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The Research Foundation of The City University of New York ( RFCUNY ) was established as a nonprofit organization educational corporation chartered by the State of New York in 1963. RFCUNY supports CUNY staff and staff in identify and obtaining external support ( pre-award ) from government and private sponsors and is creditworthy for the administration of all such fund programs ( post-award ) .
RFCUNY stands between CUNY ’ sulfur principal investigators ( PIs ) and the sponsors who support them and strives to fulfill its necessity responsibilities to both groups. Working closely with individual PIs and Grants Officers on the campuses, RFCUNY oversees employment, report, audited account, report, buying, and special responsibilities that include management of a planned giving platform ; affair with governmental agencies and foundations ; negotiation of agreements ; facility construction and renovation ; protection and commercialization of intellectual property ; and complaisance with applicable standards in inquiry involving human subjects, animal wish, environmental and radiological safety, and conflicts of interest .

Award Pre-Proposal Support (APPS)

APPS advances CUNY ’ mho sponsored program enterprise by helping CUNY faculty and students identify and obtain extramural fund to support their research, department of education, train, course of study growth, and other refer activities. APPS supports and advances CUNY ’ s mission by working closely with the faculty and campus administration to encourage and provide staff and students with resources to write successful proposals, aid concede administrators in developing a exchangeable set of metrics to monitor proposal success rates across CUNY, and provide leadership expertness in the creation of a University-wide patronize program growth scheme .


finance oversees the finances of RFCUNY and its subsidiaries. Finance department staff cook consolidated fiscal statements, maintain general ledgers, oversee all fiscal transactions, and generate versatile reports for management. The department manages all investments, bodied payroll functions, policy, accounts receivable, and handles the issue of all RFCUNY payments. Finance contributes directly to campus finances by calculating and negotiating Facilities & Administrative ( F & A ) rates.

Grants & Contracts

Grants & Contracts is creditworthy for managing about 4,000 active sponsored projects on behalf of CUNY colleges and professional schools. Grants & Contracts manages all projects from origin to completion. The department shares responsibility for engaging in numerous broadcast and fiscal audits that emerge. Staff is organized in teams, each dwell of a stick out administrator ( PA ) and an assistant PA. Each team is responsible for overseeing every facet of a portfolio that averages 200 projects. Grants & Contracts works closely with campus grants officers to develop automatize reports that will benefit the colleges in their report and oversight requirements .

Human Resources

homo Resources is responsible for all employee-related matters, both at the cardinal office and for all 13,000 annual Full-time and Part-time field staff. Responsibilities include wages and fringe benefits ( pension, health indemnity, etc. ), leaves management, recruitment and orientation, discipline, investigations, visa, affirmative action, retirement, background checks, enforcement of british labour party law, union negotiations and shrink management, and more.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is responsible for scheduling and conducting audits based on an annual hazard judgment plan. Audits may be fiscal, operational, technical, or conformity and are conducted to test controls that ensure efficiency, potency, and adhesiveness to established rules and regulations. Internal Audit is besides creditworthy for conducting investigations into alleged fiscal irregularities and for monitoring RFCUNY ’ s Whistleblower Hotline. Internal Audit coordinates all patronize fiscal external audit activeness, which includes reviews conducted by federal, state, city, and individual agencies. Internal Audit functions as an internal adviser, leading and assisting in Foundation-wide efforts to improve and safeguard operations.

Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs oversees the creation, negotiation, and amendment of all legal agreements. Legal Affairs protects field staff, CUNY colleges, and RFCUNY from legal, ethical, and early risks associated with entering into sponsor agreements. Legal Affairs staff review a principal detective ’ sulfur ( PIs ) sponsored award, ensure due diligence in protecting the college ‘s interest, and retain friendly narrow terms and conditions. Legal Affairs identifies risks associated with performance-based awards, difficult populations, high risk activities, fourth dimension constraints, and unconventional payment structures and works to minimize those risks. Legal Affairs ensures that CUNY retains ownership of copyright and patent rights for any work its researchers have created and that a PI is able to disseminate their findings through publication. Legal Affairs besides reviews requests for Independent Contractor and Subrecipient/Subcontractor agreements .

Procurement & Payables

Procurement & Payables is creditworthy for payments of all goods and services principal investigators ( PIs ) need to carry out the purposes of their sponsored research awards including supplies, equipment, travel, facility rental, scholar stipends, honorarium, and more. Among the functions of Procurement & Payables includes generate and submitting leverage orders to vendors ( $ 5,000 and above ), executing Memoranda of Understanding agreements ( under $ 5,000 ), executing lease agreements for real estate and personal property, and drafting and executing small construction contracts ( $ 100,000 and below ) .

Systems and Information Services

Systems and Information Services ( SIS ) is a entire serve technology group that provides support to the functional departments of the cardinal agency by exploring and defining new projects and then designing, developing, and implementing those electronic systems that will deliver the best service to the sphere. SIS has specialized functional teams responsible for gathering user requirements, designing solutions, programming applications, providing technical quiz and support, and maintaining the hardware and software in the latest reliable iterations to support these systems. SIS uses the latest advances in clientele news and analytics to sift through big amounts of bleak data and provide gamey quality, actionable information .

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