You’ve Never Heard of the Biggest Digital Media Company in America

That ’ s the context in which Red Ventures — a ship’s company that backed its way into media after specializing in on-line marketing — makes sense. Mr. Elias grew up in San Juan hearing stories of his late grandfather, a lebanese immigrant who, according to family lore, built a huge produce importing business but lost it because he hadn ’ thymine paid his taxes. It recently occurred to him, he said, that he has spent his career trying to restore the family name. He arrived at Boston College, in 1986, a semester late because he ’ five hundred been trying to make a local professional basketball team, the Leones de Ponce, and speaking what he described as break English. From there, he earned an M.B.A. at Harvard Business School. In 2000, he and a friend, Dan Feldstein, who is now the chief commercialize officer of Red Ventures, started a business built on the notion of driving on-line shoppers to physical stores. It was a “ frightful mind, ” Mr. Elias said, and they cursorily ran out of money. They spent the next few years digging out and repaying their investors, among them their more successful Harvard Business School classmates.

Mr. Elias and Mr. Feldstein sold the commercial enterprise to management in 2005 and started again under the name Red Ventures, becoming pioneers in that era ’ mho efforts to link digital data and real world commerce. They entered the business of selling subscriptions for DirecTV and burglar alarms for ADT Security. Along the way, they figured out how to integrate on-line market and antique telemarketing — and they got very good at search engine optimization.

early tricks were more clever. For exemplify, they purchased more than a million toll-free telephone numbers, and each visitor to their commercialize web site was shown a different one. so when prospective customers called, red Ventures knew precisely what they had been looking at on the web site, which gave the agents what they needed to make individualized sales pitches. This was a pretty high-tech shape of digital surveillance in those more barren times. As the company grew and the marketplace shifted, its founders realized that the technological know-how they had developed had itself become a commodity and that they needed to develop their own brands, not merely sell others ’. In 2015, Red Ventures raised $ 250 million, which went toward its $ 1.4 billion purchase of Bankrate, a personal finance company that helps people comparison shop for fiscal products ( and earns a commission on each sale ). That skill included The Points Guy, a web site devoted to elucidating airline mileage programs and credit calling card deals. The Points Guy had built a profitable commercial enterprise earning commissions whenever people signed up for credit cards they had read about on the locate — often in rant reviews of high-end cards .

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