeway .

industry [edit ]

Future Mountain Brewing and Blending [ 1 ] is located on Plenty Rd, Reservoir .

education [edit ]

sport [edit ]

priggish cricketer Ray Harvey lives in Reservoir.

australian Rules Footballer Jason Heatley was born in Reservoir .

See besides [edit ]

  • City of Preston – the former local government area of which Reservoir was a part

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