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american english YouTuber and constitution artist

Tatiana Aleksandra Westbrook ( née Krievins, yield February 14, 1982 ) is an american YouTuber and makeup artist. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

career [edit ]

YouTube [edit ]

Westbrook, a early persona adviser turned constitution artist, created her YouTube impart GlamLifeGuru, belated renamed Tati, on November 7, 2010. [ 5 ] When she started, she knew little about cameras and editing. “ At inaugural, when I sat down to edit, it would be a twelve-hour procedure, ” she recalled in 2015, “ smasher tutorials calm take a long time, but I ‘ve been able to get this down to three hours. ” [ 6 ]

According to Newsweek, she is “ widely considered to be a progenitor of YouTube ’ s beauty setting ” and “ the beget of the YouTube smasher community. ” [ 7 ] She reached the one-million subscriber milestone in early 2016. [ 8 ] Westbrook primarily focuses on makeup and beauty reviews, tips, and tutorials. [ 9 ] In October 2019, she launched a cosmetic line named Tati Beauty, with her first product being a textured neutrals eye shadow palette. [ 10 ] In November 2021, Westbrook announced that Tati Beauty was closing in a video citing the COVID-19 pandemic and legal troubles. [ 11 ] [ 12 ]

Halo Beauty [edit ]

In February 2018, Westbrook founded and launched her own caller, Halo Beauty Inc., [ 13 ] which sells vitamin supplements. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] Westbrook makes an calculate $ 1.3 million a year from YouTube and her company. [ 16 ]

Controversies [edit ]

James Charles controversy [edit ]

On April 22, 2019, Westbrook posted an Instagram story in which she discussed feeling betrayed by the beauty community. A few hours prior to her post, chap smasher YouTuber James Charles posted an ad for SugarBearHair, a rival to Westbrook ‘s party Halo Beauty. On May 10, 2019, Westbrook posted a 43-minute YouTube television titled BYE SISTER… in which she claimed the feud between her and Charles was not only about advertise but besides about her history with Charles and allegations that he preyed on heterosexual men. She gained more than four million subscribers in a week as a result of the video, and Charles lost more than three million subscribers in four days. She reached a peak following of over 10.6 million subscribers. [ 7 ] [ 17 ] [ 18 ] Charles responded to the claims on May 18 with a video titled No More Lies in which he shared his side of the story. Westbrook subsequently lost over a million subscribers, vitamin a well as eligibility for YouTube ‘s Diamond Creator Award. [ 19 ] On June 30, 2020, Westbrook posted a video recording on her YouTube transmit titled Breaking My Silence…, detailing the events that led up to, and occurred after her BYE SISTER… television, in which she claimed Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star manipulated her into making the video against Charles. [ 20 ] The video has been set to Private as of June 2021.

Halo Beauty lawsuit [edit ]

Since October 20, 2020, Westbrook and her husband, James, have been sued by erstwhile commercial enterprise partner and co-founder of Halo Beauty, Clark Swanson, for breach of sign, gross negligence and deceitful incentive as it relates to Tati ‘s vitamin line, Halo Beauty. [ 21 ]

personal life [edit ]

Tati is of latvian lineage. [ 22 ] In 2017, she married James Westbrook, who regularly appears in her YouTube video. Through this marriage, she has a stepson named Taylor who besides occasionally appears in her video recording. [ 23 ] As of June 2021, Tati has returned to YouTube in a post titled “ A year Later… ” where she announced that she will be returning to her roots doing makeup tutorials and reviews. [ 24 ] This comes after about a class hiatus from YouTube with her last mail being a now delete apology to another YouTuber, James Charles ( see controversy section ). [ 24 ] Additionally, the holocene video recording reaffirms Tati is even actively involved with Halo Beauty as the CEO while litigation continues ( see controversy part ). [ 24 ]

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